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Wednesday, January 03, 2007


Woo, Dave here! I thought I better handle this post 'cuz Ammy kind of upset and scared for Hamish ... and is worried that Zim's falling into the same trap ... and well, I'm getting ahead of myself. Let me back up.

Did you read the comment our very good friend Pippin left on our blog yesterday? She said that Hamish has "broken her heart by signing an allegiance with the evil kitty at their house." Oh, no! So we checked Pippin's blog - and there is a big problem all right - in the guise of a kitty named Fox! He's using the ol' "divide and conquor" treachery on the pack!

Well, sure..... it sounds innocent enough. One little cat, right? Well, no! It's not innocent! Hamish, it's a SPY CAT, now snap out of it! And listen to Pippin!!! Don't let Fox mess with your head!!! He's a SPY!

See... it's not just you guys! I read the comment Zim left on Pippin's blog a couple weeks ago. In part, he said,

"Hey ... we had a cat try to follow us home from our
forced road march this morning! He peered out of some honeysuckle vines at us, then came right up to us! Storm was delighted - she likes cats! - but Dave almost pulled mom right on her face!
[woo!] Me and Am were with dad, and the cat probably got to within a foot of me! I didn't know
what to do! Do you think he was a spy, trying to infiltrate the Ao4? Mom and dad trotted us home. I looked over my shoulder for him the whole way home - about a mile - and apparently tried something called "dad's patience" the whole way home. I sat at the kitchen window and looked for it for a couple hours. No sign of him. Yet."

Well... Zim is STILL trying to make FRIENDS with this cat! But he's GOT to be a SPY! Who else would walk right up to FOUR Siberian Huskies like "Hey, how ya doin'?"??? Zim looks for him every time we're down by that corner! Sure, he says he's checking for spies, but you didn't see the look on Zimmie's face! He was sucked in by the evil cat! Just like Fox is doing to Hamish!!!

The cat we've seen looks like the cats pictured in the mug shots at right. We've seen him a handful of times now. Seems like he hangs out down on the corner, waiting for us. Has anypup seen this cat? He's clearly a SPY trying to infiltrate the Army of Four. I, for one, will not stand for this! Neither will Amber! Stormy won't let us hurt him, but she's certainly not under his mind-control like Zim seems to be!

Beware of cats, fellow pups! They seem to be on some sort of infiltration mission lately. Keep your eyes open! And understand how sneaky and subversive they are!!! Hamish, I hope you can come back to your senses. And the rest of your pack, too. Pippin is the only sane one!


PS: This is for Hollybollyboo. I didn't want to make a post and not have a picture of ME! Woo. This is me from a couple years ago, playing with a rope toy. We don't get to chew on those any more, 'cuz "The Jaws of Steel" would get huge hunks off and swallow them and Mom was afraid of intestinal problems... so we don't get to chew them any more. Oh well. Here I am, though.


  1. That kitty looks HUGE in his mug shot. Kind of scary! I'd keep away from him.


  2. The only kitty we trust (sort of) is our Kitty Kirby. But he's old and not really any danger to us.

    Any other kitty that would try to get in our yard would most likely not make it out alive (unfortunately this happened once, much to the human womans horror, which made her cry). If we see any while on our walks, we aren't allowed near them, cuz they look too much like large squirrells, which we like to chase!

    I love the picture of you Dave! You are just the cutest ever! I like rope toys too, but I only get them when supervised, cuz I like to eat the strings too. Thanks for the personalized message! I am feeling very special right now! *blush*


  3. Yum... orange kitties are my favorite. I put an orange kitty on my Christmas list but did not get one. Maybe he was delivered to you by mistake.

  4. CATS!!!. Don't trust em. We like to chase cats. Mom says only Kamikaze Cats come in our yard. They are stupid and taunt us from the fence and trees. Never ever trust a CAT. Thats our motto on cats.

    The D'Azul Siberians

  5. I didn't know that Zim likes Cats.

    ~ fufu

  6. Beware the evil Feline Forces!

    Bussie Kissies

  7. Anonymous7:52 AM

    mapaw i HAVE an orange cat you can HAVE!!!! AO4 you should read copper's blog about my cat...




    my cat IS a spy!! we have proof! i need to upload a video of me attacking him, i do it all the time!!

  8. T-man: What's really scary is that Zim is getting sucked in by this guy!

    Holly: You ARE special! :)

    MaPaw: Maybe Santa messed up! He gave C-K-C our snow at first!

    D'Azuls: I don't trust 'em, either! 'Specially this guy! What kind of a cat waltzes right up to FOUR Siberian Huskies? A SPY cat, that's what kind!

    Fu Fu: I didn't either! Stormy had cat friends when she was a husky hobo and made friends with some where mom and dad used to live. I think she's convinced Zim they aren't evil!

    Buster: You said it, pal!

    Hershey: Oooh, I rememeber reading about your cat! You don't think ... could this one be yours? Have you seen him lately?

    Woo. Luv,

  9. Thanks for the reinforcements Ao4--my person is typing in haste as she's headed to California for a long conference--no blogging for me this week-end. I"m glad to know, though, that I am not alone in trying to fend of the wiles of the felines--maybe they have a FULA hoop and are also working on taking over the world.....


  10. oooooh Dave, I thought you were winking at me in the picture there with your rope toy!

    You look a bit pirate like in the picture you know!!

    love and licks Marvin x

  11. I like cats, they taste of chicken!

    ooooh the old ones are the best!

    I have never tasted a cat obviously!

    Marv x

  12. Pippin: We're with you for SURE! Did you see Arwen's blog yet? There's an epidemic of cats taking over! They're everywhere!!!

    Marvin: I DO look like a pirate there, don't I? Woo. I mean, "Harr."
    And yeah... I like cats. With a little catsup. Woooooooooo! Just kidding. Kinda.