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Sunday, October 22, 2006

Favorite "People" Food

Ha roo, everypup. It's me, Zim. I've been thinking...

or maybe it was more like dreaming. Whatever. Here's my question though - what is your favorite "people" food? You know, if you could have a ton of whatever you wanted? Even stuff on the forbidden list (chocolate, onions, grapes, etc.). What's your fav, if you could have anything?

For me, it would have to be cappuccino. With sweetener, please! And lots of frothy, foamy milk. Mmmm, yeah. Cappuccino.

Dave's somewhat obvious choice is watermelon. He goes bonkers for that juicy treat!

Stormy's favorite is cheese. Anytime mom gets some out of the magic box where the cold things are, Storm is right there to help. Gotta taste it and make sure it's OK, you know! (Has anypuppy seen Wallace & Grommit? Cheeeese!)

And Ammy... she just LOVES popcorn. Orville Redenbacher's Pour-Over Cheddar Cheese Popcorn. Don't try to give her anything "light" or that "Smart Pop" stuff -- no! She'll spit it out with a big "pit-ooey!"

How about the rest of you? If you could have your fill of any people food.......... what would you choose?

I'm off to dream of cappuccinos. Until next time -

Play bows!



  1. Anonymous4:24 PM

    I crave anything eye-talian.

    But, if it has to be only one thing, I would have to say those big chocolate bars those kids sell for school fundraisers.

    Bussie Kissies

  2. Magnum here - I love bagels. My foster Mama gave me lots of bagels, but forever Mama says I get too tubby, so I can only have bagels now and then.

  3. Hmmm, chicken livers is good. They come from the people food store and Mom cooks em. We got those today. The bestest people food is the one you have right now, oh and steak. Steak is great.

  4. My newest favorite thing is sour gummy worms! My Human is on a kick. She doesn't like to share, however!

  5. CHICKEN breasts
    CHICKEN legs
    CHICKEN drumsticks
    CHICKEN wings

    I eat so much of it - I cluck.


  6. Anonymous8:35 PM

    We love peanut butter anything!
    graham crackers
    corn flakes
    and especially deer burger, hehehe!
    (see our post today about Mama)
    Wirey Hugs!
    Butchy & Snickers

  7. Mmm..I'd say pizza, cheese, peanut butter, milk. But I can't have that stuff anymore because of my stupid diet (unless I can steal it!).

  8. Hmmm ... the only people food we know is cottage cheese and peanut butter and we really like both of them. This is a tough choice!

    Roxie, Sammy & Andy

  9. Hey Zim, you look so cute in that pic. Well I love bread, all the better if it comes with peanut butter spread. :)

    ~ fufu

  10. Anonymous11:41 PM

    hey zim, that picture of you look so adorable!

    well, hooman food... i crave for anything that the hooman are eating. doesn't matter whether i'll like it but i just sit in front of mom and beg for food.

    to choose 1, i'll have to say my current fvr is the chicken neck!

    wet wet licks


  11. mmm
    hello Zim

    well, I think PIZZA would be chop tops for Fei and maybe choc fondue with all sorts of fruit.

    Fei & e

  12. Wow that is a really hard question to answer..okay..so...i like cheesies and cheese and chips and steak and spaghetti and macaroni and chocolate..(i know i know) OH And BUTTER, and sammiches. and ice cream and cake and pizza and peanut butter and coffee and hangurbers and french fries and chocolate chip cookies and cereal and chicken and turkey ....i cnat think of anything right now....but that is a good start..right...

  13. Buster: I'm with ya on Italian food! None of us really have expressed an interest in chocolate... don't know why!
    Magnum: YEAH! When Dave first got here, he stole a bunch of pumpkin bagels off the top of the magic cold box and ate them. He said they were GREAT!
    D'Azul Sibes: We've never had either of those. Are we missing out?
    Tubey: Those sound great! Are they as yummy as real worms?
    Chelsea: Ha roo! Good one! Yeah... I like chicken, too!
    Butchy & Snickers: Mmm... peanut butter!
    T-man: Well, yeah... it's not like I really get to HAVE cappuccino... I just WANT them. Coffee is one of the "forbidden foods". It was a hypothetical question. (Stormy taught me that word.)
    R, S & A: Peanut butter is good! We've never had cottage cheese!
    FuFu: Thanks! I want that drink I saw on your blog!!! YUM!
    Hi Boo! Thanks! Yeah... whatever the bipeds have is always of interest!
    Fei & E: Yum... pizza! With lots of cheeeeese!
    MJ: You have lots of good ideas!
    Play bows, hungry pups!

  14. I just got a cool email from my friend K in Mexico City. Here's what he had to say about fav foods!

    "hi zimmie, since we can't reply to your blog i thought we could do it here and just add our comments in your blog if you can.
    now lets see, my favourite food would be spaguetti bolongese with tons of meat, yeah, i think that would be my most favouritest followed by milk, i looove milk.
    my sister kali loves fish fingers if you can believe that and she also likes milk.
    i am dying to find out what our fellow sibe friends like.
    your mate K"

    Oooooh, yeah! If the milk is the frothy, foamy kind on top of a cappuccino, I'm THERE! Ammy said she didn't know fish had fingers, then giggled. :) She's silly. But YEAH! We love fish! Yum, yum, YUM!
    Play bows,

  15. Hi Zim,

    It's tough to say what my favoritest people food is. I like just about anything that Mom or Dad will give me. Cheese is definately in the top five. Lares loves cheese too, he always knows when they take cheese out of the magic cold box. We also love popcorn, Mom laughs at the way we crunch it. Last night we got some "pulled pork" hot off the BBQ. Boy was that tasty. We also like some heathy stuff like cantalope and carrots. So much good food, I don't know which is my favorite.

    I can say that I think the picture of you on this post, just might be my favorite. You look so handsome.

    My Dad made me put this link: Wallace & Grommit. I'm not sure who they are but he promised to show me this weekend.


  16. Gosh- my favorite people food is Sunshade's Turkey Parme Biscotti made from Ground Turkey, eggs, oatmeal, parmesan cheeese and garlic (urp). I would do just about anything for it. I also like all the other people food including orange sherbet (which can cause brain freeze). I'm not too crazy about vegies unless they are cooked and hidden in other food. I also love anything peanut butter. I have peanut butter snacks, peanut butter cookies. If it has peanut butter in it, mom gets it for me.


  17. Great question! It's got me salivating. My plus-ones are rubbish and won't feed me much of their food but if I could get my paws on it I'd be with Ammy and have popcorn, a big bucket of it. I had some hotdog as a special treat when I went to the cinema, but I had to drink loads afterwards! And they once caught me drinking strawberry milkshake out of a glass. Oops!

  18. Althea: Wow! Are those YOUR Wallace & Gromit toys? That Gromit is really smart, isn't he? No wonder there's an action figure of him! Thanks for saying I'm handsome - you're very sweet, you know! You can grab my neck and throw me around ANYtime!
    C-K-C: Are those biscotti for people or pups? They sound GREAT!
    Onion: Thanks for visiting our blog! I've never had a hot dog, but I'll bet they're great!
    Play bows, everypup!

  19. Cottage Cheese! We both LOVE it! We also LOVE CHICKEN, the real stuff over the chicken jerky's please. And of course, oranges, love em! Your parents are very pretty by the way!
    Face Licks, M&M

  20. Lets see, since we don't get human food too often, I'd have to say just about ANY human food is good!! But really, my favorite is frozen pumpkin/yogurt squares that mom makes for us. I can't get enough. Sam likes apples (especially dipped in caramel), Abby likes oranges, Monty isn't allowed any human food cuz of his bladder stones, and Kona likes garlic bread.

  21. M&M: I've never had cottage cheese or oranges, but I love chicken, too! YUM!
    Holly: What are pumpkin/yogurt squares? Those sound yummy! Do you have a recipe?