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Thursday, October 12, 2006

Dinner Party Preps - Working Dogs!

Woo, everypupper. It's me, Dave. As I'm sure you know, the Siberian Husky is in the "Working Breed" group, according to the AKC. (And despite what somepuppy around here might say, I am a Siberian Husky!) To get to the point of today's blog... I thought I'd show you some examples of just how hard we work around here! Mom and Dad had company over for dinner the other night, and I shot some pix of our work!
First, Amber saw mom going around with a "duster".

Am Zim's tail

"Oh, no!!! Where's Zim?"
She thought the duster looked WAY too familiar and was a bit concerned. Mom rounded the redheads up in the kitchen - all tails present and accounted for. Am felt much better after that.

3 tails 2

Then Zim and I noticed our quilt had just been washed. We thought we should fluff it up a bit.

help with the bed

Mom came in and kept saying, "Thanks, boys. That's a huge help." Her voice sounded a little funny, but it was probably filled with emotion, being thrilled with how much work we were lifting off her shoulders.
"Sure, mom, no sweat. We're a Working Breed, afterall!" I had Am take our picture.
Mom made a foccaccia and needed to put it in the oven. She really should have cleared it with Stormy first - this is her favorite hangout!

Storm helps in kitchen

Mom commented on how hard it was to reach across her and into the hot oven. Hey, Stormy's just making sure mom gets plenty of stretching in. Gotta keep those muscles loose, you know!? Isn't Stormy considerate?
While I was in the kitchen complimenting Storm on her hard work, I walked over to look out the back door. "Hey! Where did my nose art go? Where are my smudgies???!!?? Stormy, check this out!"

nose smudgies 1

Storm took this picture, then told me I should put the nose smudgies back on the door. "How else are the guests going to find our house?" she asked. Storm is so smart!

nose smudgies 2

Here I am, hard at work, reconstructing my lovely nose art. Pup, did I get tired!
I decided to go uh... pull guard duty in the bedroom for a while. On my way through the living room, I saw my little brother once again doing battle with the evil Dyson. (Our friend Tubey has some cool action shots of Zim from before we started the Ao4 Digest.) Zim is really brave. Look at him, going right up to the evil Dyson!

Dyson slaying 1

"Hey! Hey, evil Dyson! Who took all my fur off this carpet?!?!? Where'd it go? Who took it?"

Dyson slaying 2

"YOU! You've got it, you evil Dyson! Give it back! Spit it out! What's that thing the bipeds say? 'DROP IT'!"
The evil Dyson wouldn't give Zimmie his fur back, so he worked hard shedding more onto the carpet before the guests arrived.
I know you all can appreciate just how much hard work we put into getting the house ready for the dinner party. I think the guests did - they showed up with a big gift basket stuffed full of things like a box of Milkbones, a canvas sqeaky toy, a Kong bone on a rope, a Souper Size Nylabone, and other stuff! Isn't that cool??!!??
I'm still a little worn out from the other night - best go get some much-needed rest. Woo to you again soon!


  1. Wow, the AO4 sure worked hard. You deserve all that good stuff and some rest too.

  2. oooooooooooooh! how I hate the Dyson beast! Bane of my life........always dysonning up after me, hate hoses, hate dysons, hate the whole blessed thing.... a seriously stressed Marvn x

  3. D'azul Sibes: You know it! Ha roooo!
    Marvin, that Dyson sure gets around!
    Play bows,

  4. Wow, your parents have cool friends! Our peoples friends never bring us any goodies, they do usually ooh & aaah over us & tell us how beautiful we are though, so that's ok we guess. Oh & we meant to tell Stormy she could come over & help "train" us any time, we think she's REALLY COOL!
    Face Licks, M&M

  5. You're lucky that all the people around you appreciate the hard work you do!

  6. Anonymous6:47 PM

    The best thing about company is greeting them at the door with jumping kissies!

    Bussie Kissies

  7. Your tails look like Mama's duster.

    I am scared of the duster.

    But, your tails are nice.

    Not that I am trying to pick you up...I have a boyfriend (T-Man)

    I'm just sayin....


  8. That tail duster is stupid! Why buy a fake husky tail to dust when there are 4 real ones in the house!?

  9. Vrrrrrrrrm, Ao4! Vrmy vr 4! Vrrrrrrrrrr! LOL LOLOLOLOLOLOL LOL

  10. Strategical body placement in the kitchen is the best way to keep our humans in shape :)

  11. Watch out for that Dyson. We have one but, since we have short hair, the one at our house is yellow. It makes too much noise and we have to bark at it to make it shut up. You don't need a Dyson, you have the Army of Four to clean up the place!

    Roxie, Sammy & Andy

  12. Ihope yuou go paid big...with lots of treats for all that work...those silly humans think it is sooooooooooo easy to be a dog..thye should try it for one day...they would give up in seconds....

  13. We have a Dyson here too - it sucks up all our furs !

    You guys are great - I feel an "Awesome Blog" nomination coming on for next month :-)


    PS - I love you Dave :-)

  14. M&M: It was so COOL that they brought us stuff! No one's ever done that!
    Tubey: Yeah, we ARE lucky!
    Buster: I like to bring visitors a toy, then lean up against them for a hug.
    Chelsea: You're awfully cute - but we understand about you and T-man, don't worry! He's a cool little dude!
    B&S: That purple dragon sure gets around, doesn't it? And yeah, any time your mom wants us to shed all over your living room, just let us know! Wooo!
    Tubey: Mom says she needs that one so she can reach the ceiling fans. I don't know why She can't just hold us up over her head, you know?
    D.Animal: Storm and Zim said to tell you: "Vrrrrrrrrm" right back at YOU! (whoa!) Storm added: Vrrr, vrrrr, vrrrooommmmm! She's so smart... she's even teaching Zimmie how to speak vacutalk!
    T-man: Storms is glad you understand what she's doing!
    Dachsies: There are yellow dragons, too? Woo!
    MJ: We DO work VERY hard!
    Opy: The evil Dyson is at your house, too? All this time, I thought it went into the closet when it was done here! You're very sweet... and um... you know...

  15. Hey Ao4,

    We don't have a Dyson. We have a dying vacuum Frankenbeast that belches smoke and makes a "I'm dying" racket whenever it tries to consume my fluff. Mom is always doing vacuum beast surgery replacing a vital organ known as a belt. I did try and sneak off with her primary operating tool, something called a screwdriver. I decided I needed it for my snowblowing machine.

    Mom caught me. Took the screwdriver from me, even when I'd clearly left my toothmarks on the handle. Now, I always make sure there's extra fluff on the carpet for the Vacuum-Frankenbeast. Because if I get another opportunity, I'm snagging me a screwdriver.


  16. like the look of the bread guys! My Ma, Jeannie, has just started on the bread making thing, I often get a crumb or two of the failures!!

    Seriously, we love your Blog! Keep on Blogging, it is soooooo good!

    love and licks Marvin, Och Aye the Noo, and see if your Celtic Fusion (BiPed??)knows this song....?? "Donald Where's your troosers" (another wierd Scottish song!!" Haste Ye Back as they say round these parts. Marv xxxxx

  17. Thanks for your comments guys! Veen a busy day here, hardly time to catch my breath. More news and stuff tomorrow. love and licks, Marvin x (still chewing those blankets!) ;0)

  18. Hi Guys! thanks for your comment on my poem! Jeannie is really fed up today - she sooooooo wants to put everyone's links on the sidebar of my Blog (well, I would help her, but hey, I have rabbits to chase and barking to be done today!) but even though she follows the Blog Help thingy to the letter it is not happening.

    Any advice for a new Human Blogger would be helpful! We nearly got it right just now, sort of half way there, but have had to leave it as Jeannie says she will go cross eyed! And then where would I be, with a cross eyed owner, all over the place.

    love and licks, Marvin ;0)