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Sunday, October 08, 2006

More Giant Discoveries

Ha roo, everypuppy! It's me, Amber! Oh, do I have lots of news to share!
We went on really long walkies up where the Giant lives yesterday and made all KINDS of interesting discoveries. It'll take two or three days to share everything - that's how much we learned!
We saw a TON of these from a distance. Stormy went right up to one (she's not only really smart, she's brave, too!) to see what it was.

candy corn 2

"Hey, roo guys! It's OK. I think they're Giant candy corn!"
We all raced over to check it out.

candy corn 4

She was right - it was harmless enough. Zim licked at it and said candy corn isn't all it's cracked up to be.
THEN... do you see what's in the background of that first picture??!!?? Some kind of robots or something! We had to go see what those were, too!
Dad pointed to the writing. Just as I wondered what the writing meant, Dad told us, "It says 'CAT'!"


Oh my goodness!! Robot CATS?!?!? Now THAT'S scary!!!


Zimmie said, "Lemme at him! Lemme at him!" but we knew Dad wouldn't let us get attacked by a RoboCat! And Dave and Stormy were softly "ha roo roo rooing" over by mom. Hmmm. It wasn't a RoboCat at ALL! Stormy said the Giant left his Tonka Toys out! Zim thought they might be fun to play with -


"Oh, no! It's got me, Ammy, it's GOT me! Ha rooooo!"
Zimmie's so funny! I knew he was kidding (or is that puppying?), so I stood to the side and giggled. :)


Zimmie is such a fun little brother!
There's more to come, so make sure you check out tomorrow's Army of Four Digest!
Thanks for reading and coming on our adventure with us!
Love, Amber


  1. You all find the most interesting things!

  2. Wow, a giant candy corn. Daddy gives us candy corns sometimes but there much smaller. They taste really good.

  3. I was salivating at the thought of a giant candy corn and then the giant cat robot made me lose my appetite. There really is safety in numbers if the bunch of you can go up to that monstrous thing and have nothing happen.
    I'll just stare at it from the comfort of my computer room.

    I just know I'm gonna have nightmares.


  4. giant robocats!! how skary! good thing you haf such a brave army to check these things out. i wudda just runned away!

  5. Hey Guys,

    It's Arwen! How woo've been? Mom has been working on the computer. I haven't been able to get my paws on it.

    Love your giant adventure stories! It's a big world out there, isn't it?

    Yours in tail wags,


  6. Giant Tonka toys, how cool, maybe the Giant has dug the big holes with his toys & not a dog at all?
    Face Licks, M&M

  7. Zimmie is so brave. I would have nightmares too seeing those huge robot cats.

  8. Haa. you guys sound like you had fun with the giant's toy. Hee

    ~ fufu

  9. Wow, it seems like you had lotsa fun checking out the construction site!

  10. you dogs better be careful with teh giants toys....those big guys dont mess around...but still you looked like you had lotsa fun...i am kinda afraid of big noisy machines...good thing it was turned off...

  11. Tubey: Yeah! Now that it's cooler, we love to go exploring!
    Althea: Zim wants to know if the candy corn your dad gives you tasts like dusty plastic. ???
    Chelsea: We hope you don't have nightmares! We always put safety first!
    Ivy: It's like Chelsea said, "safety in numbers". Amber is the bravest of all of us. Yes, she's sweet and innocent and all things good, but she's STRONG and fast and brave. We call her Joan of B'Arc. You wouldn't be scared at all if she was with you!
    Arwen: Glad you're back!
    M&M: Check our Columbus Day post re: the holes.
    T-man: Zim IS brave. He's no Ammy, but he's brave. He's also silly. :)
    FuFu: It's a great adventure!
    Jay: "Construction site"? Don't you mean "the Giant's stomping ground"? Ha roooo! OH! And thanks for the clarification on Ch'usok!
    MJ: Mom and Dad won't let us go up there when there's noise!
    Tail wags, everypup!