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Saturday, October 07, 2006

Tired Dave, GDFTCB and Frankie

Woo! Dave here! It's been a busy week. Both me and Stormy had our 6-month recheck at the Vet's. We both are in the Senior Care Program; we get VERY thorough physicals and that way if there's anything "questionable" going on with our health, they can catch it quick and fix it. All I know is they give great tummy rubs there and have delicious cookies. The very nice vet lady who I saw even brought a nice blanket for me to lay on while they took my blood pressure. (I didn't notice anything missing, so I'm not really sure if they took it. Or if they did, they gave it back.) My senior student told me I was her bestest most favorite patient EVER! Woo.
I was so tired when we got home, I could barely even think about my job as Guide Dog for the Color Blind. In fact, we went on walkies instead (once my dilated eyes got a bit back to normal!). Here I am as mom's GDFTCB. I was tired that day, too.


When I got up from my nap (I mean from WORKING), I got the bestest surprise! My girlfriend Frankie of Southern California sent me a new picture! Here she is - isn't she beautiful??!!??

Frankie in black

She told me this is her under her parents' bed at their Arizona home (they go there just so Maddie the Lab can play in the water!) . The bedskirt is black. Frankie said, "Can you beleive they would get a black fabric bedskirt, with me around? Silly parents...guess they love cleaning white hair against black! Go figure." Wooooo!
Have a good weekend, everydoggy. We hope to do some exploring up in the Giant's turf; we'll let you know if we find anything cool!
Luv, Dave


  1. Hey Dave buddy, your girlfriend is wootiful!

    You should encourage her to get a blog.

  2. That Frankie is a babe! She should be a model. Maybe my girlfriend Chelsea can set her up with an agent.

  3. Your girlfriend has pretty eyes....you better be careful...i think Turbo might be checking her out...You guys have a good weekend too...we have company so I will spend lots of time seeing the island...lots of water trips...