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Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Parallel Universes

Woooo, everypup. It's me, Dave!
I was checking back through our blog and read a comment from our friend Meeshka. She read Am's post from Saturday and saw the pic of Zim watching the new washing machine. She wrote:

You guys, your human woman gets EVERYTHING my human woman gets! I swear! Those washers and dryers look EXACTLY like those things the human woman just got about a month or so ago. You've got the evil simple human garbage can, you got the evil Dyson thing... what next?

So... Meeshka has one of these:

Cool washing machine

And one of these:

$200 trash can ~ the Ft. Knox of the garbage world

And one of these:

Evil Dyson

Wow. I wonder if she has one of these, too: "RAV4". I wonder if Meeshka has one of these Siberian Utility Vehicles?

We're living in parallel universes!




  1. Anonymous10:27 AM

    Hi Guys! Marvin here! Just agog at the picture of the RAV 4!!!!!! Cannot believe this co-incidence, this is Jeannie's Car! She has a silver, RAV 4, the 3dr version, she is sometimes more in love with it than me it seems.

    I have my own quarters in the back of the car, it is a lovely fun car. So pleased we have the same as you guys. even same colour!

    Parrallel (if I could spell the darn word) universes indeed.......love and many licks, plus waves of paws to the Army of Four xxxx

  2. Anonymous11:54 AM

    My Mom was wagging when she saw that washing machine!

    Bussie Kissies

  3. Harr, those are some very cool appliances dudes. We don't have those kind here. Lisa has a Isuzu 4WD but we all ride in the big van. Mom calls it the Great White Whale. She can take 9 or 10 dogs, all in their own crates. Harrr.

  4. Well... its apparently an appliance duel now. The human woman took pictures, check out the post. Sigh


  5. This is all very strange! As we told Meeshka's human, the one thing for sure is you both have excellent taste, you both have Huskies afterall!
    Face Licks, M&M

  6. My parents don't have that trash can, but they have a heavy wooden thing that the trash can sits in. It has a brassh lock and the lid is waaaaaay too heavy for me to lift. EVIL!!!

  7. Gee, are you sure you aren't passing notes to each other?

    Mom bought a new washer and dryer about two years ago and still wishes she had bought your kind though she isn't ready to admit that she won't get them. We also have a Dyson but, since we have short hair, she didn't get the purple animal -- just the regular yellow one. And she sold the convertible and bought an SUV so she could carry our crates. Now she's looking into that interesting garbage can. She has never seen one of them.

    Is there a dog owner rule book somewhere that tells them they need to buy this stuff?

    Roxie, Sammy & Andy

  8. Hey Dave, I can't believe you have a $200 trash can? woh.. I'm impressed.

    ~ fufu

  9. Hi there! M has one of those SUV type vehicle too, although I call it Silkie Utility Vehicle. It's not a Rav 4 though... it's a Harrier. :)


  10. Marvin: That's so COOL! Imagine... a poet like you and a Haik-woo writer like me having the same vehicle! That's ... poetry.
    Buster: Mom and Zim LOVE the new w/d. They save lots of time and money. And mom's back.
    Maverick: "Great White Whale"? Thar she blows!!!!!!!!!!
    Meeshka: This is just too freaky! I like the color of your RAV4!
    M&M: I like the way you think!
    Indy: There outta be a law!
    R,S&A: The trash can is EVIL! I could knock over and get such lovely treats out of the old one. It was shortly after I pulled everything onto the living room carpet and had myself a feast that mom heard about that nasty thing from Meeshka's mom. Oh, how I miss my old pal!
    FuFu: Mom said it's worth every penny, because I can't get into something that could make me sick. (sigh) I JUST try to get my own snacks like a helpful guy!!!

  11. Jay: I've heard of Harrier dogs and Harrier jets, but not Harrier SUVs! Maybe it's just for Silkie Terriers?

  12. Anonymous10:39 AM

    Hi Guys! Just to let you know we have put a pic of our Rav 4 on my Blog today. It is the 3dr version, but still has plenty of room at the back for me to set up my mobile headquarters there!

    Waves of Paws to the Army of Four
    xxxxx Mucho love and licks
    Marvin ;0)

  13. Cool! We'll go check it out! Our RAV4 is a 5-door. One for each of us, and one mom and dad can share.
    Play bows,

  14. Anonymous11:27 AM

    ooooooh so honoured to have a haiki woo written about me - yes, no probs with using my picture!!

    Jeannie's Rav 4 was only bought this May, as a new car, but it was actually registered (she tells me!!) in October 2005. Toyota don't make 3 dr Ravs anymore it seems, so this was one of the last "new" ones. It's hunky dory!

    love and honoured Licks Marvin :0))))
    and love and light from Jeannie :0)

  15. That's a serious looking garbage can! I bet you need a password or something to get in there :)

  16. T-man: Exactly! The thing is impenetrable!!! EVIL!