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Sunday, October 15, 2006

Giant Dog's Waterbowl and McKinley and Nikki on the Hunt

Ha roo! Zimmie here, with a quick update about the Giant. We did some major league exploring up in his AO yesterday. No huge discoveries, but we did find this, pictured at right.

Storm was out in the lead, as usual; she always takes the point, so she was the first to see this big ... thing. It has our town's logo on it - so I guess it's some tourist-y souvenir. Then I remembered Indy's comment a while ago about wondering where the Giant keeps his pots and pans. Hmmm! The size didn't seem quite right, and we couldn't see a handle though, so I think it's maybe his dog's water bowl. Kind of nice that he'd treat his pup to a cool water bowl. Maybe he's not totally evil?

On another note, we got a cool email from our friends McKinley and Nikki of South Africa. It's good to know Siberians have the African continent covered - they were out hunting for BUNNIES!

Here is Big M little c, out on the hunt yesterday! He told us, "I know there's a bunny out there somewhere!" He's one cool pup, isn't he? And the service he does, keeping his bipeds safe from bunnies! He told us, "We are waiting to go walkies - saw the bunny yesterday afternoon so bipeds have promised to take us back there to look again. Maybe if the bunny is not there the buck might be or the guinea fowl!!" WOW! We don't have those guinea fowl things here, but if McKinley thinks they're worth pulling over, it sounds GREAT to us!

When they got back, Nikki paused for some quiet reflection in their garden. Here she is, thinking about the one that got away.

Nikki after the hunt

Don't worry, Nikki! You'll get 'em next time! Ha rooooooo!

Play bows, everypup!



  1. Anonymous1:09 PM

    That's great that you found the big thing on your travels. Maybe your friends in S. Africa can tell you what it is (maybe it's a big bunny hutch?)


  2. I too have been waiting patiently to go walkies all day.

    HINT HINT to Mama!


  3. I think its a giant cheese wheel. I think there's a whole bunch of cheese in there. You should totally check it out, but don't eat it all or you won't poo for weeks.


  4. Pippin: We'll ask them - good idea!
    Chelsea: We went to the park in the afternoon. We usually do that in the morning, so it was confusing!
    Meeshka: Cheese!?! It looks like cheese, doesn't it!?
    Play bows,

  5. Ooh, can you imagine the giant dog drinking from that bowl? I wonder if it's a giant poodle (hee hee!)

  6. Hey guys, the giant's dog water bowl is HUGE! I bet you guys can use it as a swimming pool

    ~ fufu

  7. T-man: I've heard of a Giant Schnauzer, but not a Giant Poodle. Ha rooo!
    FuFu: It's even more huge in real life than in the picture! REALLY HUGE!
    Play bows,

  8. Anonymous7:26 AM

    Hey guys, Aren't you gonna do the DWB X-mas card exchange? I am and I was looking forward to getting a husky card from you guys.

    C'mon! I want my holidays to be complete.

    Just let Sunshade's mom know and sign up. Just imagine - cards from all over the world! I'm wagging and shaking just thinking of it.

    Bussie Kissies

  9. I couldn't go out for walkies. We are suffering from the haze these days and it has reached the unhealthy range. *whines*

  10. You live in such a pretty place... and I have to be tormented by cats day in and day out. NOT FAIR!