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Tuesday, October 10, 2006

The Sad Eyes Look

Zim here, top student at the Stormy Zoluschka Kryschtal School of Siberian Studies. I read my new friend Marvin's blog yesterday; he shared one of his important lessons -- "The Art of Making Cow Eyes". This sounds SO much like one of Stormy's lessons for me - I thought I'd share some pix with you!
When Stormy first gave birth to me, I was a year and a half old. I had a TON to learn about the Ways of the Siberian ~ and Storms was just the mentor I needed!
Here we are, during an early tutoring session. See how little and messed up I still look there? Stormy took me under her paw as soon as I got here!

Storms and Zim

"Teach me the Ways of the Siberian, Stormy!" I was so anxious to learn! As you can tell, I was taking it all in - but check out this picture:

Storm & fish

Look at that LOOK on her face! How did she DO that?!?!? It's what Marvin calls "Cow Eyes", don't you think? We call it "The Sad Eyes Look" - or in Stormy's case (and she's really the only one who has perfected it) - the "Harp Seal Look". Look at the outer corners of her eyes - it's like she can grow her eye liner out or something. Oh, she's so cool. She can tool almost anything out of bipeds with that look. You can really see it in the picture of her eating yogurt - click here, please. Liz Taylor would have done well to attend the SZKSSS... but maybe the timing wasn't right.
So... we're still working on it, but here's a more recent picture. I'm getting closer, don't you think?

Zim learns the sad eyes look

There's still so much to learn. But I've got SUCH a great instructor!
Play bows,


  1. I cannot stress enought the iportance of cow/puppy dog eyes in teh daily adventures of any pup. Keep working ...you will be an expert...and storm is a great instructor...you are both very handsome dogs....

  2. Anonymous1:51 PM

    Oh guys - anything you want - it's yours!

    Bussie Kissies

  3. Hi Guys! You are all just sooooooo handsome, and I love the fact you are enjoying my lessons in "Cow Eyes"! When we are more up to speed with this blogging we will put a link to your lovely Blog on my Blog.

    Its just I need some Blogging Lessons! The computer takes some learning for a boy like me! And Jeannie is not much help, she is learning blogging with me!

    Love from Marvin and Jeannie xxxx

  4. You guys are breath taking creatures!
    Did I mention I am a supermodel?
    You two have that look!

    Thanks for visiting my blog and yes ofcourse you can link me.

  5. MJ: Thanks. I learn something from Stormy EVERY day. She's so smart!
    Buster: From your muzzle to my mom's ears! Ha roo!
    Marvin & Jeannie: We're just learning, too! If we can be of help, just bark! Also - you should join Dogs With Blogs!!! We'll add a link to you, too! :)
    Chelsea: Coming from a babe like you, that's quite the compliment!
    Play bows to all,

  6. We think you are right on the money in that last one. You both are so beautiful!

  7. Thanks, Double M! I study VERY hard. Ha rooo!
    Play bows,