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Saturday, October 21, 2006

Indoor Activities

Hi everypuppy, it's me, Amber today! Yesterday, it was in the 70s and mom and dad were comfy in shorts and tee shirts while we took them on walkies - and today, the wind-chill is in the 30s and it's raining. Yes, it's LOVELY out! For some reason, though, we got much longer walkies yesterday and today much shorter ones, so we're doing indoor things.

Stormy (at right) read all the comments you puppies posted on yesterday's blog and was very touched by your kind remarks. She loves Zim VERY much, you know! She came over to the computer to check for messages, then went to nap in the living room.

Dave, Guide Dog for the Color Blind, (at left) is busy planning the fabs for mom's next quilt. They exchanged batiks with the quilt group, and Dave is going through them, picking which ones to use. He is very good at what he does!

Zim (at right) is hanging out with mom today. They watched the Nittany Lions football game and are doing some laundry. The washer/dryer are still kinda new, so Zim's keeping a close eye on them. You never know WHAT they'll do! I think he's hoping they'll change the bed later on. He loves doing that!

I'm busy doing what I do -- checking on everypuppy else to make sure they're happy. After I post this today, I'll spend some quiet time reading my book "Kiana's Iditarod". It's a very nice book and has nice drawings of sled puppies and in this picture of me reading you can see my favorite part - where Kiana is greeted by school children. Us Siberians LOVE children!

Kiana's Iditarod - Amber

Have a happy day, everypuppy!

Until next time ~ Love,



  1. Hey Amber, glad to see that you are all keeping busy on a rainy day. Looks like you are reading a fun book, I'll have to ask Mom to check it out for me at her school library.

    Tell Zim he is very brave. I will not even go into the basement where the washer/dryer are.


  2. Anonymous3:30 PM

    Hey you guys, your Blog is so beautiful. Marvin is sleeping and I have taken charge of his Blog. He is real poorly tonight and has been all day. The sticky rice seems a good idea. But (if you get my meaning....!) don't want to risk anything new tonight.

    Just lovin your pics! Feel we always say this but the pics are so good, we take a real interest in your Dogs and the insight into the life of the 4 most beauteous (spelling????) Huskies. We have some Huskies who live near us, and they are so rare and always soooo admired.

    This comment is from Jeannie and Marvin who is way too sick to be on the computer (well that would be some mess if he could sit up here!) Sure he will be well soon, that doggone dog always did have a weak stomach.

    Take care, lovin your tails! Mucho love, Jeannie in Dunblane (alias Marvin's Ma!) xxxxx

  3. You guys have so many fun things to do, even on a rainy day. I'd usually just be napping :)

  4. Hi Amber,
    It seems like the whole of the Ao4 has kept very busy today..lucky for you. i got to go to the beach..but not for long..mommy got mad at me for barking at a jogger with his baby...Man...i was just saying hi...

  5. Is it fun to watch the laundry spin 'round & 'round?

    Well our striped cats beat your towns purple cats!

  6. Hi everypuppy!
    Althea: It's a very nice book! Our aunt sent it to us for Christmas! You should definitely look for it! Zim said thank you for saying he's brave. Our w/d are right by the kitchen, so we go in there all the time.
    Marvin: I mean Miss Jeannie: I hope Marvin is feeling better! Poor pup! and thank roo for your kind words about the blog!
    T-man: We did plenty of napping, too!
    MJ: What's wrong with saying 'hi'?
    Tubey: I don't know what Zim finds so interesting about the laundry! He's silly! And yes, the purple cats got their clocks cleaned by your stripey ones!
    Love to everypup,

  7. Ha, we can finally post. Blogger has had us silenced, and how bad is that. Poor Bob. Zim, you are one lucky dude. You B looking great now. We think Preston came from North Kansas by the Indian Reservations too. We can't have rescue fosters here because we sometimes have babies and guests. Now we donate stuff and money to help out. If everydog does what they can, we can make a difference.

  8. Preston!?!? Did you come from a place called Mayetta? I don't think any CH Siberians come from there, but that's where I was born!!! Maybe we're related? My bio-mama's name was Nikki and my bio-daddy was Hachi Bear. ???

  9. You guys, your human woman gets EVERYTHING my human woman gets! I swear! Those washers and dryers look EXACTLY like those things the human woman just got about a month or so ago. You've got the evil simple human garbage can, you got the evil Dyson thing... what next?


  10. Meeshka: Dave is going to do a special post for you later on.
    Tail wags,