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Thursday, October 26, 2006

Haik-woo for Marvin

Wooo! It's me, Dave.
I've been really moved by the poems my friend Marvin writes. He even wrote a poem about me and my Haik-woo! Can you believe it!?! I feel very touched! You can check his poem out here.

One of his readers asked what Haik-woo is! Basically, it's my own version, the Siberian version, of the Japanese form of poetry called haiku. Three lines of non-rhyming verse, 17 total syllables: 5 in the first line, 7 in the second, and 5 in the last. That's haiku. And it's intense in its brevity! (Stormy taught me that word.) In Haik-woo, it's the same thing - except the last word is always "woo". That's my favorite thing to say, so I finish every poem with it. And it makes it even more challenging to say what you need to say in a limited "space".

So... back to Marvin. I was so inspired, I wrote him a Haik-woo. I hope you like it, pal!

Luv to everypuppy,

Dave ... With totally no disrespect to Robert Burns.


  1. Anonymous9:25 AM

    ooooooooooooooooh! I am soooooo honoured to feature on your Blog Dave! And to have a Haik-woo all of my own written by you!

    Thank you so much! I am blushing (especially being compared to the Scottish Bard!!)

    My first and only Haik-woo I understand now was far, far, too long. I do tend to not know when to finish my work!!!!

    As they say here in Scotland "Ta Very Muchly" and "Haste Ye Back" and "keep on keeping on" with those Brilliant and Clever Haik-woos!!!!!

    The Timerous Beastie, Marvin :0)))))
    och aye the noo!

  2. Marvin: I'm so glad you like your Haik-woo! I liked your poem VERY much, whether it fits the Haik-woo parameters or not! And I DO like your poetry better than Robert Burns! YOU should be "the" Scottish bard! Woooooo!
    PS: I think I'll listen to our Steve McDonald CDs today .......

  3. Anonymous9:38 AM

    Marvin here again! Forgot to say the picture of me on your Blog is truly amazing. Again, we have a famous word in Scotland to describe it. I will use it now, as it is one of our best beloved words. The photo of me is FANDABIDOZI!

    Somewhere in the depths of my Blog there is a post about this word! We try to use it every day.....puts a smile on everyones face. Love and many licks and Waves of Paws to The Army of Four from Marvin xxxx ;0)

  4. Anonymous3:56 PM


    Now we all know Scotts. Or Scotch? Is that said with a lilt?

    Bussie Kissies

  5. My Papa is scottish.

    He tried to explain to me who Robbie Burns is and I would of paid attention..if he weren't eating a sandwich while he was explaining.

    Mmmmm...it was good.

  6. I didn't know that Mr. Burns from the Simpsons wrote stuff. You learn something new every day.


  7. hey dave! :)

    my mommy loves poetry and after she explained this whole haik-woo thing to me, i decided to write one for you too. hope you like it!
    here goes:

    "you write great poetry
    i love reading your haik-woos
    way to go, dave! WOO!"

    chester the border collie

  8. That's a wonderful collage & poem of Marvin. He's very distinguished looking.

  9. Hi Dave, for a moment... I thought you were referring to Burns, the dog kibbles. I love them but J limit my intake of them. Bummer!


  10. Marvin: FANDABIDOZI? I LOVE it! I need to work that into my vocabulary.
    Buster: You slay me!
    Chelsea: Did you say "sandwich"? Mmmmm....
    Meeshka: Zim can't stop ha rooing. But I asked Stormy and she said that's Charles Montgomery Burns. I meant Robert Burns.
    Chester: Woo! I am so honored! Thank woo!
    T-man: He is, isn't he? He looks sorta like my fur-cousin Newton.
    Flossy: That movie of you is better than what's at the box office!
    Jay: I'm not familiar with that kind of Burns... but I'll bet Marvin's poems are better than that, too!

  11. Anonymous8:37 AM

    Hi Guys! Just seen your comment on my blog about pedigrees needing good homes as well.....very true, I woke up at 5 am this morning with the very same thought! So I altered the post very slightly so it reads better.

    Hope it reads better now!!

    Love from Marvin :0) xxxx

  12. Anonymous12:34 PM

    Very nice Haik-woo Dave! You are so talented. You should make a book of your poems! I bet all of the doggies would buy it.
    Wirey Hugs!
    Butchy & Snickers
    PS Our Mama has that evil purple dyson thingy too! and when she bought her Toyota Camry years ago, she almost bought the RAV4, hehehe!

  13. Thank woo, Butchy & Snickers! A book would be a cool idea - with the profits going to a rescue group or shelter!
    I steer clear of the Evil Dyson, but I learned how to turn off the Oreck cannister. I run by it, hit that "off" button, and keep going! Woooo!

  14. Gosh just reading this post and remembering all our dear blogging pals who have now gone to the Bridge.
    We had so many fun times and now they are just memories, but very happy memories.