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Sunday, October 01, 2006

Iditarod Medley

Tail wags, everypup! It's me, Storm. A month or so ago, my mom got in some new flannel fab for quilts - they called it the "Iditarod Medley"! It's got cool sled doggies, polar bears, Arctic Foxes... and all kinds of great stuff on it!
So here's my question... should she make ME a new quilt out of this, or something totally not as good?

Storm and new Iditarod fab

Please post your opinion in the "comments" area.
Thanks and tail wags,


  1. Quilt - DEFINATELY a quilt!

  2. Without a doubt a quilt for you. I mean with all the work you do keeping the Ao4 together, you deserve a new quilt. Tell her to put extra stuffing in it so it is nice and fluffy.

  3. I think she should make ME a quilit out of it!

  4. A quilt for you, without a doubt. Why waste time thinking about anything else?

    Roxie, Sammy & Andy

  5. Thanks for the input, everypup! Tubey - get in line! You can be next after ME!
    Oooh, Butchy & Snickers! Cool! Your mom is a quilter, too? Check out the link on our front page to Dave's Haik-woo. He is mom's Guide Dog for the Color Blind and shows a couple of the quilts he's helped with in his poetry. We'll have to blog about it to show you more -- maybe woo guys could, too? That way we can see your mom's quilts!
    Charlie - YEAH!
    Althea - you're very insightful!
    Dachsies - you guys rock!
    I'll keep everypup posted on my progress!
    Tail wags,

  6. Polar bears in Alaska?



  7. Wow, your eyes are so mesmerizing I forgot what your entry was about.

    Something about a quilt??
    Rip it up! Shred it with your teeth!

    Works for me

  8. Yes, yes a quilt, that sounds like shredding heaven! That's what we would do with it, we love all that stuffing stuff!
    Face Licks, M & M

  9. A quilt sounds comfy. She could also add more stuffing and make a doggie bed.

  10. The Mom here doesn't do anything cool like that. But The Mom's mom - Nana - makes us little yarn blankies and feeds us the middle of the donut when she makes them. Perhaps I should look in to living with Nana for the amenities....?

  11. Meeshka: I wondered about that, too. When I think Alaska, I think Grizzly Bears! (AKA Brown Bears) I thought this was going to be another case like the "US Army" fabric mom got that has FRENCH helicopters on it. (sigh) But I did some research - and there ARE polar bears in Alaska! Check it out here http://pbsg.npolar.no/pbdist.htm.
    Mx2 and Chelsea: Shred a quilt? No. We must choose our objects of destruction much more carefully than that.
    T-man: Oooh, a fluffy doggie bed sounds nice, too. And THAT wouldn't have as much emotional involvement from mom or work from Dave, Guide Dog for the Color Blind ... so it could be a potential shredding opportunity.
    Dakota: Did you say "doughnuts"? Just where do we find your Nana?
    Tail wags, Stormy