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Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Pirates Part I

Harrrrr, mateys. It's me - Zim the Pirate! My friends Maverick at D'Azul Siberians and Tubey are pirates, too. Harrr. Here's a picture of me in my normal pirate garb.


Don't I look ready to loot and pilage? Harrr! Then I thought I should maybe have an even better bandana for my head. I asked mom to tie my very cool DCU scarf, made from part of one of my dad's old uniforms on my head. Don't I look even better?

Pirate 1

Yeah...... I like this one! Let's go out on deck and see if there are any ships approaching! I feel a little pillaging coming on. Harrr!

Pirate 2 Pirate 3

I got comfy up in the Crow's Nest. I can see everything from up there!
'Course it got kinda lonely being an only pirate. Maverick thought Zavi would make a good pirate.... so I thought I'd see if any other members of the Ao4 wanted to be a pirate. I asked mom to come with me and take pix along the way.
First I tried Dave. He's always game to play and always game to let mom put stuff on him. "Hey, Dave! Say somethin' pirate-like!" "I'm busy, Zim." "Ah, c'mon, matey! Harrr!" "Yeah, yeah... OK... ummm...how about Shiver me timberzzzzzzzzzzzzzz............"

Sleepy Pirate

Yeah, well, Dave was busy guarding the bed from other pirates. Maybe I caught him at a bad time.
Amber's always fun to play with! I thought I'd see if she wanted to be a pirate! I forgot she doesn't like it when mom tries to get her to wear anything other than a collar. And she is camera-shy in the house. I asked her "Please, Ammy, c'mon!" so she was cooperative. Make that semi-cooperative. If you can call this cooperating.

not a pirate 1

Is it just me, or does she look less like a pirate and more like a little Siberian waif wearing a babushka? She let mom arrange it a little better..... but I couldn't even get her to give me a "Yo ho ho and a bottle of rum" before she threw it off and hid behind the living room chair. She said I owed her big time. Here's the best picture we got of her:

not a pirate 3

I think that look was meant for mom........ but I'm not sure.
Anyroo........ this is getting long, so I'll let you know how it went with Stormy tomorrow.
Harrrrr and stay tuned, mateys!
Play bows,
Zim the Pirate


  1. Arrrrr. Zim all you need is an eye patch and a parrot on your shoulder. Well maybe a parrot isn't such a good idea, might be too tempting to eat. Looks like your all set for Howloween.

    I can't wait till Dad gets home so he can put my purple bandana and I can be a pirate too.

  2. Harrrr. Maverick here Mateys, you all make great pirates and I'd be proud to have you on my ship any time. I was ready to order new pirate garb from Oriental Trading Company but someone chewed up the catalog before I got a chance. Harrr.


  3. Amber so does not look impressed! You guys make great pirates! If our lady gets any ideas about putting stuff on our heads, we will make her walk the plank!
    Face Licks, M&M

  4. Babushka was just what I was thinking!

  5. I like the pirate look best. The kerchief look makes you look like a granny and the last look is a little on the biker side.

    Not that there is anything wrong with that.

  6. I like the babushka look on Amber. She looks so modest, and un-piratelike!

  7. Hey,

    I'll play pirates with you!

    Ahoy Matey! Ye be lookin like a chest full of gold in yer bandana.

    Capt Chuck Zeebucks

  8. Hey Matey Zim,
    You look so cool as a pirate. Can I sail with you?

    ~ fufu

  9. Hey, I think all of you look so cool in your pirate garb. You need an eye-patch and everything will be complete!

  10. Harrr, mateys!
    B&S: Thanx! Opy and Charlie's dad made COOL graphics, didn't he?
    Althea: Yeah...I don't think we'd be able to resist the parrot. A Sibe's gotta do what a ... well, you know. And the same fate would await the eye patch. :)
    Maverick: Thanx, matey! ...and sorry to hear about the CATalogue.
    M&M: Yeah... Am really wasn't keen on being a pirate. She said that's a gross understatement.
    Tubey's human: It's a slavic thing, isn't it?
    Chelsea: Dave is a biker dude? Ha roo roo roo!
    T-man: I WILL share that with Am. You're very sweet! She is a very modest, humble pup!
    ChuckZ: Harrr and ahoy! You should wear your new bandana like a pirate! Harr!
    FuFu: Yeah! The more, the merrier! Harr, matey!
    Jay: Thanx! Mom thought we'd try to eat the eye patch. She's no Stormy, but she's probably right on that one!
    Pirate play bows,
    Zim the Pirate

  11. Hey! National talk like a pirate day is Sepetember 19!

  12. Claw them! CLAW THEM NOW!!!!


  13. Ender: Every day is Talk Like a Pirate Day here! Harrr!
    Meeshka: Stormy thought you might enjoy today's post.
    Play bows and harrr,
    Zim the Pirate

  14. OH Zim...you are such a brave pirate...I want to be your damsel in distress...MJ

  15. MJ! :) Fear not! I'll save you! Ha rooooo!
    Blushing play bows,