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Friday, October 06, 2006

Falling Down on the Job

not on the job

We saw this on the internet today. Somepuppy is falling down on the job.
I wonder what Ivy would say about that? I can guarantee you it isn't her yard behind that fence!
Tail wags,


  1. Is there something wrong with me that I just dont care about squirrels....I prefer to chase small doggies...not to hurt them...i just like to chase and play with them...especially when they bark at me...I promise I would never hurt them...EVER

  2. I don't care much for squirrel either. Or birds. Doggies are ok once in a while but, my all time passion?
    Humans. I love humans. I choke myself on my lead just to get to them.


  3. We don't have any by our house, but we see them all the time on our walks. We like to stare at them.
    The Ao4

  4. That is one great picture!!! Just let me get a hold of that squirrel.

  5. Hey Storms,

    I bet Ivy and Copper will use that photo as a trainin' aid to get psyched before they go outside.


  6. Anonymous10:05 AM

    I have tons of big fat squirrels in my yard - way up in the trees. They don;t look like this guy tho! He looks like an urban or junkyard variety.

    Bussie Kissies

  7. oh my dogness! i wudda never let that happen if it were my yard!

    those cheeky skwerrels haf been trying to use my back fence as a skwerrel superhighway supply line the past cupple of days. every time i see one i burst out my dog door at litening-fast-super-dog speed and skare the acorns rite out of them! ha ha!