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Monday, October 23, 2006

Amber's Birth-Town

Hi everypuppy! It's me - Amber!
I didn't know what to post about today but then I read the D'Azul Siberians' blog. It's all about how Preston got there. Sweet Preston! I'm so glad the wonderful bipeds at D'Azul Sibes gave him a home! He's a winner and a champion in my book!
I thought maybe Preston and I were related; we both come from farms in northern Kansas. My birth-home is to the NW of where Preston was born, though. Cats! I thought maybe I'd found a long, lost cousin!
Mayetta, KS to Ozawkie, KS
That link will show you how far apart our birth-farms are. (My link from earlier didn't work, so I re-did it. If the map changes and you really want to know where those tiny towns are, then you can type them into the cool search engine of the map site!) Mayetta is where I was born; Preston was born in Ozawkie. I'm sorry we aren't related!

Am's bio-parents

Here are my bio-parents. That's my mama Nikki on the left and daddy Hachi Bear on the right. My mom wanted to take EVERYpup home, but only could take me. I was something called a "late adoption" and there were plans for me to become "breeding stock" (on the farm, that is -- not here!). I don't know what that means, but I think I'm much better off here.
I did love being with my bio-parents, though. There were also lots of my aunts and uncles there. I think I mentioned to our friend Althea that we also had Siberian Husky / Malamute mixes at the farm. I especially loved a certain Malasibe (or Sibermute?) that we nicknamed Uncle Mal. Here is little me kissing my bio-mama g'bye - and to the right... see him, Althea? That's Uncle Mal. He kinda reminds me of your sweet brother Lares. I know he doesn't have floppy ears, but he has that same sweet look on his face.

Am, Nikki-mom, Uncle Mal

Don't cha think? He was sad to see me go and wanted to come with us! I wish he could have, but the breeder said only me. Besides, I didn't know it yet, but I had Stormy and Booter waiting for me at home! (That link takes you to the rest of the story!)
That's the farm I came from, Preston. OH! And before I forget... would you please tell your brother Maverick the Pirate about this rock?

220 Ammy strikes a pose 2

It really looks like the one on his Treasure Map to me! The only trees I saw close by were the neighbor's Weeping Willow and our King's Choice Elm, though. No palm-looking trees. I'll guard this rock, anyway, just to be safe. There could be buried treasure nearby!
Have a happy day, everypuppy! It's cold and frosty here! Yea!


  1. Way to go Amber. You are lucky to be off that farm. We'll tell Maverick about the rock too. There is a big rock here but no palm trees except the folded paper one.

  2. Hey Amber.

    You're right, Lares does sort of look like your Uncle Mal. I don't know that I would say that Lares has a sweet face. I think it is more a doofus face. I like to bite it and stretch it out.

    Lares did ask me to say hello to you. I caught him checking out your Dogster page again. I think he was trying to figure out how to print your picture. I have to be sure to check under his bed in case he is hiding it there. What a goofy gobber.


  3. Your mom and pop are handsome as ever which explains your beauty.

  4. I agree with Chelsea. You've inherited your bio-parent's good looks!

  5. hey amber!

    does zim have a dog-mail address? can you pass the message to him and tell him to d-mail me so i can send him the interview questions?

    just drop me a line at: ilovemytennisball@yahoo.com.sg

    p.s. i know that's a really stupid d-mail address but it was the bloody human that chose it!!!!

    i'm hoping to hear from you reaaaal soon, zim!

    chester the border collie

  6. Hey Amber,

    you're a looker, and like CHelsea and T-Man said, you've taken after your handsome parents.

    Chow for now, good lookin',

    Tin Tin xo

  7. Hi Amber, from the farm, you found your forever home. Congrats!

    By the way, your parents are gorgeous! That explains how come you are so beautiful!


  8. Amber, you are a beautiful red and white! Your mom was pretty and your uncle Mal was a BIG boy! I'm glad you live where you do.

  9. Thank roo, everypuppy! I am very glad to be where I am now! You all said such VERY nice things - not only about me, but my bio-parents! I loved them very much! Althea, I'm glad you see what I mean about Uncle Mal and Lares! (He's really looking at MY dogster page? sigh... he's so sweet!) ALL of you are so sweet! I am tall like my mama - and got my very thick red coat from my daddy. I think he'd look much smaller if the Evil Brush Lady (aka my mom) got a hold of him. HA roooo!
    Thanks again, everypup! Love,
    PS: Chester - I'll have Zimmie email you!