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Monday, October 16, 2006

Three Altheas

Ha roo, Zim here! I got all excited last week. A couple of the trees the landscapers planted died a long time ago. Mom suggested that maybe they didn’t like it where they were planted and maybe they should try something else, but she’s just mom, she’s not a landscaper, so they tried again. With the same kind of tree. The new ones died, too. And ... again.
Two points to make here: first, contrary to what you may be thinking, I had nothing to do with these trees dying. Second, mom didn’t say, “I told you so”, though she was sorely tempted. So… the landscapers finally agreed to replace the two dead fir trees with something else – after consulting with mom, they decided on 3 Rose of Sharon bushes. Cool. We already have one of those, and it’s rather tast– ummm, I mean attractive. But THEN the landscapers called and said (and this is the kicker!) “The three Altheas are here; can we come put them in the yard?” WHAT!?!?!? The three WHAT?!?!? This is too good to be true! I mean … you know what I was thinking!

3 Altheas

I couldn’t wait to go out there! No yard time over the weekend; mom was sick with a cold, so we took her and dad on walks instead. Ha roo! This morning, though … this morning, I got to go out with mom. “Zim! Let’s go see how the new Altheas are doing!” COOL! I couldn’t wait to go out and meet her and her twins, do some play bowing, chase each other around, sample some shrubbery together, you know – the basics. But… I was expecting this

3 Altheas and Zim

And I got this

the other 3 Altheas

It's another kind of Althea. Not the good kind of Althea. I guess "Rose of Sharon" is its nickname. Humans really need to develop a more explicit language, don’t you think?

Oh, sure... they were tasty enough.


And the flowers even smell OK.


But how do you grab a shrub by the neck and let it do the same to you???
I had to go take a breather in our private thinking place. Here I am up there.


As you may be able to see, I'm giving mom the "How could you?" look. I feel so cheated. Sigh. Color me disappointed – to say the LEAST!

Play bows - especially to the REAL Althea,


  1. Human language is so stupid and misleading!

  2. I think you should rip it out by the neck and then they would have to get you a real Althea bush that can play bow.

    Humans have stupid multiple names for everything. If my human woman would have named it, it would have been the Althea-Althea bush, because she does that with EVERYTHING.


  3. Hey Zim, That's some strange Altheas. But glad that they are yummy to you. hee

    ~ fufu

  4. Poor Zim....all you got was some stupid trees...i am so sorry about that. You have a really pretty yard though...you are very lucking...i agree with turbo on the human language though..it sure can be stupid

  5. Tubey: You SAID it! Ha ROO!
    Butchy & Snickers: It was such a cruel hoax! We took mom for a walk in the rain - I think that helped zap the cold out of her system!
    Meeshka: I just may DO that! Oh... and we get "ZimZim", "DaveDave" and "StormStorm". Don't know how Ammy escapes this!
    FuFu: Thanks for reminding me the positive side of this. They ARE tasty!
    MJ: It IS stupid! Thanx for the compliment on the yard. It's a fun place!
    Play bows, Zim

  6. Anonymous7:39 AM

    Maybe you can put in those little plant signs? Pictures of the real Althea! That would perk up the yard nicely.

    Bussie Kissies

  7. Hi Guys! My Biped is worn out with the pesky links work I have set her today. But on our screen My Blog looks fine, links are all ok on the side where they should be. Though Another Internet Pal has said same as you the links are down the bottom....aaaargh! But she thinks it may be to do with how my browser is set? Whaddya think? It all looks normal here on the screen in Scotland. Haven't the heart to tell her what you said - think she will explode..........

    Liking your excellent pics too!

  8. Buster: What a GREAT idea! That'd be COOL!
    Marvin: Hmm... maybe it only works in Scotland? Ha roo! Just kidding - I wonder what the deal is?
    Play bows,
    The Z-man

  9. Hi Guys, lost the long comment for some reason, but posted the short one. My blog is rubbish at the moment, really messed up. Jeannie is very sad. The more she tries to correct it the worse it gets! Poor lamb.

    don't know what happened, we are trying to resume normal service - keep looking in! love n licks Marvin x

  10. Hi Guys! Thanks for your advice, we have contacted DWB for some advice. It is still not right, so unhappy about it. The new blog won't upload pics either, so we are not very happy tonight. Keep looking in though! Thanks for your kindness in our hour of need!

    PS Capercaille very good! Sad Licks tonight, Marvin ;0)

  11. Oh, poor Zim! I agree, human language is completely stupid!

  12. Ooh, what a disappointment! But you can still enjoy the plant, even though it's not what you expected at first..