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Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Fennec Fox or Coyote?

Hey guys. Yeah, it's me again - Zim. Still a little disappointed after the whole Althea misunderstanding. But hey... the REAL Althea said I am CUTE and wrote a whole day's blog about me. (sigh) She's so pretty and so nice.
Actually, she said that I am "the cutest boy husky on any side of the dog park" which brings me to today's post. Mom and Dad were watching TV the other night. Dad said, "Hey, check these guys out, they look like Zim!" They are called Fennec Foxes.

fennec fox

I always thought I looked a bit more like a coyote... but check this pic of Am and me from when I first got adopted.

Amber & Zim - Fennec foxes?

Could be!
And now compare me to the coyote:

coyote coyote?

I'm the handsome one with the blue collar. The other one is a coyote. Close, don't you think?

Zim searches for his roots

I'll study my book some; I'm pretty sure Fennec Foxes don't live around here.
What do you think, everypup? Fennec fox or coyote? Or the cutest boy husky on any side of the dog park? Ha rooooooooo!
Play bows,


  1. Zim, you're better looking than either the foxes or the coyotes.

  2. Zim, are you the linguist in your pack? Can you talk Fennecese?

  3. Tubey: I learned to yip from the coyotes before I was adopted. I still sing like them (unless I'm singing like Stormy), so I am fluent in coyotalk. I've never heard a Fennec Fox speak - but maybe I'd understand them, too!
    Play bows,
    Zim (still blushing over the comment from the MaPaw folks...)

  4. Anonymous6:27 PM

    Well, ahem, I hafta put my vote with you onacuz you are nice! Are coyotes nice?

    Bussie Kissies

  5. There is an eerie similarity, but you are much better looking than those foxes!

  6. You definitely are the best looking boy husky around.

    I can get away with saying it cuz my boyfriend is a poodle and he won't get mad. (T-Man)


  7. I think you are very handsome Zim...and you do kinda look like the coyote....is that a good thing...i hope the wild life people dont try and capture you...you be carefulllll...

  8. I agree with Chelsea-- you're a super good looking husky. And I'm not jealous, Chels. I know you are a one black poodle woman. (My mom says the same thing about herself, but that's a different story!)

  9. Hi Zim, you look similar, but BETTER looking. Really!


  10. Zim, I think you look way better then any coyote... Maybe they clone them out of you?

    ~ fufu

  11. Zim you are much better looking than the coyotes.

  12. Buster: Thanks, pup! I think coyotes are nice, but they are wild animals. They sang to me while I was chained to a tree for a year and a half; I spent more time with them than anyone else!
    Indy: Thanks!
    Chelsea: You're such a sweetie! And T-man and I are cool!
    MJ: Thanks to you, too! And we're ALWAYS on a leash or with mom in the fenced yard. Safety first!
    Butchy and Snickers: Wow, I'm going to get a swelled head! :) Ha-roo! And YES I can sound just like the coyotes. It freaks some bipeds out.
    T-man: You're the coolest guy poodle pal I've ever had!
    Jay and FuFu: Better? Cool!
    D'Azul Sibes: Thank roo! Oooh, is today the day Maverick gets his pirate blog? I've gotta surf over to your place!
    Play bows every pup!