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Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Wanted: Zim the Pirate

Pirate 1

Harrr, everypup! It's me, Zim the Pirate.
My friend Maverick the Pirate linked to a very cool site yesterday. It was a High Seas Adventure. Sail on over and have fun with it! Look at what I found there:


click image for a better view
Cool, huh?

Stormy said I should say something about my post from the other day about "People Food". She said I should make it clear that it was a dream of mine to have cappuccino and that I don't really get to have any. It's on the "forbidden foods" list and mom and dad are real careful about that. We actually hardly get any "People Food", except we each DO get 4 slices of bananas a day. We love them and they're good for us. Dave even wrote a Haik-woo about them.
Speaking of Haik-woo........... make sure you catch Marvin's blog! He wrote a poem about Dave and his Haik-woo! How cool is that!?!?
So... while we're on the subject of being careful ... our friend and fellow Sibe Indy made a great post (among many great posts) the other day. He linked to the Harnessed to Hope newsletter he had just written; in it are some GREAT tips for keeping us safe and happy on Halloween. Please click here to read Indy's newsletter! Great job, Indy!

Until we sail again, mateys.........
Harrrrrrrr and play bows,
Zim the Pirate


  1. Harrrr, Zim. Great wanted poster. Pirates use those to light the cannons with. Harr, harr, harr. Our mom drinks cappuccino too and we never get any. We do occasionally get a bit of Krispy Kreme donut, now that qualifies as treasure.

    Thats all for now, until I spot your sails on the high seas matey.

    Cap'n Maverick The Pirate

  2. Anonymous2:08 PM

    Funny, my Dad sometimes calls me "The Red Menace".


  3. Anonymous2:14 PM

    Good you guys get bananas--we get some people food too--carrots, almonds, lettuce spines and stuff like that. We like it. We would like, but don't get: chocolate


  4. Aye matie!

    If you guys ever get a gig working with Johnny Depp - could you let my Mama know.


  5. We tried the bananas & well, not so much, think it's a texture thing, Macie spits her right out & I will only eat mine if the lady squishes it first. You guys should try oranges, they are excellent!
    Face Licks, Malechai

  6. Bananas? Hmmm, Sammy would like those ... but Sammy likes everything that is edible. Roxie probably won't eat them 'cause she's really picky. She picked her blueberries out when Mom gave her some.

    You make a great pirate. I wish Mom would give me a good costume like that.

    Andy (I snuck on when Roxie and Sammy were busy)

  7. Ooh, that poster looks so official. I guess you are real pirate now! :)

  8. Wow Zim, that's a great poster. You're a real pirate now. I wanna sail with you....

    ~ fufu

  9. Hi Zim, you look like a pirate now. :)


  10. Hi Zim,

    Mom would love to dress me like a pirate but I have made it CLEAR to her that I HATE wearing things on my head!

    And she better not even THINK about an eyepatch!

  11. Cap'n Mav: Yeah! Harrrr!
    Althea: Maybe the BEAUTIFUL Red Menace!
    Pippin: My sisters like lettuce spines, too. Me and Dave just think they're OK.
    Chelsea: Johnny who? Harrrr!
    M&M: We'll have to see if we can plunder some oranges!
    Andy: You'd make a cool pirate! Harrr!
    T-man: Isn't it cool!?!?
    FuFu: You can sail with me! Have you ever read "The Chronicles of Narnia"? You'd be like Reepacheep!
    Jay: Thanks, matey!
    Flossikens: Mmm, ice cream!
    Indy: Stormy said if your mom even attempts a pirate costume, you should hold out for a parrot. Then... well, I don't need to tell any Sibe what to do with a parrot... She said that'll put a stop to any ideas about making you wear something you don't want to!
    Play bows and harrrr!