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Monday, October 09, 2006

Columbus Day 2006 Discoveries

Happy Columbus Day to all our friends here in America! We hope you'll take time out of your day to remember the discovery of the New World!
It's me - Storms. In keeping with the discovery mode, we thought we'd share the rest of our remarkable discoveries from where the Giant lives! As you'll remember from Am's post from yesterday, we saw an awful lot! Macie and Malechai asked about maybe since the Giant has those Tonka Toys, maybe he dug the hole we posted about earlier and that it wasn't his dog at all. Good theory... except look at what we found!

bigger hole

Can you believe it!?!? Remember what the other hole looked like (see link above), then compare it to this one. This is MUCH larger! Look at how tiny Dad and the redheads look! Yeah... the other one was dug by a Giant Dog...... this one had to be by the Giant himself!
Then I spotted more drinking straws. Remember the ones Dave and I saw before? They looked like the same ones, only the Giant must have moved them. I went in for a closer look.

drinking straws

Yep. Drinking straws. Giant ones!
But then... what do we have here?

coffee stirrers

I checked them out thoroughly, as you can see. They were like the drinking straws, only skinnier. Ohhh, I've got it. Coffee stirrers. Don't you think?
I was speculating about that when Dave, Guide Dog for the Color Blind, called my attention to even MORE straws! Colorful ones!
"Stormy! Stormy! Come check these green ones out! And look what's in here!!!"

hellooo 1

I went over to check out these straws - and to see what Dave could see in there!

hellooo 2

Here's what I saw through my straw:

hellooo 3

And here's what Davy saw through his:

helloooooo 4

Ha roo roo roo! It's the silly redheads! (You can click those images for a bigger look!) I saw Zim through mine, and Dave was looking at Ams! Ha rooo! Pretty funny! Those redheads just crack me up sometimes!
So these were just harmless straws, too. Probably for milkshakes, since they're bigger around.
Happy Columbus Day! Get out and discover something really cool in your world!
Tail wags,


  1. Wooo! My Human is glad I read your blog today. I told her that it was a holiday so she didn't drive into town to go to the bank!

  2. Bipeds can learn a lot from all of our blogs! My parents were watching some TV show the other day and someone said something really ... well, you know. Dad turned to mom and said, "You know what Tubey would say about that!" and mom said, "Yeah. 'That's stupid!'" We have so much to teach them, don't we?
    Tail wags, Storms

  3. Wow, that looks like fun, long walkies at your house so interesting. R U near La-renz Kansas? We going to La-renz Kansas this weekend. Maybe we go long walkies and see the giant stuff too. But probably dog show.

  4. My Human will occasionally say to people, "Well, like my dog Turbo would say 'that's stupid!"

  5. Butchy&Snickers: If there WAS vermin in those milkshake straws, there wouldn't have been when WE got done with them... if you know what I mean! Roooo!
    D'Azul Sibes: Stormy said La-renz is where all the Birds are. We are more toward where the sun sets - we have lots of Wild Cats here. EVERYwhere you turn, nothing but purple cats! I wish we lived by the Birds - we could meet up with you pups!
    Tubey: It's not EVERY Sibe who's quoted by bipeds!
    Love, Amber

  6. Hey you guys, maybe the giant is making he & his dog a giant swimming pool? All we know is it will sure be something big with a hole that size! Heck, his coffee cup alone would be bigger than our pool!
    Face Licks, M&M

  7. M&M: We'll have to look around - you guys could be right!
    Tail wags,

  8. you guys are sooo cool! love the big straws!!

    i found you through turbo's site, who is my hero!


  9. Those are awesome pics of you guys in the straws. You should get them framed!

  10. Happy Columbus Day to you all!!!! From Marvin The Dog in Bonnie Scotland xxxxxxx Love Your Blog!

  11. Wow! What a huge straw!

  12. Ranger: Glad you found us! That's your Columbus Day discovery!
    T-man: That'd be cool! (and thanx!)
    Marvin: Thanx for reading! Dave would love to go to Scotland; he loves to hear bagpipes.
    Jay: I bet you could crawl through one of the milkshake straws! Roo!
    Tail wags, Storms

  13. Wow, you are so smart! Clearly you found some of the Giant's kitchen stuff. Gee, I wonder where he keeps his pots and pans?