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Monday, October 30, 2006

Flint Hills

Hey, pupperoos, Storms here! Some of my friends, namely Tubey and Meeshka, had some problems blogging over the weekend. I thought I'd take over for us today, in case blogger tried to give us any trouble. I am the ALPHA, hear me roooo! Don't mess with me, Blogger!

Anyroo, Marvin has been posting some mighty cool (dare I say "fandabidozi"?) pix of his hometown in Scotland. We promised to try to show what our side of the park is like; I thought I'd post a little bit about that today!

Our part of Kansas is called "The Flint Hills", and it's that - rolling hills. Not what "Wizard of Oz" fans might expect! There are some great web sites out there with scenic pictures; we liked this one best, possibly because the photographer gives credit to his dog.
As you may have been able to tell from Am's post yesterday, our house sits on the top of a hill. Here's another look; mom shot this when we were coming down the home stretch on a walk the other day:

The back of our house

That's me in the lead, of course. I always take the lead!
Can't see the house very well? Here, try this:

Our house

You can click for a bigger view. And don't panic - I made the neighbors' houses fuzzy. So yeah... those trees are on the banks of Little Kitten Creek. (I know, I know... we didn't pick the name!) From our deck, we can see the field behind the house, the Assisted Living place, the creek area, then the rolling hills/golf course. Oh. And in that first pic up there, you can see the Giant left his Tonka Toys laying around again and scattered the area with candy corn. He's pretty messy!
Here's a typical autumn sunset off the back of the deck:

1 SEP 06 sunset

Pretty, huh? Soon, it will look like this:

8 FEB 04 001

That's what I'm talking about! But before we get to that, we'll go through some rocky weather. Like yesterday, we had a 49-degree difference in our high and low temps of the day. And we'll probably have some "me's" roll in. (That's some "Storms"...) We've got a great view of them and mom likes to go out and take pictures instead of doing something sensible like going downstairs! Even when the great Siberian howls over the city's PA system, she goes out and takes pix. We sing along, just because. And it certainly makes more sense than going outside!
So... here's a good shot of a "me" taken from the deck last year:

27 NOV 05 2

Pretty wild, eh? And come to think of it... a bit more like "The Wizard of Oz" than I may have led you to believe.


Dorothy? Come in off the deck and head downstairs, Dorothy!

Ha roo! Hope you enjoyed seeing some of our scenery!
Tail wags to all!


  1. little kitten creek? is that an official hunting ground or what! o, but o, lovely to live in the hills, away from city strife.

    has the gang marked the entire territory yet?

  2. Ha roo roo roo! Hunting ground! Good one, Fee!
    We leave our marks all over, then the other dogs in the area cover, then we cover, then... well, you know!
    Thanks for visiting!
    Tail wags,

  3. Anonymous12:23 PM

    Hmmm, never realized Kansas had scenery! j/k

    Brrr I don't think I would like snow, winter or even fall!

    Bussie Kissies

  4. Anonymous12:23 PM

    p.s. I assume Kitten Creek is where you leave the carcasses?

  5. Anonymous12:43 PM

    Seeing the pictures of the snow makes me get all excited--it's not just you sled dogs who love playing in the snow--border collies like to yuck it up too-though we don't ha roo

    It was freezing here yesterday and is 65 today--go figure (but I'm not complaining)

    see ya

  6. Kitten Creek! Great dog all mighty! That's stupid!

  7. Buster: Snow is GREAT fun, trust me! ...carcasses ... you're killin' me!
    Pippin: I can do a low crawl like a Border Collie, so it's only fair that you like snow! I used to sneak up on the Cavalry horses doing my Border Collie immitation!
    Tubey: Even worse - it's LITTLE Kitten Creek. Who named the stuff around here??!!??

  8. Ooops, sorry. That was me - Storms. Tail wags!

  9. I love the snow picture, though it looks best from indoors!

  10. We have mostly the same type of view here in Omaha. A couple of hills, but mostly flat, corn filled land. Quite boring. My mom HATES those weather storms that turn on the local PA. She gets scared and makes us all go to the basement while dad looks out the windows. At least she keeps US safe! We're ready for the snow here too. But it was in the 70's yesterday and today. Cold coming in tonight though and highs in the 40's and lows in the 20's most of next week. Wooowooo! Excellent sleeping weather!


  11. Hey Strom, Those are great pics and you're right. The giant is so messy to leave his toys around.

    ~ fufu

  12. Anonymous5:07 AM

    Hi Storms! And the rest of the Crew there!! Just lovin' your homeland pics. Wow, they are truly awesome. Jeannie was so excited to see them this morning, she hasn't stopped talking about them. Truly Fandabidozi. I love the snow! Our snow arrives just before Christmas and into January. Mmmmmmm!

    Your house looks cool too! Not sure about Kitten Creek tho? Which BiPed thought that name up! Mucho Love and Licks xxxx Waves of Paws to the Army of Four - Marvin ;0) {and Jeannie ;0))))))}

  13. SNOW!!!! I LIKEEEEEE!!!

    Too bad there is no snow in Singapore. *pouts*

    Happy Halloween!


  14. Jay: You'd love the snow! Maybe we can mail you some once it gets here!
    Play bows,

  15. Anonymous4:32 PM

    Storm... GREAT blog! I can not imagine looking off the back of my desk and seeing a funnel cloud about to touch town! WOWZERS!
    Love to YOU all!