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Wednesday, October 11, 2006

The Mad Babushka

Hi everypuppy! It's me, Am today! I hope you're having a happy day full of all good things and I hope your bipeds didn't see the pictures about Zim's idea about being a pirate. I love, love, LOVE my little brother... but ... you know.


Need I say more? But there is more. You see... Davy's girlfriend Frankie has quite the adorable little Labbysister, Madison. Maddie is really sweet and young and she's almost 9 months old! Here she is:

She's very pretty, isn't she? But then she sent me an email with the subject line: The Mad Babushka. Oh, no!!!!!!!!!!! I knew right away what had happened! Her mom reads The Ao4 Digest and saw Zim's Pirate blog... and well... this is what Maddie said:

Hey Amber!

Its me the
Lab-en-stein! Whats all this about sum

I thought it was something
to eat, when my mom asked me and I
said yes. hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmpf

Maddie Babushka

Yikes. Look at what happened! Maddie, I am SO sorry! So is Zimmie. We hope you got a bunch of cookies and ear scratchies and tummy rubs (Dave said Labs like those!) to make it up to you! Poor Maddie!

I sent Maddie's mama a picture of me being fed some chicken - hoping that would give her a better idea.

Beware what you blog about, everypuppy. You wouldn't want this to happen to anypup else, would you?



PS: I almost forgot. My very nice friend Althea had an encounter of the pirate kind, too. Why do bipeds insist on doing these things???


  1. We think you guys look great in that kind of Dr. Zhivago, Russian peasant kind of way. Sometimes you just have to put up with the peoples silly ideas.

  2. my mom likes to put things on my head to look like that...she calles me Enderella. My dad refuses to let me post pictures of that.

  3. Umm... is that really the voice of D'azul Sibes or is it Maverick, the Pirate? Thank roo for the compliment, but I think it's really Mav bucking up Zimmie and his whole Pirate thing.
    Ender: That is so sad. Why must they do these things?

  4. Hey Ao4, thanks for mentioning me in our blog today.

    No problem on copying the dogster links. Dad says that "copying is the sincerest form of flattery". Besides we copied you by putting the links on in the first place. Dad really likes how you combined all four links into one box so expect some flattery coming your way.


  5. Althea: I didn't know dogster would make those pretty link things until we saw yours! :) As to the 4 links all in one box... that was dogster's idea. I don't know how it all works!
    Love, Amber

  6. You asked "Why do bipeds insist on doing these things???"


  7. wow...poor silly pups...moms sometimes go a little overboard with dressing us up...i odnt mind wearing my santa suit though...but that is where I draw the line....I refuse to look like a doofus...(no offence doofus from JOe Stains blog)..heheh...

  8. Hello Army of Four friends,

    It's Arwen. I saw the Babushka pictures. I feel your pain. I've been babushkaed, too. Mom thought it was hilarious when she tied a stupid kerchief around my head, and then thought she was so funny when she asked me, "Do you speak Woo-ssian?"

    Ha! Ha! Not!

    Yours in tail wags,


  9. Oh, how terrible! You should rip up those things that they put on your heads, immediately! That's what I did with the hat that my mom made me wear one year for Halloween!

  10. hey army of four...give maddie my digits! she is hot-hot-hot!


    ps tell her that i haven't been neutered yet. ;-)

  11. Amber, you poor thing. The things you have to put up with. But you still look lovely. We are afraid of what Mom is going to do to us for Halloweiner.

    Roxie, Sammy & Andy

  12. Anonymous1:33 AM

    Hey guys =]

    Thanks for the compliment but not everyone can see that im a loving, caring, cute cuddly dog =[


  13. Haa.. You guys look cute. Like some sort of peasant.

    ~ fufu

  14. We will SHRED any head dressing the lady may try to put on us! Oh ya, we shred EVERYTHING that's right, wooooo! Face Licks, M&M

  15. Anonymous6:55 AM

    Just wait for Halloween!

    Bussie Kissies

  16. Poor Maddie doesn't look like she knows what to do with that scarf. At least you look comfortable in your head covering :)

  17. Tubey: Well... I don't use that word myself... but Storm said you nailed it.
    MJ: Please don't say "overboard". It ties in too well with Zim's whole Pirate thing.
    Arwen: Not you, too!!! :( My mom is still giggling over "Woo-ssian", though.
    Indy: Great idea. That's what Stormy did; she's so smart!
    Ranger: :) I'll pass your message along. Isn't Maddie pretty?
    Roxie, Sammy and Andy: You guys are very sweet! "Halloweiner." Hee hee hee! That's funny!
    Love, Amber

  18. Flossikens: You look VERY sweet and cuddly!
    FuFu: Thanx... but I was NOT happy in that babushka!
    M&M: Stormy thinks she needs to come over there and teach you two to behave. Trust me, the more you chew up things, the less priviledges you'll have!
    Buster: Fortunately, we don't "do" Halloween here. (whew!)
    Love, Amber

  19. We want to behave, it's just so hard sometimes!

  20. Hey you guys! Thanks for your comments on my Blog, so kind. My Mum and I are lovin' your adventures especially the pirate stories. Wasn't it International Talk Like a Pirate Day a few weeks back? Well it was here in Scotland.

    We would love to put some links on our sidebar but my Ma is still learning stuff and has had horrible experiences in the past fiddling about with the template, so we will watch and learn from others. One day we will get it right......!

    Love and Licks and "Links" ha ha! Marvin from Bonnie Scotland, och aye the noo! (that is not Pirate talk by the way!!)

  21. M&M: Storm might have a special post for you two tomorrow. :)
    Marvin: I asked Stormy what "Och aye the noo!" means because she's really smart. She just kept laughing. Then I asked Dave because he listens to a lot of Celtic fusion music and I thought he might know. He just said, "Hoot mon!" and he and Stormy laughed some more. ??? I've never left the state of Kansas and am really confused!
    Love, Amber