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Saturday, June 16, 2007

Ask the Ao4 XIII - Bunny-Be-Gone!

Ha roo, everypuppy, it's me - Amber! We had an urgent cry for help from Simba. He has a serious problem and said that some of our fellow bloggers advised him to seek our help. Simba, you've come to the right place - I think we have an answer for you! Stormy thought I should answer this one, so here goes!
Simba told us that his blog was taken over by an evil rabbit who tried to poison him! "The rabbit is in league with one cat (Peanuts) and Girasol seems to think they are all been lead by a squirrel," Simba said. The rabbit is under hutch arrest, he continued to say, and, "CSI say they'll deal with her but I think they may let her off with a warning. Her Daddy is very rich. Please help." This is a very serious situation!

We have a slight problem with rabbits, too. Or we did. They were all over our garden, devouring entire bushes and potted flowers. And they're vicious! Here's one trying to attack my mom when she was out watering:

But you'll note I said they "were" all over our garden. Past tense! Our mom went to the garden place and bought a little thing she's been referring to as Bunny-Be-Gone. Get yourself a container of it, Simba. Mom sprayed it all over our garden and the rabbits HATE it! I think you could just threaten your rabbit with it - you know, leave your blog alone or you'll spray around her hutch - stuff like that. It smells so foul she'll be doing your bidding just to avoid the stench. Seriously. After just one application in our garden, we have growth back on our Oak Leaf Hydrangea, the magic beans Zim planted, and the Euonymus. I think it could do wonders for you! Mom recommends wearing a gas mask if you uncap it.

As per the cat known as Peanuts ... do you think she's a member of the Cat (un)Intelligence Agency, the C(un)IA? That group is a real menace, and I hope it hasn't spread over to the UK where you live! Maybe Bunny-Be-Gone would work on Peanuts ... ???

About the squirrel connection. Girasol could be right! As our dear friend Ivy would say, "Squirrels are EVIL!" I wouldn't put anything past them! There seems to be something of an event for squirrels going on this weekend near Pittsburgh, PA, though - see? Here's their logo:

Dad is watching it and I've heard some of the commentary. They've mentioned "players" from all over the world, so I think most squirrels are going to be there. The one instigating all the trouble in your area should be there - so now is the time to get busy with the Bunny-Be-Gone. There will be nothing left of his little band of trouble-makers when he gets back!

I hope this helps, Simba! Good luck!



  1. I had no idea squirrels were so evil. I'm going to look on ebay for bunny be gone. Thank you so much for your help. I'll keep you updated.

    Simba xx

  2. Samuel, Monty and I would like to offer our assistance in helping remove thre bunny problem. We're pretty good at it. Especially Sam.


  3. Beware of the Disapproving Rabbits (http://birdchick.com/adventures/rabbit/index.html)however - it could be dangerous!
    Then, there are the Deathwish Bunnies that visit our yard. You'd think, with 3 natural predators marking the place, they'd know better. Bunnies must be pretty dumb

  4. The cat isn't named Peanuts. The cat lives with me Peanut. I have been keeping a close eye on her since she offered to help Jessica though and so far no movement on that front.

  5. Anonymous7:15 PM

    Wow Amber.. you are so smart. I have never heard of bunny-be-gone. I have only seen one or two bunnies in my life.

  6. My Mom likes squirrels so we're forbidden from harming them. That's stupid! She spent a long time one morning watching a squirrel steal birdseed. Little things amuse her. We don't see many bunnies. I think they've been told our yard would not be a good option. I see how menacing that bunny looks! You're right to be worried about your Mom in their presence!

  7. That sounds like some expert advice Amber. I didn't know there was a squirrel gathering this weekend in Pittsburgh...maybe we should get Penny, Sherman and Lola on the case!

    Lots of Licks, Ruby

  8. whoa! that is one skary killer plot... i haf no doubt that an evil skwerrel wuz behind it all. i am glad that simba survived!

    i wuz reelly worried about that skwerrel gathering in pittsburgh. i thot they mite be gathering an army to attack the east coast! my randy said we had better do sum research on that so we watched caddyshack to find out about rodents at golf courses. that wuz reelly skary! apparently, rodents at golf courses are invincible!

    watch out pittsburgh!

  9. I like cathcing bunnies.....you should hear how they squeak when you get them. My mom makes me leave them alone....she's no fun! My brother Sky caught a opossum last year..at least fair is fair, he didn't get ot keep his catch either.

    Kelsey Ann

  10. Hi Guys,
    Mum came back from Oz last night and boy were we excited!!! We couldn't stop jumping all over her and licked her for about half an hour! She even bought us some doggie snacks from Oz. She didn't find the Zoom Groom though. We really enjoyed catching up on all your posts we missed while she was away. Good to see that you guys are still giving out your good advice! We have one simple question - How do you all manage to sit so nicely for group photos like the one with Charlie and Opy's parcel?
    Jazz and Dixie

  11. Our bunny be gone is named Stewy! Have a terrific fathers day.

  12. I have tried to get my paws on Bunny be gone, it seems they don't want a one year old to have it. So I googled some more and discovered a ring of salt it the next best thing. Rabbit is the evil after all. So far it seems to be working.

    Simba xx

  13. Simba: Oh, they ARE! They're tricky things, too! I hope this works for you!

    Holly: Zim and Dave have offered to help, to. In fact, just a week or two ago, they started chasing one around and around and around the back yard! Mom was cheering for the BUNNY! Can you believe that? She seemed happy that it got away from them and went to the neighbor's yard!

    Guinness & Shiloh: Oh, those Disapproving Rabbits are kinda scary looking! But funny. :)

    Peanut: Oh, OK! I was a little confused!

    Sitka: My mom is willing to send you about a thousand. I don't know why.

    Echo: We aren't allowed to hurt anything furry. Or feathery. I haven't tried slimy or scaly yet, but something tells me they're forbidden, too. I had a mole once, but had it removed. So to speak. Hee hee hee!

    Ruby: Thank roo! Zim keeps checking the shots of the crowd for Lola. :)

    Ivy: I'm glad you did the research about rodents and golf courses. We all need to be extra vigilent! Since you know somebody who knows somebody who knows Super Ivy ... can you be ready to sound the alarm?

    Kelsey Ann: Our mom understands that us Sibes have instincts we just can't control sometimes, so she says she has to try to control our environment. She is very much against us catching a bunny!!!

    Jazz and Dixie! Welcome home to your mom! Oh, you must have missed her like CRAZY!!! We'll look for a Zoom Groom here for you, OK? I really think you'd like it. I mean ... for a brush and all. Even though they're evil!
    And the key to that picture is ... COOKIES! :) Of course!

    Nugget: Hee hee hee!

    Simba: I can't believe they were so discriminatory! Oh well. Good luck with the salt - I've never heard of that - just for garden snails. Or was that garlic and butter?

    Love to everypuppy!

  14. Amber - that was wonderful advice for poor wee Simba, we are going to see if we can get some "Bunny Be Gone" too, 'cos we are totally over run with pesky rabbits here in Scotland!

    More rabbits than you can shake a stick at! Well, if you are crazy and want to shake a stick at rabbits.....

    ;0) love and licks, Marvin xxxxx

  15. Hi Butchy & Snickers!
    We have hawks and owls here, too, but there is STILL an over-abundance of bunnies! They must be getting dinner up on the golf course or by the creek.
    You have to re-apply Bunny-Be-Gone one week after the first application, then once a month. Mom thinks it's doing great!
    Bambi ate all our tulips one year, so Mom is hoping it DOES work for deer, too!

    Marvin: Do the bunnies eat all your garden things and make your mom crazy? If so, you should look into Bunny-Be-Gone. Mom seems calmer now.
    Shake a stick at them? Hmm.... :)