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Tuesday, June 19, 2007

My Cool Camo Football!

Hi and ha roo, everypuppy, it's Amber! Did everypup enjoy seeing Stormy playing with her nice arctic camo bone yesterday?!? She really appreciated all your kind remarks about how good she looks - coat-wise and energy-wise! She is feeling really GOOD! Ha roooooo!

As promised, I have some videos for you today of me playing with my VERY nice camo football! Here is the first one - it shows how we exit the house for play-time! We go out the glass atrium door in the kitchen into the screened in deck, across the main upper deck, then jump down onto the small landing by the first gate! Here's how the rest of it goes!

I stopped at the wicker trunk because that's where most of our special outside toys are - but Mom had my cool camo football instead! Can you hear it squeak? Ha roo!

We played down on the second tier there - it was fun! You can probably hear the wind - that made it a little hard for Mom to throw the ball sometimes; one time it took a bad bounce and went down over the retaining wall and into the third tier! Oh no! You might notice that I don't have my leash on, like I often do out there. Sometimes I forget the retaining walls are pretty high in some places and I jump right off them! Or jump up on them! But I've learned not to jump off the high places now - and so when Mom said, "Wait, Am! Wait!" I did! She went way around and got the ball herself. She's a pretty good retriever. :)

Here I am, not jumping.

You've heard of Nanook of the North? Check out my pose -

I'm Amber of the Midwest!

I hope your enjoyed my videos and photos! And now I have a question for you ... how do you get down off our deck? Anypuppy? Anypuppy at all?

Give up? Well... you don't get down off our deck ... you get down off a duck. Hee hee hee! (Marvin said he was hoping for one of my jokes today ... so I had to write that!)

Have a happy day, everypuppy! Love,


  1. LOL Amber...you should be a standup comic!!! That deck (not duck) set up sounds pretty complicated. All that work to go outside - WOW. But your yard looks pretty good so it seems worth it!

    Looks like you had lots of fun with the football!!! Yay!

    Lots of Licks, Ruby

  2. I'd be worn out going down all those stairs! Down off a duck, groan.

    Simba xx

  3. Well, Amber, now I really am confused! I mean you look far too tall to be getting down off a duck, and why doesn't the video show you getting off the duck? Where is the bloomin' duck?????

    Goodness, it is so confusing sometimes you know!!!!! ;0) ;0) LOL!

    Grrrreat videos, my Jeannie says she thinks you live in somewhere like a Palace, the grounds loook sooooooooo huge! All that space!

    love and laughing licks, your fellow Stand Up comic from Bonnie Scotland, Marvin xxxxxxxx ;0)

    Confused but Happy!

  4. Hey Ammy! Mom and Papa saw that video of you playing and they say you run like me, and are very light on your feet too. The only thing is I really don't care for toys and I really don't care for squeaking toys. I leave that for Madie she looooooooves toys.

  5. Amber, you retrieve like a true Siberian. It is good of you to exercise your mom like that.

  6. That terraced yard of yours looks like a good obstacle course! You guys must have to be very careful when you are playing out there. It was very good of you, Amber to obey your mom when you waited. She knows whats best for you, believe it or not! Very good joke today, too!! Belly Rubs, Tasha & Eva.

  7. Anonymous1:37 PM

    Woo Woo Amber.. wow, that deck is SUPER awesome. I would love running up and down it with you and the crew!! Your joke was funny too!

  8. Amber that's a great squeaky football! I have a question, when all of you are going downtairs do you all try to go at once or do you do it politely so no one tumbles down. Mom gets upset at us sometimes. When she hears the rumble of our paws above she hurries down the stairs cause she knows if she doesn't she might get squashed.
    P.S. Funny duck joke! That's appropriate because in today's post I tell all about my bag of ducks.

  9. Amber, I am so impressed, beauty and talent all wrapped up in one. Your secret admirer,

    Sgt. Preston of D'Azul

  10. Hi Amber,
    Loved the sound effects on that first video. I had to jump down from the sofa where I was sleeping and check out that squeaking sound! Looks like you had fun too with your new toy!
    Jazz and Dixie

  11. Great videos! We think all those stairs on your deck look like a lot of fun. And your toy box outside is so big! You must have lots of toys.

    Steve and Kat

  12. Hi you'all. You'all are some very pretty huskies. I've read some of your stuff and wanted to join in. Your toys are great and Amber is just beautiful. I hope I grow up to be just as pretty.
    My mom has not figured out how to put my picture withe my comment yet. She needs written instructions.

  13. Woh your house is HUGE. And lots of space for you sibes to run about and play. Amber, you look manificient with that pose.

    Hee a duck.. Do duck come to your desk often?

    ~ girl girl

  14. Hi Ruby Bleu! I'm so glad you like my jokes! Sometimes, I just can't resist! :) And oh, I LOVED playing with my football!!!

    Hi Simba: I love going up and down the steps! Mom says she's very happy the front of the house is at street level and the majority of our trips outside do not involve steps. I don't get that!

    Hi Marvin! There IS no duck, you silly puppy!!! Hee hee hee!
    I should take a picture of the whole yard off the deck - it would help understand the layout!

    Hi China! We're all very light on our feet. Well... except maybe for Dave - though he's a very gazelle-like jumper. I love to play with toys! Or with another puppy!

    Hi Magnum! I wondered if anypup would notice that! :) I do bring it back PART way, though. It's my tribute to my great-brother Booter, who was an Aussie/Lab mix. I also herd as a tribute to him.

    Hi Tasha and Eva: I'm not sure quite WHY I listened to her ... but I do sometimes and that was one of those times. I listen to Stormy ALL the time!
    I'm glad you liked my joke!!!

    Hi Sitka: Thank roo! You should come over and we could all have a deck party! :)
    Did my joke make you laugh?

    Hi Echo: Go down the steps one at a time? Hmmm.... no, isn't that against the Code of Siberians? Hee hee hee! When Mom hears us behind her, she flattens herself against the railing! :)
    Oooh, I have to check out your duck post! I'm glad you liked my joke!

    Hi Secret Admirer! OOooooh, do I really have a secret admirer? I wonder who it is!?!? That's so exciting! Whoever it is is AWFULLY sweet and kind!


  15. oh amber that is a GREAT joke! your videos were super, but your yard looks like it would be hard for a little dog like me to get around. Good thing you guys are big and tall!

  16. What a great deck you have! And your yard is so nice too. It's a good thing you have lots of room to exercise or there might be trouble. You look so commanding in your pose (don't tell Zim we said that). And we loved the joke. Hee hee. We think your groaner is worse than the one we told.

    Roxie, Sammy & Andy

  17. Cool toy! You fetch about as well as I do! I make the humans come after ME, instead of me bringing back toys. Excellent human training!

    Funny joke!!! That was a good one!


  18. Hi Jazz & Dixie! Doesn't the toy make a FUN squeaky noise?!?

    Steve and Kat: Hi! The stairs are lots of fun! I like going down best - maybe because it means we're going to PLAY!
    Oh... sadly, the box has things like cushions for the deck chairs and things like that in it, too. Not just toys!

    Hi Maya Marie! I'm so glad you read our blog! And thank roo for saying I'm beautiful! You're very sweet!

    Girl Girl: Thank roo! You're very kind. I had fun striking that pose! :)


  19. Hi Joe Stains! Oh, you'd LOVE our yard! We'll post pix of the layout soon - it's real easy to get around in! ...and I'm glad you liked my joke! :)

    Hi Roxie, Andy and Sammy! "Commanding pose"? Me? :) I am second in command after Stormy ... so that's possible! :)

    Hi Hollybollyboo! You'd like those toys - they're so FUN! I bring the toy PART way back! :) Stormy and Zim usually run off with it and try to get Mom to chase them! Dave ... well, Dave brings it back! I think we all know why! :)

    Love to everypuppy!

  20. Amber -

    Love your post and the pics of you are lovely. It was nice to see Stormy too!!

    Have a happy day -


  21. Thank roo, Dory! From both Stormy and me!

  22. I love your camo football! One of my favorite colors is camo and fetching balls and squeek toys are at the top of my favorite things list!!