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Friday, June 08, 2007

Photo Shoot With Dave & Zim

Woo! Dave here! Mom had this great idea to take some nice pictures of me and Zimmie out front by some pretty bushes. They're called Little Princess Spirea and they're pink. Needless to woo, we didn't want her to take our pix in front of pink Little Princess stuff, so I posed by our Support Our Troops sign instead.

Zim came over and got in my shot. I think this picture captures our true nature better than posing in the garden!


Mom was saying something about us not being very cooperative, but I wasn't really paying attention so I can't tell you exactly what she said. Something like, "David and Zimmie! Blah, blah, blah!" Then Zimmie got away from me!

Get back here, you little...

We were semi-cooperative for this one. You can kind of see those bushes in the background. Woo.



  1. playing if funnier then posing anyway.

  2. Anonymous9:22 AM

    Playing is so much fun!

    Mom says she's so happy I joined the Army of Four! She said my grandpa was in the Navy during Korea (whatever that means!) so she says being in the Ao4 makes me just like him!

  3. Did the "Support the Troops" sign grow in your garden? I'd like to plant one!

  4. You need to remind Mom that it's against the law (somewhere!) for huskies to cooperate in any way, shape, or form. How boring would that be? Dad said thank goodness for digital cameras. He has hundreds of pictures of our butts and backs of our heads.
    P.S. Shyla and Shadow said your pink bushes are pretty.

  5. Anonymous10:18 AM

    Oh Dave.. I love your pic with the support the troops. My mom's granddaddys were in the Army and Air Force. Mom's dad was in the Army too! He worked on cool missiles, other stuff he can't tell us about, and got to live in Germany!!! I LOVE how you tackled Zim!!!

  6. Oooo pretty bushes but I would love to play wrestle with YOU!!!!!! Looks like my kinda style! Madie is so little that she doesn't like to wrestle as much as me, although she does wrestle with me, I love to chase her too that's really fun.

  7. Cooperative...who needs it. It's all about the fun and the 'action' shot!

    You guys look pawsome anytime!

    Lots of Licks, Ruby

  8. oooooh Dave, I thought you were trying to eat poor Zim in that picture there!

    And I am very impressed you have Royalty in your Garden. How cool is that?

    wow! In awe, Marvin xxxxxx

    ooooh you have taken off your funny letters on the comments, wow! So much easier for me to comment now! ;0)

  9. Hey Dave,

    Good that you don't listen to your mom all the time--really, the only one you need to listen to all the time is Storm. We have those little pink spirea too and Kyzer tries to eat the flowers and the older boyz like to treat it like a fire hydrant, so the people put some gate around it.

    At our house, we like to play more than cooperate with the people too. Unless, of course, they have cookies.

    See ya

  10. You guys are so funny!

  11. Oh I wish I had been there to wrestle with you and Zim! I love wrestling!!! It sure looked like you were having fun.


  12. Bitey face! My favorite game! I'd love to play bitey face with you Zim!!!!!


  13. Pose, pose, pose, I feel your pain...that is what my human wants me do a lot. :) But, usually you get treats for it. :P My human's dad is a Veteran, he is a Marine. We support the troops all the way! BTW, I got my boo boo from trying to jump out of a second story window while (escaped from my kennel) my humans were at work. Hee hee. Gee, they seemed awfully glad that I was okay. I don't really see what the big deal was though. Wooo Wooo

  14. sheesh your mom should use the 'follow the treat in my hand' technique if she really wants some good photos! you guys look like you were having fun and those kinds of pictures are much better

  15. Ahhh, husky rough housing is so much fun!!

    Way to be dis-obedient!! Good husky!!

    If I were a boy, I wouldn't want to have my pic taken next to a PINK bush either. That would look much better with ME in the picture!


  16. Hi Dave & Zim, Ozzy & I love the game of gotcha! I always win!

  17. Oh I like the 2nd picture. It looks like you're tickling Zim and he's laughing away

    ~ Girl girl

  18. Love the "gotcha" picture! You look like you're such loving pups!

    Love ya lots,

  19. Peanut: It's WAY funner!

    Bruin: We're glad you're in the Ao4, too! And a "hooah" to your grandpa!

    Tubey: I think Mom and Dad planted it. They got it from a place called grassfire.org.

    Echo: There's a time and a place for cooperation, and that was neither. Woo! Thanks to Shyla and Shadow!

    Sitka: A big "hooah" to your mom's granddaddy's and daddy!
    Zim is so fun to play with - I couldn't resist!

    China: Thank woo - and you should come on over! WE LOVE to wrestle!

    Ruby: Thank wooooo!

    Marvin: Royalty!??! I didn't think of it that way! You're so smart!
    Thanks for noticing about the letters. We wanted to make it easier for our readers!

    Pippin: Woo. You are very smart. Stormy IS the one to listen to!
    Zim likes to try to eat the flowers, too. I go for the leaves.
    Did you say "cookies"?

    Cubby: Woo!

    Steve: It's our favorite pastime!

    Lola: Come on over!


  20. Amici: Mom didn't have any cookies with her. That could explain our lack of cooperation! And a big "hooah" to your human's dad!

    Joe: See? It all boils down to the lack of treats!

    Holly: ANY picture would be better with YOU in it. Woo.

    Nugget: Gotcha! is a great game, isn't it?

    Girl Girl: Zim was definitely enjoying himself - and so was I!

    Maggie: We are very loving! We just show it in a rather Siberian way! Woo.


  21. Great pictures! Specially the one of you "getting" Zim!
    Face Licks, M&M

  22. Macie & Malechai: Yeah - isn't the look on Zimmie's face great!?!?