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Saturday, June 23, 2007

Ask the Ao4 XVI - A Shoe In

Woo! It's me - Dave! Based on Stormy's system of pairing up the right pup with your great Ask the Ao4 questions ... I get to respond to one from our friend Nugget! She said, "Lately I find Mum's shoes irresistible or the 'bee's knees'! I have never chewed her shoes before and now I have done it twice in the last two weeks. What power do you think these shoes hold over me? I can't help myself!" Woo. Love that "bee's knees" thing!

Nugget, it's never the pup's fault if there's something "funny" going on. Is there a change in your life? You're definitely sending your mom a message. You must really love your mom and just want something of hers for your very own! Or maybe she went somewhere reallllly interesting in the shoes? I don't like it when my mom goes out without me. I'm her Davy - I should always be with her!

You know that old saying about how pups and their bipeds start to look alike, the more time they spend together?

I'd say Mom and I are spending just the right amount of time together, wouldn't you?

I think you just miss your mom. Your mom is the bee's knees! That's my professional opinion as a mama's pup. Woo. I hope this helps, Nugget!



  1. It's amazing how much your mom looks like you! You're a chip off the old block, huh? I don't look like my mom too much, but I have some of the same personality traits. Dad says I'm stubborn just like her.


  2. Anonymous4:36 PM

    Wow Dave! That's some really good advice!!! I think Nugget really just misses his mom. I know when I miss mom, I do things like chew on her stuff!


  3. Speaking of bees...this morning I saw a bumble bee and was just innocently sniffing it and Mom kept telling me MADIENO! EHMADIE! And she said I better not bite the bee cuz it will sting my tongue and make it swell up...I don't know why she's telling me all this when I just wanted to sniff the bee!!! What's wrong with a little bee sniffing??? I also was checking to see if the bee had knees since you all keep talking about the bee's knees! Zimmie do you have any advice to get my Mom to chill out and let me sniff the bees?

  4. Excellent advice Davy! Sam use to eat mom's shoes when he was bored, and not getting enough attention. But, he is a huge attention hog, so any little bit of non-attention for him is WAY to little!! Poor think would be lost without mom!

    P.S Congratulations for being nominated for DWB's June photo of the month!!


  5. Hi Dave, I think your right about the missing mum stuff. Dixie only chews things when mum is out or not paying her attention. I don't chew anything that is not mine! Wow you really do look like your mum, evidence that you guys spend a lot of time together!
    Jazz and Dixie

  6. so when tanner eats water bottles ALL the time maybe he is just telling us he is thirsty?

  7. Thank You Dave! Mum has been working long hours lately and hasn't been taking me out as often. She promises to make more time for me. You sure do look like your mum!

  8. Hi Dave!

    I don't chew shoes but I like chewing wires!
    Daddy gets mad so I'm off to playpen sentence..

    do you think this is just a teething phase and it will go?

    I want to go back to my old room! in my pawrents bedroom!


  9. Hi Dave! What a striking resemblence!! You just KNOW that she is your mom. Good looks certianly run in your family! We agree with you about the shoes. Nugget is definately trying to tell his mum something, like "Pay more attention to me, lady!" We've had bunny problems around here, too. Stinkin' varmints! Belly Rubs, Tasha & Eva

  10. Hey Dave, you do look like your Mom. Uncanny resemblance actually. And chewing shoes, that has to be her fault for not putting them away.

    The D'Azul Siberians

  11. Steve: I think I do look like her, don't I? Oh, hey, and we all get our stubborn traits from our mom, too!

    Bruin: Thank woo. I miss my mom like crazy when she goes out without me!

    Madie: Oooh, this sounds like the perfect question for Zimmie! I'll get him working on it!

    Holly: I can relate to Samuel. Woo. You don't think any less of me for being a mama's pup, do you?
    And congrats to wooooo for being nominated, too!

    Jazz & Dixie: I don't chew my mom's stuff up any more ... but I sure went through a chewy time! I got real upset when my mom left, 'cuz I didn't know if she was coming back!

    Joey: Uh... could be.

    Nugget: I hope it helps! It sounds like you love your mom as much as I love mine! Woo.

    Sparky - uh, I mean Toffee! Chewing wires is a major no-no! You could get hurt! Stormy, our expert on puppies, said this is just something puppies do and that you'll grow out of it. In the meantime, your parents are SMART to keep you where you can't get into trouble!

    Tasha & Eva: Thank woo. I definitely get my freckles from my mom! Woo.
    Bunnies ... bunnies EVERYWHERE!

    D'Azuls: That's why I KNEW as soon as Mom got to the shelter to spring me that I was not her foster pup - I was HER DAVY!