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Thursday, June 28, 2007

New Troopers in the Ao4

Ha roo, everypup! Drill SGT Zim here!

We are pleased to announce that we have some new members in our Troopers in the Ao4! How exciting! Please give a big ha-rooo to The Newfs of Hazard (Princess, Tank and Isaac), Sasha, and the Kapp Pack (Kelsey Ann, Sky, and Canyon) and Amici! This is so cool - check out the list of Troopers -- we ARE Army strong!

If you're on the list and have not emailed us to get the cool code for your sidebar, please do so! It's fun to be all linked together! Remember Stormy's mission for us that she posted a while ago? I've got an update on that; I'll post it tomorrow. For now ... we had some rain that really cooled things off, so I'm going to go play with my cool camo football!

Harr! I mean "hoo-ah!"

It's the coolest toy EVER!

Play bows,


  1. Hi Stormy. Can we join your Army? We will accept whatever mission you need help with. It's still hot here, and the rain yesterday made it steamy. Glad you'all got to go out and enjoy some coolness.

  2. Great!! More Troopers!

    Nice pic of you and your very cool football!!


  3. We are happy to join in your mission. Thanks for letting be troopers in your army!

    -Kelsey Ann, Sky and Canyon

  4. Anonymous1:04 PM

    wow Zim... Super cool photo of you!!! I am ready for our next mission, and I am glad we have some more troopers!

  5. MayaMarie: I checked with Storm. You're in! Be sure to email us at the secret email address on the Troopers page (click the graphic in our sidebar!). We'll send you the code to put it in yours!

    Holly: Thank roo! I love my new football! It's so cool!

    Kelsey Ann, Sky & Canyon: We're thrilled to have you with us!

    Sitka: Ha roo and thank roo, bee-roo-tiful friend! Tune in tomorrow to hear me give you the low-down!

    Play bows,

  6. Where do you guys get all your cool camo toys? Camo is my favorite color (especially the green camo). I'm hoping Mom and Dad find me a cool new camo collar, too. You guys wouldn't happen to know where to get a cool camo collar would you?

  7. We're currently waiting for that cooling rain! It's still sticky here! Have fun with that football!

    Love ya lots,

  8. Kaos: Charlie and Opy and their bipeds sent them to us from Australia! Aren't they the COOLEST?!!?
    I'm at a loss on the collars. Sorry!

    Maggie: I hope you get cooler weather! It's been GREAT here today - it barely hit 80!

    Play bows,

  9. Mom would like to know if you can load some of that cooler weather in your tank and bring it to PA. Or perhaps you could load it in the D-Drive just like my cake! It's just no fun playing inside all day long. It's too HOT outside!

  10. Yeah new troopers. :)
    Your camo football looks really fun Zim.
    Can't wait for next mission

    ~ girl girl

  11. awesome!! welcome to all the new members!!

  12. Can we join the troop too? We work very hard and have done very well at boot came. I think we are ready (insert paw salutes here)

  13. Zim
    Welcome to the new members. The troop sure is growing. Wouldn't it be so cool if we could all meet in dogson! We enjoy being members of the troop and being connected to some very cool dogs out there. We beagerly await the next mission.
    Jazz and Dixie
    P.S. Yet again another cool pic of you

  14. Stormy, how do we join? We must have missed boot camp during one of the ladies "I'm too busy to help you guys blog" times. Love the football!
    Hoping to soon be A04 Troopers, M&M

  15. Echo: We'll see what we can do. I think putting the weather map of Siberia in our sidebar helped.

    Girl Girl: It's great to have new Troopers, isn't it!?!? Oh, and my camo football is SO cool! You'd love it!

    Joe Stains: Hooah!

    Guinness & Shiloh: Storm says you're in! Email us for the code for the sidebar thingy!

    Jazz & Dixie: It would be INCREDIBLE to meet in dog-son! For now, we must be content with Siber-space. (Ha roo roo roo!) "Beagerly". I love it! You girls are very clever!
    Oh - and thank roo for the compliment on the picture!

    M & M: YES! It wouldn't be the same without you puppies! Email us for the cool animated gif for your sidebar!

    Play bows,