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Monday, June 11, 2007

Drill SGT Zim on Drills

Ha roo! It's me - Zim! Drill SGT Zim! Stormy asked me to respond to our friend Bryn's concern with power tools. I'm just the pup for the job!

Back a few years ago, we had all these guys come to our house every day. Only ... they weren't coming to see me or the rest of the Ao4, which was hard for me to understand. They went in and out through the downstairs door and hauled all kinds of stuff around and made a REAL racket! Then there was this funny sound - sort of like a high-pitched howl, in a way. What is that? I was fascinated, a tad concerned, and started pacing. Mom and Dad told me, "Zim! It's OK - it's just a drill!" Adrill? Who's that? A member of the crew? One who can howl? Hmm. Could be a cool guy if Mom and Dad are OK about his howls!

I started looking forward to Adrill coming here, especially because Mom and Dad seemed so excited about what was going on down stairs. Something about having a room "finished", but all I knew was that Adrill had lots to say, and I missed him on the days he didn't show up for work. I could hear him through the floor vents. He had a pretty cool voice! He didn't show up for quite a while there, but then came back.

Adrill and the other guys made our Library/Media Room! It's really cool - Adrill even came back when Mom and Dad put the bookcases together! What a guy!

We don't have a great picture of the work he did down there, the whole room and Gallery, but you can get the gist of it from this photo of Stormy looking at Dad holding one of Mom's quilt tops.

I think Adrill did great work in there, don't you? (Dave got to go to the floor place and choose the ceramic tiles for the ... well, for the floor!)

A year or two after that, we redid all the landscaping out in our yard. We had the decks rebuilt, too. Imagine my surprise when Adrill showed back up!

Hey Adrill! Are you out there?

Wow! I knew I heard him!

Check out what he did out there!

Wowzers, Adrill! Great job with the new deck!

That's the lower deck; I'm doing an inspection, as you can see. He built an upper one, too. You can see the whole thing at this link.

So Bryn ... I know the noise can be a bit annoying, and even a little scary, but wherever Adrill is, there is some really cool work going on! Don't fear the power tools!

Play bows,

PS: My association with Adrill has no bearing on how I got my title of Drill Sergeant!


  1. Zim - I am relieved you get so confused with hoooooman stuff like I do! Thought I was the only dog who did this type of thing.

    Adrill sounds like the kinda guy we could do with round here in bonnie Scotland. When you find him, send him overseas to Jeannie, there are plenty of jobs here he could tackle for her.

    ps is your Dad frightened of Adrill? He seems to be hiding behind that pretty quilt you know?

    love and laughing licks from very warm and sticky Scotland ;0)

  2. I'm with Bryn! I hate that little yellow evil machine! My dad has 3 or 4 of them and they do lots of work around here but it doesn't matter to me - I don't like him just the same! Sorry!

    Love ya lots,

  3. Oh Zim....I just had to tell you how precious you are:) I really enjoyed reading your drill post, you are just adorable. If you see Adrill can you please ask him/her to come to my place.

    Aleeya (Team Husky - Prince & Summer's Mom)

  4. Wow, Adrill really did do a great job on your deck. I like it a lot. I learned that I like stairs when we went to my Missouri grandparents house and I got to go in their basement. So your deck looks fun with those stairs!


  5. Adrill sounds pretty cool! And love the work he did!

    Thanks for letting us all know we shouldn't be afraid of Adrill, and other power tools. I guess they're a lot like the evil dyson, they just make a lot of noise, but are fairly harmless! (well, except for the whole fur sucking issue)


  6. Gee, that was quite the project. The deck looks awesome. Can you jump the fence?

    Amici :) and Lee

  7. Wow.. Adrill does sound like a very cool guy for doing the wonderful things

    ~ girl girl

  8. Zim you are so smart to figure this stuff out. Adrill came to our house too so we had things to put the curtains on. I can't believe Adrill's frequent flyer miles after all that travelling he does!

  9. Adrill showed up here one time and then we had a doghouse ... a little doghouse, not the one with central air conditioning that we stay in most of the time.

    Roxie, Sammy & Andy

  10. Wow..that Adrill is talented! You are so lucky to have such a good friend.

    Oh and my Mom loves that quilt...it's bootiful!

    Lots of Licks, Ruby

  11. Hi Zim, We need Adrill to visit our house. Our deck has seen better days!

  12. Zimmie...I had to commment as soon as I read your post...I think Adrill is here, in Illinois!! Our neighbors were doing some repairs and my Mom told me that Adrill had shown up to help! I'll try and tell him that you say hi!


    P.S. My Mom thinks that your deck is the "cat's pajamas". What?!?!?!

  13. Adrill built our deck too, although it was a smaller job. You have a very cool deck.

  14. Anonymous2:10 PM

    Zim... well I must say that Adrille did a WONDERFUL job on your back deck... or should I say decks? Wow, I would love to a 3 story deck! Soooooo cool!!!

  15. Marvin: Adrill is a GREAT guy - no confusion there! Ha roo roo roo!
    Oh - you're so funny! I hadn't noticed Dad was hiding! Ha rooooo! No wonder Stormy was looking at him like that!

    Maggie: Really? I love Adrill!

    Dear Aleeya: Me, adorable? :) Thank rooo! I'll be SURE to give Adrill your message!
    I asked my dad if I could borrow the car and drive to New Zealand to deliver Adrill myself, but he thought there might be a slight problem with that. I'll ask Stormy how I could swing it!

    Steve: Stormy said when Ammy was a little girl, she was REAL hesitant to go down stairs - but once she tried it, she loved it! New things can be scary at first then they're COOL! I wish you could come over and run up and down the stairs with me!

    Holly: I love power tools! I even like the vacuums! Except for sucking our fur up - like you said!

    Amici: Thanks! Well... if I really WANTED to, I could jump the deck railing, if that's what you mean. But there is always a biped with me and we're always having fun, so I don't want to. In most places, the deck is at least 5 feet off the ground ... so I know better! If I DID jump the deck railing where the deck's only a couple feet off the ground, I'd just be in the fenced-in back yard -- and that's got a SIX FOOT fence around it. The bipeds are big into safety here!

    Girl Girl: He helps with all KINDS of cool projects!

    Tubey: I think so, too!

    Joe: Adrill helped you hang your curtains!?!? He's so cool!

    Dachsies: I wonder how he knows how to do so many things?!?!

    Ruby: My mom says to say "thank you" to your mom! :) And she says Adrill has a lot more work he needs to do around here!

    Nugget: It took Arill a long time to do our deck, but it sure was worth waiting for!

    Marley: Adrill is THERE!?!!? How COOL! Oh,yeah - please do tell him "ha roo" for me!
    "Cats pajamas"? I'm going to have to ask Stormy about that! I'll put it in our "Ask the Ao4" stack!

    Magnum: Thank roo! I love to hang out on the deck!

    Sitka: Thank roo! Hey, everypup should come over and we'll have a deck party!!!

    Play bows!

  16. Hey....Adrill is coming to my house very soon. Mom said he's taking the bathroom away. I sure hope he leaves another one! I'll tell him you were asking about him.

  17. Echo: Oh, yeah! Please tell him "rooooooo" for me! How cool!

    Play bows,

  18. BOL! Adrill is a cool friend! Daddy says that our Adrill lives in the garage cause he likes it when it's dark. Go figure...!