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Thursday, June 07, 2007

Ask the Ao4 XI - Another Way to Keep Cool!

Our good friend Cubby left a comment on our post about Keeping Cool. He said, "Dakota needs more keeping cool tips. We like those, but she is still hot. And she likes the pool. Crazy girl!" We just don't get enough snow or really cold weather for us Siberians, so I totally understand where Dakota is coming from!

The first thing I recommend is trying your paw at a Weather Control Device. You can see ours in the side-bar on the right - yes, the info on Siberia's weather, right under our weather. Our aim is to get our weather more in line with Siberia's. It's in the 50s there right now. Not as cold as we'd like it by any stretch of the imagination, but it beats the 83 we already have here (at 1030).

The next thing I recommend is growing a snowball bush! A long, long time ago, we told our friend Tubey that we have our own snowball bush! He posted a great picture of Zim right next to it. (You can follow that link to see it!) Here's what ours looked like last year:

Here's a close up:

They do look like snowballs, don't they? They're actually called Snowball Viburnum. Unfortunately, the really heavy freeze we got around Easter this year killed off a lot of our blooms. Here's what our snowball bush looks like this year:

One measly snowball! Here's a wider view of the line up(the Snowball Viburnum are on first/lower tier):

Kind of sad, isn't it? They'll come back next year, though.

Behind them, we have a row of more Viburnums - another variety called Mohican Viburnums. There's the one closest to the house - that Mohican Viburnum has gotten really tall! Then the viburnum in the middle ... and then ... after that one ... do you know what that one is?

Are you ready for it?

It's the last of the Mohicans. Hee hee hee!!!!!!! Get it!?!? The Last of the Mohicans. Hee hee hee!



  1. TY for visiting me...
    I was about to ask you about keeping cool but see some-dog beat me to it..oooh!
    Do enjoy reading your recommendations... keep up the good work.

    Pats to all

  2. Amber, you are the funniest husky I know! How do you come up with all of your jokes?


  3. Anonymous1:06 PM

    Woo Hoo Amber... I have a Snowball Bush too!!! They sure are neat, huh? Our's didn't bloom much this year either because of our Easter freeze too :( Hey, funny joke there! You are so cute!

  4. Hi Amber,

    You are so charming!!! I enjoy all your jokes :)


  5. Oh silly Amber! I'm gonna tell Mom I want a snowball bush. She can plant it next to her money tree. HA!

  6. Amber, you crack us up! and mommy loves your sarcastic wit. Ha roo roo!!! We wish our mommy was as good at capturing our sense of humor in photos as your is.

  7. I like your snowball bush! I think our human needs one of those! Love the joke!!! The human woman also loves the movie (with the "hunk" as she calls him, Daniel Day-Lewis) and always watches it when it is on TV. That spring frost really did a number on everyone's flowers this year.


  8. Oh Amber...you just crack me up. My Mom LOVES snowballs...but the purply blue kind best.

    Lots of Licks, Ruby

  9. Har har har! You crack me up Amber!

  10. So you're telling me that if mom buys me a snowball bush I'll be cooler this summer? Where should I plant it to stay the maximum coolest? In my bed?

    Love ya lots,

  11. Hi Amber,
    You are a very good gardener. How do you find the time!


  12. Oh Amber, that is so funny... Heee... Love that close up photo

    ~ girl girl

  13. You are too funny Amber. We do not have Snowball Viburnum, but we do have a little plant called Snow on the Mountain. It is not keeping the temperatures low here.

  14. ha ha ha ha ha! Amber - I am laughing my socks off here in bonnie Scotland at your funnies!

    Mind you I thought that flowery bush was a Cauliflower Bush when I first saw the picture!

    love and laughing licks, Marvin xxxxxx

  15. The last of the Mohicans! Silly, silly.

    Thanks for the cooling tips. We'll look into a snowball bush, just for poor Dakota.

  16. Blue: Air conditioning is the BEST way to go! :) And thank ROO!

    Kat: Hee hee hee. Thank roo. I don't know HOW these things pop into my head!

    Sitka: You are so sweet! You NEED a snowball bush in Georgia! How else would you get snow balls!?!?

    Tofu: Thank roo. :)

    Echo: Hee hee hee! You're funny! A money tree! :)

    Guinness & Shiloh: Thank roo. You are very sweet!

    Butchy & Snickers: I think the hydrangea snow balls bloom later than these viburnum snow balls. We have Oak Leaf hydrangea ... but Mom just had to buy some bunny-be-gone type of stuff because they ATE the whole bushes! :O If Zimmie did that, he'd be in TONS of trouble!

    Holly: Dave said to tell you he thought that actor was "Daniel DAVE Lewis". Dave's silly.

    Ruby: I love to make people and puppies laugh! You have purple snow balls? Oooh, they sound pretty!!! Zim wants to know if they taste like grape soda?

    Fargo: I THOUGHT you'd like that! :)

    Maggie: It can't HURT, that's for sure! I think they have to live outside. I'm not sure.

    Nugget: It's hard to find the time to garden, between guarding the house, supervising the boys, and doing whatever else Stormy tells me to .... but we get it in some how!

    Girl Girl: :) Thank roo!

    Magnum: Snow on the Mountain!?!? Hmm... we don't have any of those. Probably because we don't live in the mountains.

    Marvin: Why did you have socks on? Hee hee hee!

    Cubby: I hope it helps Dakota!!!


  17. Wooo Amber, you are one funny Sibe, last of the mohicans, we're still woooing over here!
    Face Licks, M&M

  18. M & M: Hee hee hee! I just love that one! And the movie is playing on TV right now - so I keep laughing! Hee hee hee!

  19. These are some seriously cute dogs!

  20. Thank roo, Shoshana! Storm, Zim and Dave are all from our local shelter; I am a late-adoptee off a Kansas "farm".