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Monday, June 18, 2007

My Cool Arctic Camo Bone!

Ha roo, pups! It's Stormy! Mom finally shot some footage of us girls playing in the yard with the cool toys that Opy and Charlie sent us! (The boys were otherwise engaged... but I'm sure she'll do vids of them soon!) I got to play with my very favorite one - the bone with the arctic camouflage! It's so cool! Here I am!

Notice how I let Mom get a good shot of it near the end? Isn't it just the coolest??? (Sorry about the noise from our wind!)

Am will upload her video tomorrow!

Tail wags,

PS: Summer and Prince! Please let your mom know that our mom figured out another way for you to access the video. Try clicking here if the embedded vid won't play for you! Does that work?


  1. Anonymous11:39 AM

    Oh Storms.. you look beautiful playing withyour camo bone! I also have to say that your fur is growing back rather nicely!!! I can't wait to see Am's video tomorrow :)

    P.S. Tell Zim thanks for talking to Amber about the Squirrel-be-gone!

  2. Hi Stormy...
    You look like you were having so much fun with your new toy! I agree with Sitka...your fur is coming is really well! You look good!

    Lots of Licks, Ruby

  3. That is a cool looking bone! You were so nice to show it off. And I think I heard that it still squeaks? I love squeaking!


  4. Wow Stormy, you look great!! Your fur is coming in quite nicely! You sure look like you are having a lot of fun with your cool toy!


  5. Stormy, you look bewootiful! That bone is the coolest!


  6. Wow Stormy! Your fur is coming back quickly! I was gonna ask you if you'd like me to donate some of mine but I don't think you'll be needing it. That's a way cool toy. Was that a squeak I heard??

  7. Too Cool! I wish I could play with you and your new toys!

  8. you sure look HAPPY to be playing with that toy!!

  9. Stormy! So pleased to see you looking so pretty and so well!

    That is a lovely video, and I look forward to Amber's tomorrow, will Amber be making jokes in hers? I hope so - I love Amber's jokes!

    lots of love and licks, your friend, Marvin xxxxxxx

  10. Hi Stormy

    Thanks for the tip. We tried it - it plays better but still freezes so we don't get to see you running around playing properly.

    Our Moms not sure why it's doing it as she's tried it from her computer at work which has high speed wireless connection & from our one at home which is just dial up but we have a real hi spec graphics card.

    Never mind, we sort of saw you playing with your camo bone - looked like lots of fun:)

    You are very pretty Stormy

  11. I'm going to tell my Mom to get me one of those bones. I love the squeaky ones


  12. I love seeing you in action! Very cool! My mom sure would like to know your secret on how you keep your yard so neat as a pin clean with 4 dogs!

    Love ya lots,

  13. Looks like you have a neat toy that you love! Your humans are good at getting footage of you!

    PS: Army of Four, we mentioned you (in a positive light) in our slide show (Wolfe's Neck) Check it out. :)

  14. Sitka: Thank roo! I really appreciate your compliment on my fur - it's hard to grow my coat at this time of year ... but I've got some good fuzz going on!
    Oh - and message passed to the Z-man!

    Ruby: Thank you! I had tons of fun with my new toy - and yes, I have some fur-growing action! Ha roo!

    Kat: It DOES squeak! I love making it squeak!! It's GREAT!

    Holly: You and the other girls are REALLY making me feel good! The Vitamin E and coconut oil REALLY helped and felt really good!

    Marley: Thank roo! I love my cool new toy!

    Echo: You are so sweet! You'd take a brushing for me? :) I saw you were going to donate to dear Max - it breaks my heart to see a Sibe shaved ... unless it's a "gotta-do for surgery" thing, like with me. I hope Max's coat comes in nice and healthy and QUICK for him!!!
    YES, a squeaky toy! Isn't it COOL!?!?

    Madie: I wish everypuppy could come over and share our cool new toys with us!

    Joe: VERY happy! Ha roo!

    Marvin: Thank roo, friend!
    Ohh... Amber's going to feel the pressure! I'm not sure if she's planning a joke or not!!!

    Prince: Me? Pretty? You're so very kind! Thank roo!
    I don't know WHY the videos won't play for you! I'll see if I can come up with any other ideas. Can you watch YouTube vids?

    Canyon: I hope your mom can find one for you! Charlie and Opy sent these to us from Australia! Isn't that so sweet of them!?!?!

    Maggie: Thank roo! As per the yard ... Zim would tell you there are a lot of "not allowed"s out there. :) I would tell you we get most of our energy out on our walks and runs. Our back yard time is for playing with fun toys or looking at the plants with Mom. I love it out there!

    Amici & Lee: Thank roo! I'll be right over to your blog! How fun!

    Tail wags,

  15. Stormy, you toys are so very cool! Misty & Guinness like the squeeky ones best too. And we never even noticed you had been shaved, so you were doin somethin right!

  16. Hi Stormy! Looks like a lot of fun.


  17. Hi Stormy!

    That bone looks cool!

    Hope you have fun with your new toy!


  18. you are a big doggie aren't you. I bet you'd be great fun to play with.

    Simba xx

  19. Stormy, you are so photogenic! Or would that be video-genic? Both! Those are some very cool toys that Opy and Charlie sent you. Can't wait to see Amber play with her's! Belly Rubs, Tasha & Eva.

  20. Hi Stormy,
    You look so happy frollicking around with your new toy. Watching that video made us want to get back out into the green grass that we ran around in this morning ! We would love to come and run around with you there in your grassy yard. Jazz would get down on her belly and do her comando crawl!!

  21. Hey Stormy, you sure smile real nicely with your new toy at the end of the vid.

    ~ girl girl

  22. Guinness & Shiloh: It's good that you didn't notice! :) I have two shavy spots from my surgery last month!

    Nugget: I had SO much fun playing with my new toy!

    Toffee: Hi! Thanks for stopping by our blog! I love this new toy! Opy and Charlie and their bipeds sent it!

    Simba: Come on over and play! I'm not real big. In fact, I'm the smallest of the four of us!

    Tasha and Eva: Thank roo! "Video-genic"! Ha roo roo roo! Good one!

    Jazz & Dixie! Thank roo - I had so much fun! I love running and pouncing around in the yard! Jazz can do a commando crawl? How cool!

    Girl Girl: Thank roo! It's hard to smile with the toy in my mouth, but you could tell I was smiling, couldn't you!!??!? :) I was so happy!

    Tail wags,