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Friday, June 22, 2007

Magic Bean P-Update!

Ha roo, pups! It's me, Zim! A big THANK ROO to everypup for sticking up for me yesterday after all those false accusations! It's good to have friends!

Hey, remember a few months ago when I got the package of Magic Beans from my Aunt Janet?!?! I thought I'd give you a p-update on how everything is doing!

I helped Mom plant some oriental poppies in the pots under the Purple Ash tree in the backyard. Unfortunately, while Mom was trying to sprinkle the tiny seeds in one of the pots, a big gust of Kansas wind blew in - and the whole packet went into the pot. Oh well ... we figured we could thin them out later. They came in really good - there were tons of little seedlings in there! So... the other day, I went over to check out how they were doing.

Hey... where did all the little poppies go?

That's funny ... there were so many in there ... and now they're almost all gone! I had to sit down and think this through. We've been watering and everything ... where could they have gone?

Hey! Hey! What's up there?

Tell your Aunt Janet they were deeeee-licious!

Oh, PUP! I'm sure glad Mom sprayed Bunny-Be-Gone on my Magic Beans to grow my Beanstalk! I better go check those out!

Whew! This one looks OK!

We put three pots in, so I think we have a chance of getting a good escape route if the Giant ever comes after us! I should give them a little encouragement!

C'mon, little bean-ling! You can do it!

That's our p-update for now! I'll keep you posted.

Play bows,


  1. I'm glad your beanstalk is still okay. I can't believe the bunny got your other plants!! Which is worse, bunnies or cats?


  2. Wow Zimmie, you do such a good job at gardening and taking care of your plants! I just know there is no way you would have hurt your humans flowers yesterday! Sounds like you were being framed!

    Does the Bunny-be-gone actually work? Cuz if not, I can come get them for you.


  3. Zim you do gardening too? Wow you really help a lot around your house. That bunny is up to no good. Protect your bean stalk.

  4. Oh NO!!!!! OH Mom and Papa hate the bunnies and Jack Rabbits they always ate the plants! Good thing your beanstalks were safe!!!

  5. Anonymous2:02 PM

    Oh my sweet Zimmie... You are so good in the garden. That darn KS wind! I am sure when they grow in that you will be a huge help with thinning them out! Umm...that Bunny does not need to mess with your flowers and stuff. You may need to get Holly's assistance if they don't go away, ha roo!

  6. What a green paw you have Zimmie!!! Good job. I think I want to start gardening...

    Lots of Licks, Ruby

  7. Hi Zim,
    My Mom talks to her plants all the time. I used to think she was crazy until she had her surgery and she wasn't able to go out to the garden to talk to them and most of them died! Keep the Bunny-B-Gone on that bean plant and talk to it and in no time you'll have a giant bean stalk.

  8. Zimmie, my mommy thinks your posts are the very funniest things she's ever read. We try to help our mommy garden too, but aren't as successful as you are. Our poor garden is very overgrown with weeds right now. Mommy doesn't look forward to having to find the plants somewhere in there.

  9. Mommy also wants to say thank you for linking to us! We feel honoored. She also says sorry - she kind of did your without askin - hope that's okay cuz we wanna keep up with your adventures

  10. Hey A04,

    You have been nominated for "Photo of the Month", over at the Bone Zone. Head on over and cast your vote :)



  11. Such a helper Zim! - Rocky

  12. Keep talking to the bean sprout, Zim!


  13. Steve: "Which is worse, bunnies or cats?" I'm going to go with bunnies being worse. I mean ... the cats around here don't eat our plants PLUS ... you know, with Wilbur and Tia ... I wouldn't want to hurt anycat's felines. I mean "feelings".

    Holly: Ha roo roo roo! Bunny-Be-Gone seems to be doing the trick. Dave said you should come on down here anyway!

    MayaMarie: Well... the Siberian Husky IS a working breed, after all!

    China: I know! These guys eat EVERYTHING! They better stay away from my bean stalk or I'll STARE at them!!!

    Sitka: I work SO hard around here! No wonder I need all the naps I take!

    Ruby: A "green paw"? Ha roo roo roo! I like that one! You made my mom smile! :)

    Kaos: Oooh, I should talk to the bean stalks? OK! My mom talks to them when I'm out there with her, but she seems to be telling them "nononoZimmieno!" I hear that a lot around here - don't know quite what it means.

    Cubby: Thank roo!

    Guinness & Shiloh: Would you PLEASE lick your mom on the nose for me!?!? She's really sweet!
    We're really happy to add your link - and thanks for linking to us! We're really glad you did!

    Opy: US? How cool! Thanks!

    Rocky: I do my best! Ha roo!

    Precious: I will! It'll be big before we know it!

    Play bows.

  14. those rascally rabbits!!! you better keep watch on those pots!!

  15. Joe: You better betcha I will! Nobunny is going to eat MY beanstalks!
    Play bows,