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Sunday, June 17, 2007

Sunday Salute - Our Dad!

It's Father's Day here in the States, so it is our total pleasure to Salute our dad!

Our dad is the best dad we've ever had! He takes us on great adventures, runs us, and gives us wonderful treats! Here we are from a few days ago, all lined up for Daily Banana Formation:

Dad's the tall one there by the counter. As you can see, we're all sitting at attention!

He's also really patient with us when we're being ... well, you know. Siberians. He's really patient with mom, too, when she wants to stop to take pictures or to ask his help with our blog. And then there are all the trips to the yard to go potty. Ha roo.

Dave wrote Haik-woo #26 for him last year, and we'd like to post it today, on behalf of all of us:

Remember to honor your dad today! We ran and walked ours early this morning, beating the heat. This afternoon after his golf match, we plan to help him watch the last day of the US Open. Good Dad-Sibes bonding time!

Dad, for the MANY things you do for us and with us, we salute you! Happy Dad's Day!

The Army of Four

PS: As promised, next Sunday's Salute will go to our friend Maui!


  1. What an awesome tribute! Enjoy this special day with your dad!

    Love ya lots,

  2. Hope you enjoy your day with your dad

  3. We want to wish your dad a happy father's day too! We know he just loves you guys as much as you love him!

    Roxie, Sammy & Andy

    (PS: we love your dad's shirt!)

  4. That is a very cute picture of you hugging your dad! We wished our dad a happy fathers day by wrestling on the bed while he was sleeping.

    Steve & Kat

  5. That's a great tribute, and I love the photo of Dave and his dad! Very sweet! We love our dad a lot too, they sure are great aren't they?!


  6. That was a great tribute! Happy Father's Day to Dad...the Chief AO4 Commander!!!

    Lots of Licks, Ruby

  7. Harrr AO4, have a great day with your dad. Harrr, Maybe the Cap'n go email his dad now too.

    Cap'n Maverick the Pirate

  8. Wooo Happy Fathers Day AO4
    Dad. We can tell all 4 Fur Kids adore their Dad.

    We are waiting for our Dad to come
    home from work, then we will attack him with Kisses and Slurps.

    Heres to all Loving Dads!

    Frankie Girl and Maddie the Chocolate Lab Bunny

  9. Happy Daddy Day (quoted from our 2-year old biped) Looks like your Dad is a keeper

    Kelsey Ann

  10. Hi AO4,
    Happy Father's Day to AO4 Daddy!
    Im sure your Daddy had a great Father's Day with such loving pups as yourselves! Our Daddy is great too, he even managed to look after us all by himself while mummy was away!! He is also the chief navigator on all our little trips away and for that we love him very much.
    Jazz amd Dixie

  11. Anonymous7:29 PM

    Oh, this is a great sunday salute to your dad!!! Happy Father's Day dad!!!

  12. Happy father's day to your dad. :)

    ~ girl girl

  13. happy father's day 2 ur daddy

  14. Hmmm I see our post...well only posted the last half! hmmmpf
    Whats up with that Woo!

    Well we said that we wish the A04 Dad a Happy Fathers Day, and that we can see he is truely an adored Pappa!

    So, now that Bloggie stole our first half, lets see if it slips by him and he lets it post this time :-)

  15. Ok Something is really Wooo wrong....Sorry! We give up Wooo

    Frankie Girl

  16. happy father's day to your dad!! we love his crocs!

  17. Awww, how cool! I gave my dad extra kisses today!

  18. We loved Dave's Haik-Woo! We sent our dad out for breakfast with Mum. - Happy Fathers Day!

  19. A wonderful tribute to a wonderful Dad! I am so glad, though, that you pointed out which one was your Dad, in the Daily Banana Formation, otherwise I would have been very confused as to exactly who he was! (you know me!!;0) )
    Happy Father's Day to your Dad!

    He looks a very nice man indeed!

    Yay! love and happy laughin' licks, Marvin Braveheart Hound xxxxxx

  20. Happy Dad's Day to your Dad. Dads are the BEST!!!

    Sherman, Penny & Lola

  21. Awesome Haikwoo! I love it!

  22. Ha roo, everypup! Our dad really appreciated all of your good wishes for a happy Dad's Day!
    Dachsies - that's one of Dad's favorite shirts, too! And Joe - aren't Dad's Crocs cool?!?
    Dave also thanks everypup for the compliments on his Haik-woo. And that picture - that's Dave doing one of his very favorite things - hugging. That's his patented Davy-hug. It's been known to melt the hearts of many!

    Tail wags! and thanks from our dad!