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Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Ask the Ao4 XVIII - Junebugs!

Tail wags, pups! It's me - Stormy. Our dear puppy friend Kat left a great comment the other day on Zim's post about the Bee's Knees. She said that she loves to chase a bug that comes out at night. She told us, "Dad calls them 'Junebugs'. I wonder if next month he will call them 'Julybugs'." Great question, Kat!

First, let me clarify one thing. When I first heard Zim mention "Junebug", I thought he meant Harley's sister, Juno... who occasionally goes by the nickname Junebug! It would be really cool to chase her around, too .... but then I realized Zim meant the real BUG kind of Junebug, pictured at right. Hmm. We don't have a lot of Junebugs here right now. They seem to come out in May, then disappear until August... which really makes me wonder about the name, too. I did a little research and found out the bipeds also call Junebugs "May Beetles" ... so I'm going to have to say that it's only fair that we call Junebugs "Julybugs" next month, then "Augustbugs". It only makes sense. Except for Juno - we'll stick with "Junebug" for her. OK?

OK ... I'm going to play with my cool toy for a while ...

...then go in before it gets too hot.

Have a great day, everypup! Stay cool!

Tail wags,


  1. Mom said she used to play with JuneBugs when she lived in Louisiana. She used to make beds for them in match boxes. But now that we live in CT, we don't see JuneBugs in this area of the country! Are they a Southern bug?

    Love ya lots,

  2. Oh, thank you for the great answer, Stormy! I guess I will only get to call them Junebugs for a few more days! I haven't seen any in a while since it's been raining, but I'm sure as soon as it stops, they will come out to play again.


  3. These bugs are also called Japanese Beetles, but who knows if they are really from Japan. we'll have to ask mommy the librarian to find out.

    then there are you ladybugs - and they are all not ladies. Some of them don't act very ladylike at all.

    Not a southern bug at all - we get swarms of these things in PA!

    Bugs are very confusing critters.

  4. This was good info Stormy. We have had them in our pool and they clogged up the basket. Dad was not happy, but I will pass along your info. You seemed to enjoy outside with your toy. It been too hot for us to go outside to play,and very humid.

  5. Very informative! I don't understand humans sometimes, honestly.

    Storms...you look especially fluffy and beautiful in those pictures!!


  6. Hi Ao4! We're only 3 newfs but we may weigh more! We have the same heat problem. We love to snap at bugs, too. I bet you'd be great playmates for us! My dad used to work at Ft. Riley before we were born!

  7. Oh my we have those bugs here right now but we didn't know what they were called. Thanks so much.

  8. Oh boy. That was totally confusing. My girl knows a pony named Jitterbug. Do you think that means it can fly??

  9. We have those Junebugs here too. My human hates them cuz they gather around our front porch by the giant night light. She's afraid of bugs though. I think she should just let us out there to eat them for her.

    You look so great playing with your toy! I can see that your fur is growing back nicely! I sure hope the coconut oil has been helping. Abby is actually starting to get some fuzz on her leg from it, so it really does work!!


  10. My Dogness, Stormy! I am so grateful to you and your Flock for answering these Many Questions. I have learned so much, as has my Flock. Learning is one of our Favorite Activities!

    Dogally, I have taken Little Notice of Insects. However, I have been curious to note Miss Pippin following Very Intensely the progress of an Ant.

    Best barks,

  11. Anonymous5:11 PM

    Woo Storms... another great answer from you! You are so smart! I don't think I have met a Junebug yet. Maybe I will??? And I agree with Holly... beautiful photos and your fur seems to be growing back nicely!

  12. My mom hates June Bugs! In Oklahoma they are huge and it freaked her out.

    Personally I find them rather tasty!

  13. we dont have those bugs here, but we sure do have heat and it stinks :(

  14. A Junebug by any other name would taste as crunchy.

  15. Woh.. bugs sure are lucky to keep changing their names every month.

    ~ girl girl

  16. We love any crunchy bugs! Down here on the river we get something called mayflies, they come in swarms that will almost blacken the skies, they're are only here for about a day but then they leave their shells every where, really, piles of them & they're all over the outside of the house, our lady HATES them! And guess what? They just came & it's the end of June, we don't know why they're called "May"flies, another silly human thing we're sure.
    Face Licks, M&M

  17. Maggie: I don't think they're a Southern bug! Try leaving your porch light on and see if you can attract them!

    Kat: I hope you, Steve, Wilbur and your parents aren't caught up in all the flooding! Are you OK?
    Yep ... a couple more days and we'll all call them Julybugs! Ha roo!

    Guinness & Shiloh: I agree totally that ladybugs are NOT lady-like! They come into the house without EVEN asking!!!

    MayaMarie: It's hot here, too. We only go out for short playtimes now.

    Marley: Bipeds have some strange quirks to their language, don't they?!?!
    And thank roo for your compliment! Oooh, you're getting more and more like Zim every DAY!

    Prince, Tank & Isaac! It's great to meet you guys! Thanks for coming by the blog! We left you a message on yours! Us Ao4 with you Newfs of Hazard would be QUITE the sight together! HA rooooo!

    Peanut: Just remember - they're "Julybugs" in a few days! Ha roo roo roo!

    Hi Echo! I think a pony named "Jitterbug" would know how to dance, not fly. Ha roo roo roo! (I've gotta go tell Amber that one! She'll love it!)

    Holly: Our mom will often take us out and not turn on the lights just so the bugs won't come around as much. One flew into her hair a while ago and she freaked out! It was highly entertaining!
    Thanks for the compliment on my fur! It really IS coming in nice, isn't it!?!? I'm so glad Abby's fur is growing, too!!!

    Hi Tansy: I love to watch bugs! Unlike most of the members on my pack who try to eat them, I like to poke them "Hello" with my nose and just watch them. I don't know why.

    Sitka: Mom can't remember Junebugs in Alabama, so I'm not sure if you have them in Georgia. Turn your porchlight on and watch for them!
    Thank roo, too, for the compliment on the photos! You're so very sweet!!!

    Boomer: Zim, Dave and Ammy think they're tasty, too!

    Joe: Heat is not fun. Is Tubey going to ban hot weather when he's elected?

    Magnum: VERY profound. Dave really liked that!

    Girl Girl: It would get confusing after a while though, don't you think?

    M & M: Hmm... mayflies. Hmm. I think you should call them Juneflies for a while, then switch over to Julyflies next month. It's only right.

    Tail wags,

  18. Hi Storm,
    It's great to see your fur growing back so nicely. We have strange bugs here in Florida. They're called love bugs but we don't know why cause they are here in April and October. They only thing they do is fly around stuck together and get squashed on cars. My mom and dad have to wash the front of the car and van every time they come home. I think they should be called April bugs and October bugs. Maybe with all your friends we can have a bug for every month.
    Bryn and Maui

  19. Hi Bryn & Maui! Thank roo for the compliment on my fur! :)
    Ooooh, we don't get those love bugs here. We saw a movie about a love bug, but it wasn't the kind of bug I was expecting! We should have a Bug-of-the-Month club! Ha rooooo!
    Tail wags,