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Monday, June 25, 2007

Ask the Ao4 XVII - The Bee's Knees?

Hey, everypup! It's me - Zimmie! We got this really great question from our sweet friend Madie! I think it was sparked by Stormy's post about cat's pajamas and bee's knees and all! Madie said, "Speaking of bees...this morning I saw a bumble bee and was just innocently sniffing it and Mom kept telling me 'MADIENO! EHMADIE!' And she said I better not bite the bee cuz it will sting my tongue and make it swell up...I don't know why she's telling me all this when I just wanted to sniff the bee!!! What's wrong with a little bee sniffing??? I also was checking to see if the bee had knees since you all keep talking about the bee's knees! Zimmie do you have any advice to get my Mom to chill out and let me sniff the bees?" Madie, you and I have SO much in common! I tried to check on that "bee's knees" thing myself just the other day!

Mom wanted to get some pictures of her Sunburst Hypericum bushes, so I naturally volunteered to help! What's a picture of our landscaping without ME in it?!!? I was about to strike a pose, when I spotted something!

Hey! It's a bee! Not a bumble bee like Madie saw ... but it's a bee!

Hey ... hey, little bee! Do you have knees!?!?

He wouldn't answer me, so I tried to get a little closer.

Hey, c'mon! Show me your knees!

Oddly enough, Madie, I got that "NonoZimmienono!" thing. I'm not sure what Mom means by that, but I think it's similar to your mom's "MADIENO! EHMADIE!" thing. The only way I've found to stop the "NonoZimmienono!" thing is to do a cute pose. Real fast.

I'm Mr. Innocent, Mom! Here ... let me smile for the camera!

Mom stopped the "NonoZimmienono" thing, but wouldn't budge on the bee-inspection issue. She told me a story about my Great Uncle Rookie getting up close and personal (uh... I mean "canine-al") with a bee wearing a yellow jacket and it bit him on the nose and gave him a big owie! Just from sniffing it! I decided I didn't really need to check on the knee thing after hearing that.

So Madie, even though I don't really understand the whole "MADIENO! EHMADIE!" thing, or other related "nonono" phrases, I do understand that if you or I get close enough to the bees to check for knees, we'll get an owie like Great Uncle Rookie got. Your mom is trying to protect you! That's really pretty cool. You should lick her on the nose for that! Or better still, poke her in the back of HER knees with an icy cold nose, yell "Ha roo roo roo" at her, then run ten feet away and play bow at her. My mom loves it when I do that!

Hope that helps!

Play bows,


  1. Anonymous10:44 AM

    hey zim! i got stung by a bee on my nose once too! i got all weak and almost passed out and mom had to RUSH me to the vet and i was all limp in her arms and she thought i had heatstroke (we were washing the car, but it wasn't that hot and i had lots of water, but she didn't know it was a bee...yet) so they made me better but later that day my whole muzzle swelled up and the next day i had a big hard bump right on my nose! and she knew then it was a bee and not heat stroke. so i think i am allergic to bees or something! mom makes sure i NEVER EVER smell bees again!

  2. I will be sure to watch out for bees. I like to chases these one bugs that come out at night. Dad calls them "Junebugs". I wonder if next month he will call them "Julybugs". Anyway, they are fun to chase and try to catch.


  3. Oh Zimmie! We do have so much in common! Well even though my Mom wouldn't let me get close to the bee I still stared at it...I guess that's all we can do...even China tried to sniff the bee but Mom told her no too. I wish I could play with the bees they look so fun all buzzing around we could really play a good game of chase with them if only Mom would let us.
    That bee with the Yellow Jacket sounds scary though I hope I never meet one of them!
    OH and I love to play the Bowing-Ha roo roo roo game with my Papa he likes to chase me it's great exercise for him as I'm sure you know, and they always think I'm cute when I do that. I also play it with China...heeheheee I'll make China chase me and then I'll run to a place she can't get me that's really really really fun! Mom loves to tug and I always make sure she gets her tug time in and also to throw my toys that's a great way to get her moving too, I just plop a toy on her feet and it really helps her out a lot.

  4. Anonymous1:39 PM

    Oh Zimmie... great explainations! My uncle zero (GSD) once caught a bee. He did get a sting and had to have some medi! I wonder if he was trying to find it's knees??? I tried to catch one once, but I didn't due to mom giving me the nononono thing.

  5. Hey Zimmie - I'll remember to stay away from those beez. I ate a firefly once and nothing happened. Meeka got bit by a spider (or so the vet guy said) and his face got all puffy. Mom said he looked like an Akita...HAHAHAHA!

  6. I got bit by one of those bees once on my side and had a big swelling that turned into a lump that I had for months until I bit it off myself. Bees are bad news.

  7. Hey Zim, Rock here. Yeah, I understand why Mom wants you to stay away from those bees. I try to eat them when they fly by, and I think I scare Dad. He asks me to open my mouth to see if I'm holding it hostage or something. "Honestly, mmmmm mmmm mmmmmm". He says you would go from "Top Dog" to "UnderDog" real fast. (Which I don't understand, after all, there is no such thing as an underdog)! -Rocky

  8. We keep the bees out of our yard my killing all the flowers. Then we do not have to worry about owies.

  9. Hey Zimmie...I always get 'Rubynonononono' when I get close to bees whether ones with the yellow jacket or the bumble type. All Moms must do that I guess!

    Lots of Licks, Ruby

  10. Harrrrr Matey Zim
    Bummby bees be bad Lisa the Mean said so. She also told me to stay away form wasps. she said she has been stung more times then she wants to think about. Harrrrr she be stung just today. Harrrrrr
    Cap'n Maverick the Pirate

  11. My dad runs away from bees so I do too! I have seen the doof trying to sniff them, but so far he has been lucky.

  12. Ya know, Zimmie, there is a dog toy out there that looks just like bees in a hive: http://www.amazon.com/Plush-Puppies-Hide-Bee-Large/dp/B0009R31TG

    maybee mom will get it for you and you can see if those bees have knees!

  13. WOW! There is a SQUIRREL TOY TOO!!!

    Isn't this world amazing???

  14. My mom is allergic to bees, so she makes sure we all stay far far away from them. And, since we don't have any flowers in our yard, we don't have to worry about them there!

    Hey, BTW, congrats on your nomination for photo of the month!!! Good luck! That is one awesome photo!


  15. Zimmie, We don't know much about bees here other than mom's allergic to them, but we can't wait until July and August when the cicadas crawl out of the ground and we can catch and eat them. YUM!!!! Mom and Dad have to drag us inside every night. It's so much fun!

    Kelsey Ann and Canyon

  16. Oh that bee sting sounds nasty. Thanks for warning us about the bee Zim

    ~ girl girl

  17. wow Zim...you are so wise. I have never been stung by a bee...not that i know of anyhow...i know now not to check too close for knees though...have a good week Zim

  18. Hi Zim,
    Very informative post there about those bees. We have many bumble bees around here and we both try to catch them. Not sure if they sting too. They are slow enough to catch but mum is too fast in stepping in when we try to.
    Jazz and Dixie

  19. Hershey: Oh, OWIE! That's really scary! I'm glad your mom took you to the vet's right away and that you're OK!!! I guess maybe mom's are smart not to let us get too close to bees!

    Kat: Those June bugs are TASTY, aren't they? Hmm... July bugs. I'll have to run that past Storm!

    Madie: I love playing "chase me, chase me" with my dad, too! I make sure every member of the family chases me at least a couple times a day. Gotta keep 'em moving. I'm a Drill SGT. It's my job to keep pushing. Ha roo roo roo!

    Sitka: Ooooh, sorry to hear about your Uncle Zero! That must have HURT! I'm glad you chose to listen to your mom's "nononono" thing. You might have gotten an owie, too!

    Echo: "Like an Akita"? Oh, ha roo roo roo! You crack me up! That sure had to be scary! This is why I try to kill bugs before they can hurt one of us!

    Peanut: You got bit by one!?!?! Owie! I'm glad you were eventually OK!!!

    Rocky: I just don't understand bipeds sometimes! Your dad is the BESTEST, though - so if he doesn't want you to do something, it might be for a good reason. Maybe.

    Magnum: Ha roo roo rooo! That's a good one! You're SO helpful!

    Ruby: Stormy said your mom only says, "Rubynononono" because she loves you. Stormy's really smart, so she must be right!!!

    Maverick: WOW! Is she OK? Was she trying to see if they have knees?

    Joe Stains: Oh, yeah! You're smart to do what your dad does!!!

    Guinness & Shiloh: Hey, you guys changed your thingy! Your sign in name or whatever! Cool!
    I've seen those toys - aren't they COOL!!??!! Mom won't let us get one. She seems to think we'd just rip them up. What's her point, do you think?

    Holly: We love the picture of you with your You-Go-Lightly. Dave said that's his favorite in the contest! Good luck to you!!!!

    Kelsey Ann & Canyon: I LOVE those things! Mom must, too, because when we catch them and they buzz around in our mouths, she gets all KINDS of excited and grabs it out of there for herself. Hmph. She doesn't even sit and give her paw first - she just takes it! Go figure!

    Girl Girl: Fortunately, I've never been stung. Mom said she's been stung often enough for all of us and that's it's NO fun at all! If there's no fun involved, I'm out.

    MJ: I think those bees should come with little warning signs!

    Jazz & Dixie: There are usually a bunch of the big bumble bees on those bushes - but the day of our "photo shoot", I only saw that one kind of bee. Maybe the bumbles went to see you in Japan!??!

    Play bows!