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Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Speaking of Bugs ...

Woo! Dave here! Zim mentioned those bee bugs in his post yesterday - and some of you left comments about some other cool bugs! Kat mentioned June bugs (I'm not sure if they'll be called July bugs next month ... I'll have to ask Stormy, Kat!), Kelsey Ann & Canyon mentioned the cicadas (oh, I love it when I catch one of those and they buzz around in my mouth!), a lot of puppies seem to know to keep away from bees of all sorts!, and Echo mentioned one of my favorites - the lightning bug! I wrote a Haik-woo about them last year. It's Haik-woo #15:

Yeah, they're my favorite. Zim finds all KINDS of cool bugs; I don't think he has a favorite! Amber likes grasshoppers best, I think. She likes to pounce them. Stormy likes to do gentle nose pokes with all kinds of bugs - but she's VERY anti-fly! In the house, anywoo. How about the rest of you - what are your favorite bugs?



  1. Bugs are tasty! I like the grasshoppers too. Sam jumps and snaps at them out of the air. But he's a freak. All of us HATE flies! Abby will chase them around and snap and snap at them! She won't rest until she catches and eats it!


  2. Bugs are the best! I ate a big bumble bee of our house a few weeks ago...well, I ate most of it, anyways. I spit out a little bit to show Mom in case she wanted some. This morning I was playing in one of my holes with some beetles. I really like moths, too! But my FAVORITE bug is the centipede - I had one in my crate wiht me for a while, but Mom started screaming all crazy when she saw it, so Dad took him away. I wish I had that many legs...then my zoomies would be even faster!


  3. I LOVE rolly-polly bugs...hmmm that would make a good post. I like to pick them up and bring them in the house and play with them. I never eat them...just play.

    Woo! Lots of Licks, Ruby

  4. OOooo I love to chase the flies!!! Me and China catch them really good we make Mom and Papa happy if we catch them in the house, oh and moths too!!! But I have to say my FAVORITE bug is a phantom bug...it's a red dot that sometimes appears...I chase it with my best chase and run my fastest run but I NEVER catch the phantom bug! I love that bug though it gets my tail waggling! It teases me and never ceases to amuse me!
    Have you all ever met the Phantom Bug?

  5. Oh, please tell me what Stormy says about the June bugs. Or July bugs. I am dying to know!


  6. You'all sure do know a lot of stuff about bugs. We only get bees and that little black bug my Mom calls love bugs. Now, all of a sudden, we have a lot of dragonflys. They keep flying into the kitchen window and when I'm outside I try to catch them, but they are way too fast. What do you'all know about them?

  7. I like lady bugs! In the autumn there are quite a few of them that find their way into the house and I love crunching on them to help mom out!

    Love ya lots,

  8. Anonymous4:25 PM

    Oh I love to chase bugs!!! I love it when they fly around and try to get away from me...they don't realize how speedy I am and can catch them! Although one time, I stuck my head in a bush to play with some bees and they stung me....that wasn't so much fun.

  9. Anonymous5:14 PM

    Wow, Dave.. another awesome Haik-woo from you!!! Humm.. grasshoppers, Amber? I have never seen one of them up close. Are they like the chocolate covered ones that you hear of people eating? I have to say that Tia and I will find bugs if they crawl across the floor. I will bark or Tia will meow to alert the humans to get up and get it!

  10. Amici seems to try and pounce on bumble bees (not the smartest thing to do). Me, I like lightening bugs but I don't think I've seen any yet. I'll have to be on the look out, especially if Amici is with me so he can check them out.

  11. That stupid gecko who lives with us eats crickets. A couple of them escaped this Saturday, but they got away!

  12. Dear Dave Dave,

    It goes like this....Bees and Benadryl for me please!

    I can't get enough of those dang Bees. Bring them on! I got two stings this last weekend and a big fat lip. And yup, there came Mom with Benadryl. She just can't figure it all out. And she can't keep the bees from the pool and pool side cement area,,he he

    Bees Bees Bees....Oh yes!
    Luv and Gentle Sweet Sibe Bee Kisses

    Frankie Girl

  13. I've never meet any bugs before but mama say I run like a cockroach sometimes. Does that mean I'm a bug?

    ~ girl girl

  14. Since Fireflies are the Official state Bug of Pennsylvania, does that mean that you are the Official Bug Eater of Pennsylvania? haroo!

    yea, for some reason, we don't much get into bugs here, cept if they are in the house and really annoying. Mommy thinks those crunchy June/July bugs are nasty cuz they crunch when they bump into things.

  15. Woo, Holly! We think Stormy was hit a LOT with a fly swatter before she came here. She won't tell us for sure - but she gets REALLY upset when anyone swats a fly! :(

    Marley: It was nice of you to offer to share your bug with your mom! Ha woooo.... zoomies with that many legs would be inCREDible!

    Ruby: Oh, yeah! Those are fun, too!

    Madie: Phantom bug!?!? Woooooo, those sound VERY elusive! We've never seen those here - buy my mom and dad laughed when they read your post. Woo.

    Kat: Storms did some research and posted today! Woo.

    MayaMarie: Dragons that FLY!?!? I'll have to run that one past Stormy!

    Maggie: We get a lot of those lady bugs, too! They STING and they squirt out a real stinky "pheneromes" that mom finds repulsive. Me, I don't mind them. But mom said if they get in the house, they'll attract other bugs that will eventually damage the house itself ... so she's not a big fan of the lady bug.

    Bruin: Bee stings sound like bad news to me!

    Sitka: We have all sizes of grasshoppers here - from tiny 1/2 inch ones to ones that are 3 or MORE inches! They're GREAT fun! Ours aren't covered in chocolate, or I'm sure Mom would be even MORE "no no no!" about them. YOu know.
    Glad you liked my Haik-woo!

    Lee & Amici: Lightning bugs are COOL! It's like the bugs have their own little chem sticks or flashlights or something!

    Tubey: Crickets are fun to pounce, too! Does your mom catch them for the gecko?

    Frankie girl! I thought I remembered that you were allergic to bees! It's good that your mom knows how to help you if you get stung. Maybe you should see if the people who make Bunny-Be-Gone make Bee-Be-Gone!

    Girl Girl: I don't think you're a bug! Unless it's that expression about being "as cute as a bug". 'Cuz you ARE cute!

    Guinness & Shiloh: Ha woooooo! The "Official Bug Eater of Pennsylvania"!?!? Ha woooooo! Good one! I wonder if we have a state bug? I'll have to check!


  16. Mom says ME of course! I'm her favorite bug! WOOO!
    ECHO (aka Bug)

  17. Hey Echo! Wooooo! You're EVERYpuppy's favorite bug! Woooo!