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Thursday, June 14, 2007

Ask the Ao4 XII - Taking Turns, Posing for Pix, and Cookies!

Woo! Dave here - ready to post on behalf of the Ao4 today! Before I do, though, I want to say a big HAPPY BIRTHDAY to the US Army! Hoo-ah!

We think this occasion calls for cake, and we know our buddy Echo would agree! Echo, I put your email address in the computer, and am sending this to you through the "D" drive.

I think all you have to do is fire up your CD/DVD drive, hit "print" and it'll be there for you. Woo.

It's also Flag Day here in the States, a day set aside to honor our flag, its designers and makers. Once the rain is past us, I'll help mom post the colors!

Stormy said I could respond to a couple of the Ask the Ao4 questions! Thanks, Storm! The first one is from our very best friend in all of Scotland - Marvin! He asked Stormy, "How do you decide whose turn it is to write a post on your Blog? I have often wondered, and do you fight over whose turn it may be? I look forward to hearing a clever answer soon." Woo. Stormy is the one who makes the decision about whose turn it is to blog and who fields the Ask the Ao4 questions - she is our Supreme Commander, you know! She is great about letting somepuppy post if he or she has a really exciting idea, though! I'm sure she let ME answer this one because you wanted a "clever" answer. Woo. (Why is Stormy ha roo roo roo-ing at me?) Anywoo, she tasks the resident subject area expert to do the blog - like I wrote about baths, Ammy wrote about the Snowball bushes, Zim shared his expertise on drills with us, and Stormy answers the hard ones or really confusing ones, like about that Windy babe having Stormy's eyes! (I hope K feels better about that; I'm still a bit freaked out, myself.) And fighting over turns? Nah. We share well! We're not the fighting sort!

Our good friend Boomer wanted to know, "How do your mom and dad get you all to pose so pretty for the camera? My mom would love to know!" First, Mom said to say, "Thank you" for the nice compliment! She said it boils down to two different approaches, both starting with a nice digital camera, lots of shots taken so she has lots to choose from, and the old adage of A Tired Siberian is a Good Siberian. Woo. That being said, the first approach is to catch us doing something we love, so we are relaxed and acting like ourselves. Those are things like playing in the yard, exploring, being out on walkies, working, or napping. Stuff like that. The other approach is either being in an Ao4 formation - where we MUST behave! - or ... a picture being worth a thousand woos ...

I think you know what I mean. Woo. As our vets have said, we Ao4 members are not food-aggressive, but we are food-motivated! Especially me. And ... well, especially me.

This leads to a great question from our pal Steve in my former home state of Texas! Steve wanted to know the answer to one of life's great mysteries. "How can I get my mom to give me cookies whenever I want them? See my blog for more details." Woo. So... your mom, who bakes the BEST cookies a pup could ever want made cookies you and Kat couldn't have? I just don't get that. No, I don't. I wanted to field this one myself, but I was at a loss. I had to consult with Storm. She really liked the pouting pose you did, Steve. She said you could punch it up a bit by combining it with the Sad Eyes Look. As you do that, Steve, she said to throw in a mind-meld message that you need cookies. Big time. Stormy's really smart! I think this will work. Get Kat and Wilbur to help. Chant it together, "We... need... cookies! We... need... cookies!" Let me know how it goes for you! If it doesn't work, all of us out here in Siber-space can join in. That'll be sure to do the trick! Our mom tried baking cookies for us after we went crazy over the ones you sent us that your mom made. They were OK, but didn't measure up to your mom's! She needs to try again, using your mom's recipe. In fact, today would be a good day to try. "We... need... cookies, too! We... need... cookies, too!"

I hope this all helps, woo guys! Let me know - and keep those great questions coming!



  1. Anonymous11:20 AM

    Hey Dave...
    I think you did an excellent job today! I lvoe all of those cookies on the stove! My mom makes them for me all the time. She likes that yours are in a dog bone shape. She saw a Siberian Hysky cookie cutter on the web. Cool huh? I told her I needed it, ha roo!

    Oh, I was able to receive the cake! It was YUMMY!

    Happy Birthday to the US ARMY!!!


  2. Thank you for your advice. I will work on that right away. Actually, I will wait until the weekend. I might have better luck getting her to make me cookies when she doesn't have to go to work.


  3. Harooooooooooooooo! Dave! My Sibe Lab friend.

    First of all Happy Birthday to the US Army - do they all have a birthday on the same day? That must be really hard getting a huge army like that, and everyone in it having their birthday today! I am amazed.

    But I am constantly amazed by everything, it is the Labrador genes you know!

    Thank you for answering my question about who gets to post! That was very interesting and informative too. I sort of wondered if you all had kinda split personalities sometimes! ;0) But now I understand, Specialists answering in their own fields..............ooooh now I am getting very confused again. Think I will take a nap, it has been a stressful afternoon, what with a visit to the vets! love and licks Marvin ps did your Mama get Jeannie's two emails? she sent them today before I went to the Vets...

  4. Dave, once again, you show your true cleverness!! I am really needing a piece of that cake!! Since I, too, am motivated by food!!

    Happy Birthday Army!! I had no idea they were so old!


  5. WHOA! Look at that CAKE! I'm so flattered that you thought of me! I just love birthdays because that means CAKE! I'm going to sit right here and wait for that cake to come out of the computer. I've heard the term "food motivated" before. Mom says that would be me. I guess it's a good thing.

  6. Wait, I thought everypup's camera dispensed liver treats and sliced hotdogs. Don't they?

  7. I'm totally drooling here! First cake and now 2 cookie sheets FULL of cookies! How's a pup supposed to concentrate!

    Love ya lots,

  8. you guys are always SO full of GREAT answers, I swear you guys should write an encyclopedia or a um dogopedia?

  9. Woh Dave, you did great answering those questions today. And the picture of those kookies just made my mouth water... *yum yum*

    ~ girl girl

  10. Hey A04

    You sure are a clever bunch.

    Hope you all have a great weekend !!

    Thank you for your kind comments on my blog too.

    Love from Hammer

  11. Hi Ao4,

    Mom went to a Houston Astros baseball game yesterday and some members of the Army were handing out flags for Flag Day. She also got to see them cut a birthday cake and BEST OF ALL she got to see some proud Americans being inducted into the Army on it's birthday. How cool is that? (And the Astros lost in the 11th inning.)

    Mom said she thought of you guys and wanted us to tell you all about it.

    Roxie, Sammy & Andy

  12. Dear AO4, I have been advised by other dog bloggers to ask for your help. My blog was taken over by an evil rabbit which confused to trying to poison me. The rabbit is in league with one cat (peanuts) and Girasol seems to think they are all been lead by a squirrel. She is under hutch arrest,CSI say they'll deal with her but I think they may let her off with a warning. Her Daddy is very rich. Please help.

    Simba xx

  13. I have a question for my handsome Zim:

    Are you afraid of thunder? I have decided I am (see todays post).


  14. Sitka: Thank woo. We have a Sibe cookie cutter, too, but it seems kinda cannibalistic to make cookies shaped like us!

    Steve: I hope it works!

    Marvin: If you and Amber ever got to meet in dog, I can't even begin to think of all the laughing you'd do!!! (Mom got the emails covered!)

    Holly: Thank woo! Don't the cookies look good!?!?

    Echo: I hope the cake thing works! Let me know!

    Magnum: Really? Woooo, I think we have the wrong kind of camera!!!

    Maggie: Yeah...... I got lost in the cookies .......

    Joe: Woooooo!

    Girl Girl: They weren't as good as the ones Steve and Kat's mom made, but they were good enough! I'm willing to keep trying them, if Mom's willing to keep making them! She'll get it right eventually!

    Hammer: Thank woooo!

    Dachsies: That's so cool! And very sweet that your mom thought of us! Woo. Sorry the Astros lost!

    Simba: What an ordeal! We'll all get right on this and will answer as soon as we can!!! Scary stuff!

    Lola: Woo. Zim is blushing = woo! He'll answer your question very soon!