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Thursday, June 21, 2007

Ask the Ao4 XV - Eat Your Veggies ... & Other Stuff

Ha roo, pups! It's me - Zim! Storm asked me to reply to a question we got from our pals Macie and Malechai. It was about veggies - right up my alley. I love eating my greens! Anyroo, M & M wrote, "...can we Huskies have asparagus & brussels sprouts? We get all kinds of good veggies (green beans, broccoli, carrots, etc.) but the lady wasn't sure about the other 2 & we think they would be very tasty!" Great question! As Amber reminded us in Ask the Ao4 IV, Stormy says that we are canines and the world is our salad bar. I say go for the asparagus! I can't find a single mention of it on the Forbidden Foods list. Just don't over-do! As per the brussels sprouts ... I'm a wee bit leery of those. They're like mini cabbages and those lead to gas! Gas could lead to all kinds of problems with our insides (and making us rather ... unpleasant to be around) ... so I'd avoid them. As would Mom. Unless they're the ones her friend Betsey made; it's the only time she liked them. I think there was bacon involved. Mmmm.... bacon!

Speaking of getting enough veggies... as you may know, I love helping Mom with the landscaping and other yard work duties. Some of you have asked how our yard and gardens stay so nice, actually, and that's the key - Mom and Dad have got me to help them! Ha roooooo! Anyroo, Mom's got this really cool pot of posies and stuff out front. Here it is:

Pretty, isn't it? Dave and I got to help "tend" it yesterday. Here we are - helping:

I had my eye (and my nose) on the sweet potato vine at first (Ipomoea batatas 'Blackie', for those of you playing along on the home version!) but then I decided to check something else out. And then, grab this by the neck and shake it, Mom accused me of trying to eat the geraniums! ME?!!? Innocent little Zimmie, trying to eat the geraniums?!?! Really...

...how does she come up with these things? I can't believe how fast the accusations fly around here!

Stay cool, remember to eat your veggies, and have a great day, everypup!

Play bows,


  1. Zimmie, you clearly are innocent! How could she possibly accuse you of that, especially when there is NO evidence in sight?! The injustice!


  2. I'm sure you were just sniffing the flowers, right Zim?
    I've had asparagus before - a raw end that mom snapped off before it got cooked. It was yummy!

    Love ya lots,

  3. I found a carrot on the floor the other day when Mom was making her lunch. It was so crunchy and tasty.


  4. Zimmie, you are sooo busted! Or was it the wind that blew those flower petals on your head? Yeay, that's it, it was the wind!! We love our veggies, too. Right now we are getting califlower (bad spelling) for treats! I'll have to post a picture of me in my shirt for you. Tell Stormy that the shirt should be tight to make you feel safe. At least that's the theory. Belly Rubs, Eva

  5. Zimmy, pink is your color...oh, wait. I didn't see any pink, um nevermind. Veggies...yes, back to veggies. I love 'em...all kinds. I love it when Mom makes salad as is usually the case drops stuff all the floor. So the floor is MY salad bar!!!

    Lots of Licks, Ruby

  6. Anonymous12:24 PM

    Oh Sweet Handsome Zim... I love veggies too! I have never had asparagus before. It is one of the very very very FEW veggies that mom and dad don't care for. You look cute with those petals on your nose. You look innocent. I think someone planted them there, ha roooo!

  7. Zim you are so cute with the pink petals. You were just helping thin them out so more would grow back. Right?
    We love veggies here, my mom cooks for me b/c I sick with the dry dog food. And I get peas and carrots and brown rise with my ground turkey breast. I also get baby carrots for treats, and my favorite, favorite is the yellow squash. She cuts it in slices and sprinkles fresh parmesan cheese and puts it in the broiler just till they start to crips. Yum Yum. I have to make sure that's on tomorrow's grocery list.

  8. I love to eat carrots....my mom thinks they make great treats for me.

    -Kelsey Ann

  9. Harooooo you helpers! That is Just like Mati and I. We try to help Dad here as much as possible. I have to admit, I'm a bit jealous, Dad's landscaping duties have dropped off the radar. It's kinda drab-looking around here.... Woof!

  10. AWWW Zimmie! You look so nice with the flower petals on your head! How could your Mom be so mean to accuse you? Doesn't she know you were just sprinkling petals for her? Don't Mom's like flower petals expecially on cute fuzzie muzzles?

  11. i believe you are innocent until proven guilty...but zimmie...if i were you..i would get a goood lawyer....lol

  12. Hi Zim - that evidence was planted right? hehehe. Anyway that is such an adorable photo of you who could be made at that face?
    Jazz and Dixie

  13. Raw veggies are awesome for doggies, but they gotta be put thru the blender first for us to get any nutrition from them. So ask your mommies to throw it all in there and blend it up! Ours does this in the food processor with chicken livers YUMMMYYYYYY. General was allergic to dog foos too, so we get fed raw diets - cept the fosters - they get good quality dog food in case their new home doesn't wanna do raw.

  14. Zimmie, how could your mommy say those things! You are so adorable and cute! My mommy just wants to kiss your nose

  15. Veggies are part of my daily diet, unfortunately. Maybe I just think of them so negatively since I am forced to eat them to lose weight. Maybe if they were a treat I might like them more. I do especially like the pumpkin mom gives me sometimes though! It is VERY yummy.

    I look at the whole flower issue this way-if your humans are going to have flowers, then of course you are going to get in them! That would be why there are no flowers in my back yard!!


  16. Woh.. I wonder if I'll get gas if I eat asparagus.. Zim, you look so cute with the flower petals on you. :)
    You were just tending the flowers right. I'll believe that you wont eat them.

    ~ girl girl

  17. Dave asked us if he could add us to the side bar of you bloggie - we would be honored, Dave!

  18. I feel your pain Zimmie. I get accused of mostly everything in our house. I can't even begin to imagine why my name comes to mind whenever somepuppy does something sneaky.

  19. I always get told off for eating flowers, but they look good enough to eat don't they.

    Simba xx

  20. Marley! You GOT it, buddy! Ha roo!

    Maggie: Exactly. Just stopping to smell the ... geraniums.
    I've never had asparagus. I'll have to see what I can do to change that!

    Kat: I love those crunchy treats!

    Eva: The wind. Yeah. That's it!
    I told Storm about the shirt thing - thank roo!

    Ruby: Pink? What pink? Ha roo roo roo!

    Tubey: It sure does!

    Sitka: Yes! I'm innocent! 100%! Look at my face - how could anyone accuse ME?!?

    MayaMarie: Yes, just doing a little pruning! You got it!
    My very sweet and bee-roo-tiful friend Sitka likes yellow squash a lot, too! The way you describe it with the Parmesan cheese sounded good to my mom, too! We're going to try that!

    Kelsey Ann: They're yummy!

    Rocky: It's my duty to be as helpful as I am. I mean ... as I CAN BE!

    China: When I do things like this ... you know ... somehow get petals on my nose, my mom always smiles when she looks into my eyes and says something about "this is why God made the Siberian Husky SO cute." Ha roo roo roo! I've got her wrapped around my little paw!

    MJ: I know how to get in touch with Meeshka. She's a great attorney at claw!

    Jazz & Dixie: Ha roo roo roo! Yes, it was planted. Ha roo roo roo! Wait 'til Amber hears that one!
    And who COULD get mad at my little face!?!? Not my mom, that's for SURE! :)

    Guinness & Shiloh: Great info! You pups are mighty smart!
    And your mom is welcome to smooch me on the nose ANY time!
    OH! And thanks for letting us link!

    Holly: I don't know ... the yellow squash with Parmesan Cheese crisped under the broiler sounded MIGHTY tasty!

    Girl Girl: It's so good to have my friends defend me! :)

    Echo: Yeah... my name is usually the first one to come up around here. Can you believe that!??!

    Simba: Exactly! I can't wait to help with the basil and mint we put on the lower deck! Ha ROO!

    Play bows,