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Friday, June 29, 2007

P-Updated Mission

Ha roo! It's Zim again today - Drill SGT Zim. We've added a few more new Troopers overnight, so make sure you click our cool animated gif file in the sidebar to view our whole Army! A big welcome to MayaMarie (The Husky in the Window), Guinness & Shiloh, Macie & Malechai ... and I think that's everypuppy! Give me a bark out if I missed anypup!

As promised, I have a p-updated mission for the Troopers in the Ao4. Before you watch the video, I should remind you that I was chained to a tree for the first year and a half of my life. I hadn't even had time to learn how to sing like a Siberian before I was whisked away from my bio-mama ... so I learned from the only source I had -- the coyotes. Yep, I could hear them singing to me at night, so I learned to answer them back in their own language.
Since coming here, I've been studying the ways of the Siberian at the Stormy Zoluschka Kryschtal School of Siberian Studies. Storm has taught me all kinds of languages - Siberian, of course, (I can imitate Storm perfectly and can even fool Dad sometimes with my voice, thinking I'm Storm! How cool!) and biped English & French, and some Cat. I also speak Dyson and just a little bit of a few other languages. Anyroo ... that being said, I've chosen to deliver my message in my first language - Coyote. Mostly, anyway. I threw a little Siberian in, just for good measure. For those who may not be able to understand me, Dave is in the background, translating word-by-word into Siberian - like he did when Storm used the universal canine language of Bark. Unfortunately, I do not speak much Bark ... so do the best with what Dave and I are giving you!

Hit replay if you need it! Good luck, Troopers!

Play bows,


  1. Drill SGT Zim...PVT Ruby Bleu reporting for duty, Sir!
    I think I understand my orders (at least I hope I do) and will set out to try and accomplish my mission by 18:00 hours (that's when the hooman returns).

    Lots of Licks, PVT Ruby

  2. Anonymous10:51 AM

    Woo Zim... Oh my goodness! Did my ears ever perk up when I heard you (and Dave). I understand my orders. However, since the mom is home today, I can not begin my mission until they go to bed tonight... so, sometime around 2300 hours, I will begin!

    Zim, Tia here... I will begin my mission tonight as well. My assignment is perfect for me.

  3. Anonymous11:17 AM

    Hey guys...maybe you can answer this. Why is mom soooo afraid of lightening? She makes me rush when we go for a walk and its storming outside. What's the deal???

  4. My, what a bearoootiful sing voice you have Zimmy! Singing us our orders is a good idea! Even harder for the humans to understand. We'll begin our mission as soon as possible! Belly Rubs, Tasha & Eva

  5. Wow, what a great voice you have! You sound a lot like Samuel! Only he uses his to complain most of the time!

    I am ready to begin my mission! The humans won't know what hit them! (well, other than me if I run into them!!)


  6. Oooo that's a great mission!!! Mom says she can't wait to see the translation into human talk! I was listening to you really closely when Mom played it for me!
    P.S. I'll be sure to let Madie know what's going on!

  7. Sgt Zim. I accept my mission and will follow thru tonight. My played your instructions and turned the volume up so I could hear them. Mom followed the instructions for our membership and she actually did it right. so I'm not so embarrsed any more.

  8. Yes Sir! I got it! Can we take the tank??

  9. WOOHOO! Another mission!! I'll start working on it as soon as I can.

  10. good luck to all the Ao4 troopers wif theyr mission. you all deserve cookies and dog tea when you return victorious!

  11. YES SIR, SG ZIM! We will be on mission as soon as we can slip away unknown - wouldn't want to disclose our cover to those who may thwart our mission.

    Our mommy is very silly and cannot seem to even hunt down your mom's email - tho she swares she had it somewhere! Her email is bisbetica at the hotmail thingy. Maybe your mom can fill her in?

  12. Wowf! that made me stand at attention all right!

    Can you take me on recruit.. I know I'm still young but I want my services offered!


  13. Yes Sir Zim Sir!! We are onto it! Had a very tiring day today but plan to carry out the mission tomorrow morning at 0 600 hours!
    Jazz and Dixie

  14. Ha roo, Ruby! 1800 HRS sounds great for your end of the mission! Good job!

    Sitka: I could tell from the picture on your blog how focused you were on hearing your orders! Way to go, Sitka!
    Tia: Your part in this is CRUCIAL! Be careful out there!

    Bruin: I am going to ask Stormy to field that one - she's really smart, so she'll know!

    Tasha & Eva: Thank roo! Even my mom doesn't understand my coyote language, so I think we have good OP SEC this time!

    Holly: Could you hear Dave wooing in the background? I started to speak in pure Coyote, then he threw me off - so I added some Siberian!

    China & Madie! Hope you girls understood the orders! It's a very important mission!

    MayaMarie: EXCELLENT!

    Echo: YES! Only one, though, or else Amber will start her "tanks a lot" thing and will start giggling and then so will I ... and it's just not good military discipline!

    Kaos: Great!

    Ivy: Thank roo! Ooooh... did you say, "Cookies"?!!?

    Guinness & Shiloh: Sounds great! Oh, and Stormy emailed you with the code!

    Tubey: Amber wants to know who this Roger guy is!? Oh no ... I fel for that, didn't I? AMMY!

    Toffee: Stormy LOVES to train puppies - she said we'll add you to the list of Troopers! Email us to get the cool code, OK?

    Jazz & Dixie: 0600 is Mess Call here (breakfast time!) but we'll start right after we eat! Ha roooo!

    Play bows, Troopers!

  15. woah I sat and listened VERY intently to this, I even made mom play it two times to be sure!

  16. Ok, sign me up. I have a few back problems, but I can feed the troops or wash bowls or something. My Dad is a veteran of Vietnam and Desert Storm, and retired Navy, so I am all about serving my country. Stop by my blog sometime! Hugs, Bailey

  17. Joe: Good work! We're counting on you, you know!!!

    Bailey: Cool! YOu're in! We left you a message on your blog!

    Play bows, all!

  18. Sgt Zim,

    Are you good at lips reading? My hooman is too stingy to upgrade the darn digicamera to one with voice recording so all my videos now are mute.


  19. Snowball: Hmm... no, not really. But Amber is a MASTER of body language. She may be able to understand you!
    Play bows,