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Saturday, June 09, 2007

Time to Have Some Fun!

Woo, it's me - Dave. Have you been working as hard as we have all week? Well, the weekend is here and it's time to have some FUN!

I usually play with my Kong-on-a-Rope out here, but I like this toy, too!

Wooooooooooo, here I come!

Have a great Saturday, everypup!


PS: We've added new friends to our Cool Pals list! Stop by and visit Snørokk Siberians! Ulf and Kari Hope and their pups live in Norway! Gorgeous dogs; gorgeous scenery! Their blog is great - leave a message on their chat box and tell them the Ao4 sent you! Woooooo!


  1. You all have a cool play-run area!!!
    China & Madie

  2. Hi Dave - You have a way cool yard! We love your twisty, squiggly sidewalk. Mom said if it was yellow we could find Oz. I have no clue what that is but it sounds pretty good. We visited the new blog but couldn't figure out how to post a comment. We'll keep trying though.

  3. Hey Davie!! Love your playing pics. You sure look like you are having fun!

    I visited the new blog. I left some comments on the main blog (where I saw your comments) and also on Tuva's blog, although I couldn't read what she had written. I thought the pics were cool!


  4. Anonymous7:28 PM

    Woo Dave! You look like you are having a BLAST! I love your picture where you are running toward the camera!!!

  5. that toy looks like a lot of fun! we will go check out your friends blog!

  6. Did you guys ever think about having a wedding in your yard? It's always so picture perfect!

    Love ya lots,

  7. Looks like you guys are having lots of fun! We really likes the play session photos in your previous post! That is true dog nature! Now we're off to visit Ulf and Kari in Norway! Belly Rubs, Tasha & Eva.

  8. your toy looks amazing Dave! And we will call in on the new Bloggers real soon.

    ps I have a question for you for Ask Stormy.

    "How do you decide whose turn it is to write a post on your Blog?"

    I have often wondered, and "do you fight over whose turn it may be?"

    I look forward to hearing a clever answer soon, love and licks, Marvin xxxxxx

  9. China & Madie: Thank woo!

    Echo: Thank woo, too! I got to choose the color of the brick pavers - since I'm Mom's Guide Dog for the Color Blind. She trusts me comPLETEly when it comes to color. Not for much of anything else, though...

    Holly: Thank woo, I love to play with my toys in the back yard!!!
    Some of the blog is in English - it's a different kind of navigation system on their blog! You have to click on the archives and calendar numbers!

    Cubby: Thank woo!

    Sitka: Thank woo! I was running REALLY FAST!!!

    Joey: It's tons of fun!
    There are GORGEOUS dogs on their site!!!

    Maggie: You are very sweet - thank woo! We work very hard supervising Mom and Dad while they work out there.

    Tasha & Eva: Thank woo! We like to play lots better than posing for pictures!

    Marvin: It's a really cool toy that's got great scrunchie texture. Usually Stormy plays with that one, but Mom opened the toy box and let me choose - and that's what I chose!
    Storm will answer your question soon - GOOD ONE!


  10. G'day Ao4,

    Rope toss and pull is my favorite game!

    xxx Asta down under

  11. A-roooo, Dave!
    You sure live in a beautiful place! (And you are quite the handsome hunk of huskie, I might add!) I also play fetch until I get bored. That fuzzy ball & rope thing looks interesting. We'll have to stop back by your blog & visit more often.

    Star & Sherman

  12. Looks like you're having lots of fun Dave! Wish we could come play in your bewootiful yard! All though, your Mom probably wouldn't care much for our "Gardening Skills", doesn't look like you all help with excavating at all like we do at our house. Maybe you could come to our yard, you can dig all you want.
    Face Licks, M&M

  13. M x 2: There are a lot of "not allowed"s out there, but the PLAYING and room to zoom totally make up for it!

  14. Asta: I LOVE to play like that, too!

    Star & Sherman: Thank woo for the compliments! I'm glad you came by our blog! My brother Zim just saw yours and left a comment! We'll have to visit more often. I like the picture where you're covered with "snow blossums". Woo!