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Sunday, June 24, 2007

Sunday Salute - Maui!

Today's Sunday Salute goes out to our feline friend Maui of Florida! That's right, the sister of Bryn; we saluted both of them back in December, shortly after they were adopted! This is an update on Maui and a Salute to her!

At first, we were a bit alarmed! She sent us these pictures and we thought she'd turned into a Giant Cat! YIKES!

Pretty scary, don't you think? But then we saw this picture of her next to Bryn, telling Bryn a secret and we knew it was just an optical illusion! Whew! She's normal kitty-size!

So ... I heard the bipeds talking ... and I think I have this whole thing figured out ... OH! Shhh! Here they come! I'll tell you later!

She and Bryn seem to have a very loving relationship - though we did hear a rumor that Maui is the alpha. Hmph. A cat in charge? We're not sure we like the sound of that! But look at her doing a Quality Control Inspection on a little quilt their mom made for Bryn!

This one looks the most like Bryn! No ... maybe this one!

It's really sweet of her to make sure it's good enough for Bryn, isn't it? In fact, she seems to spend a lot of time inspecting quilts! Here she is on another job:

Ooooh, flannel! I like this!

Who knew kitties were such hard workers!?!? She also supervises workers. Here she is making sure the plumber is doing his job correctly.

Note how she made him stop what he was doing to scratch her ears. A caring supervisor will allow the workers a break, to relieve stress and tension. Maui is making sure this man will be happy and content in his work!

With all the hard work she does, we were a bit concerned that though we saw Bryn's cool sleepy quilt, we didn't see one for Maui. She assured us she had someplace very comfy, just for her.

Oooooh, comfy!

Oh, wait. No. Not that one. That's her mom's chair. Here's Maui taking a cat-nap (ha roo roo roo) in a little bed her mom made just for her!

Look at that angelic face! But she does have her wild side! She told us, "I took pouncing lessons from watching Simba in 'Lion King'!" (Not our friend Simba in the UK, this one lives in the World of Disney. Or something like that!)

Ready or not, here I come!

Maui, you're doing so great in your fur-ever home! We love the bond between you and Bryn, admire the hard, hard work you put into inspecting quilts and supervising bipeds, and the training you're doing to pounce like a lion! For these things and the myriad of other things you do to enrich your bipeds' lives, Maui, we salute you!

The Army of Four


  1. Anonymous2:42 PM

    Wow Maui.. you are Beautiful!!! What a great Sunday Salute from the AO4! Hey guys... did you know that Tia is the alpha over me?? So Maui... Cats can be in charge, I guess!!!

    P.S. Wow that train is cool!!!

  2. Typically I'm kinda scared of kitties...but Maui looks kinda cool. I think I might like her. Thanks for sharing this salute!!!

    Lots of Licks, Ruby

  3. I hate to admit it but we have an alpha cat here to. That Maui looks nicer then our cat though.

  4. Scottie cat was our alpha too. It was only right, she was here first. And she had the sharpest claws! All of 7 pounds, Scottie could growl 100 pound General down the stairs and she loved to swat Guinness' ears & tail. Guinness still misses her kitty, but we can't have them anymore. One tried to visit our yard and Shiloh almost didn't let it leave. Mommy also does not miss the litter box

  5. You keep up that good alpha & inspection work, Maui!

  6. I cant believe you guys saluted a CAT!

  7. That's a sweet cat. And the cat helps inspect too. Kewl

    ~ girl girl

  8. Hi Guys,
    Maui is a nice looking cat. Do you know hat kinda cat she is?
    Jazz and Dixie

  9. Hi A04

    Maui sure is a cutie and hard working too. She has a sparkle in her eye. I'm sure Bryn will have lots of fun with her. I'd love to help them wreck the train set.

    Love from Hammer

  10. Woo! A giant cat just like Dad's giant bunny!

  11. Sitka: I forgot that Tia was your alpha. She's cool - so maybe it's OK?

    Ruby: Maui looks mighty pup-friendly - I'll bet you two would get along!

    Peanut: Really? Maybe there's an epidemic of alpha-cats!

    Guinness & Shiloh: You guys, too, huh? Sorry Scottie isn't with you any more!

    Joe Stains: Well, we've saluted BIPEDS a couple times and no pup complained, so we thought this would be OK! Ha roo roo roo! Besides, she came from the Humane Society!

    Girl Girl: She IS a cool cat!

    Jazz & Dixie: What kind of cat is she? Ummm... a puddy-cat. Ha roo roo roo! (Sorry ... I'm not sure, but I'll ask!)

    Hammer: That would be COOL to "play" with the trains, wouldn't it? I'm so glad Maui and Bryn found their fur-ever home together! They are such good friends!

    Echo: Ha roo roo roo! YEAH!

    Play bows,

  12. Jazz & Dixie: I just had my mom ask Maui's mom what kind of cat she really is. She said, "hmmmmmm......now there's a puzzle. She's a short-haired, not-exactly-tortoise with Siamese ear points, face and blue eyes, chatterbox all American with a native Hawaiian name!" Wow. I've never heard of that kind of cat! Ha roo roo roo!