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Monday, June 04, 2007

Ask the Ao4 - VIII - Ev'ryone Knows It's Windy!

Ha roo! It's me - Stormy! We got a great email in yesterday from our dear friend K in Mexico City! He wrote: "Hey guys, K here. I've got a question for you. My mama was listening to some old music from the 60's way before our time and there is this song called Windy and she was singing along, she won't make American Idol any time soon let me tell you, anyways, I could clearly hear her sing 'and Windy has Stormy eyes' and I got very very worried! Please put my mind at rest and let me know that Stormy is ok. Your friend K." Is he sweet, or what?!?

Stormy eyes

K! I'm just fine! You're so kind to worry about me! We know this song! It's called "Windy" and is by the Association. (You should be able to follow that hyperlink to hear a clip.) They sing, "...and Windy has Stormy eyes that flash at the sound of lies!..." What's amazing to me is how they knew I'd come along so many years later! How prescient of them! And also to know the power of my eyes! My dad calls me his "Therapy Pup" because when bipeds get upset here, or riled up about stuff, or just get off a nice even, happy keel, I flash my (Stormy) eyes at them - and it calms them right down! Dad can't look into my eyes and not feel an inner happiness. Just can't do it. Mom either. I should hire myself out.

So ... I have no idea how The Association got onto this so many years ago, but my eyes are great and are just where they're supposed to be! :)

Coincidentally, Amber loves this song. As many of you know, we live in Kansas. And living in Kansas means a normal day has 20 mile-an-hour winds. Pretty much, anyway. Any time one of the bipeds tells the other it's a windy day here, Amber always likes to sing, "Ev'ryone knows it win-dy!" Ha roo roo roo! She's so funny!

While you're admiring the picture of my eyes, check out my nose. Yep. A slight snow nose. We'll answer Sitka's and Holly's great questions about snow noses tomorrow!

Until then - tail wags!


  1. Oh those eyes!! Every time mom sees Stormy's eyes up close like that is reminds her of Shula!! They look sooooo much alike. She has a picture she will e-mail you so you can see how similar they are, especially in this picture! Mom has one very similar. Such beautiful eyes they are!

    We have a lot of wind here too. I guess living in one of the Plains states, wind is just part of every day life!


  2. Anonymous2:45 PM

    Oh yes, I must agree with Holly. BEAUTIFUL EYES Stormy!!! K had a very good question for today! And as always, you answered it with perfection!!!

  3. Stormy - your eyes are just so beautiful! But talking of eyes, how are Amber's now, I remember from her last post, she had her "eye out", I am terribly worried about her......

    We get real Stormy Wind up here in bonnie Scotland toooooooooo! But not in the summer, although we have had horrible grey drizzle today.

    love and many late licks with my comments, Marvin xxxxxxx

  4. I know what you mean about making people happy. My mom says that no one could be sad if they have two huskies running around being silly. Or in your case, four huskies!


  5. hmmm I know that song, Mom listens to that ancient music on her radio. I know a song called Joey by Concrete Blonde, I should look up the words.

  6. your eyes are certainly gorgeous, Stormy! Our mommy is a sucker for Guinness' "old soul" eyes and Shiloh's icy, yet somehow loving, stare too. Mommy calls it the Paul Newman effect. you've got the best of both!

  7. You do have the most beautious eyes Stormy!!! And I'm so glad that you still have them and they were stolen by that Windy person.

    Lots of Licks, Ruby

  8. Beautiful eyes Stormy :-) The song isn't bad either!

  9. Hi Stormy,
    Love your eyes. Mum is still facinated by the two colours and has been looking at your lovely face for some time now. She says that looking into our very excited eyes and happy faces when she comes home takes away all the stress of the day. Wow I think our eyes are very powerful.
    Jazz and Dixie

  10. I feel so calm just from looking at that picture. I might have to settle down for a nap.

  11. Oh yes Stormy, we can see how your beawootiful eyes can have a calming effect!
    Face Licks, M&M

  12. Holly: Thanx! I can't WAIT to see the picture of Shula! I love hearing about her; she sounds like she was a VERY special girl!!!

    Sitka: Thank roo! You're such a southern gentlepup!

    Marvin: Ha roo roo roo! Ammy is FINE, too! You're so funny!

    Steve: You and Kat (and Wilbur!) provide an invaluable service to your parents!!!

    Joe: Ooooh, I like that song "Joey"! I didn't know it was about you!

    Guinness & Shiloh: Thank roo!

    Ruby: Thank roo! The weather bipeds say we're going to have windy gusts up to 50 mph tomorrow ... but my eyes will still be fine!

    Nugget: Thank roo! My mom has had the song stuck in her head ever since she read K's email!

    Jazz & Dixie: Thank roo! I hope she enjoyed the pictures on Ammy's "Snow Nose" post; a few of those showed off our eyes nicely, too!
    My mom thinks Beagle eyes have magical powers! You two would be able to con her out of ANYTHING! And to make her feel good with a mere glance her way!

    Magnum: Did you say "nap"? What a grand idea!

    M & M: Thank roo! You two do wonders for your mom and dad, I'm SURE!

    Tail wags!