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Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Ask the Ao4 XIV - Cat's Pajamas and storms With a Little "S"

Ha roo, readers! It's me - Stormy! Today I'm getting back to some of the great questions you've sent in for our Ask the Ao4 column. You have all come up with some interesting queries!

Many of you have said really nice things about our deck - thank you so much for the compliments! Our little Sibe buddy Marley was confused by a comment he heard his mom make! He told us, "My Mom thinks that your deck is the 'cat's pajamas'. What?!?!?!" Oooh, yeah. I've heard this expression! And the cat's meow or cat's whiskers! VERY confusing, this biped language! The cat's pajamas is an American expression that came about in the 1920s - in the jazz-age, flapper era. It was used to describe a wonderful or stylish person or thing. They used a lot of "different" expressions in the '20s! Some guy named Stuart Flexner, in I Hear America Talking, wrote about similar expressions, "...just about any combination of an animal, fish, or fowl with a part of the body or article of clothing that was inappropriate for it: the bee's knees, the snake's hips, the clam's garter, the eel's ankle, the elephant's instep, the tiger's spots, the leopard's stripes, the sardine's whiskers, the pig's wings." I can only begin to think about how this is going to make Marvin's and Amber's heads spin. Ha roo roo roo! Marley, apparently your mom's comment really has nothing to do with felines in PJs - but was a lovely compliment! Please tell her thank roo for us!

Our dear friend China left us the following message, "Oh Stormy, my Mom said it's Stormy outside tonight and I looked out the window but I didn't see you all I saw was rain and I heard thunder and I saw little balls of ice too! So I hope you weren't out there in that stuff! What in the world was my Mom talking about? I told Madie about it and she said I should ask you on your blog cuz you are smart about these things! Did you try to come visit us?" Oh, China, my sweet friend! No, no, that wasn't me! This is another confusing one! As much as I would love to come visit you and Madie and your parents, that was my archnemesis, "storm" with a small "s"! I don't care for storms with a small "s"!

My archnemesis - storm with a small "s".

Me. Storms with a capital "S".

I get rather panicky when small "s" stormy weather comes to call on us, truth be told. Mom tells me there is nothing to worry about and gives me something to help soothe me a bit.... but I just DO NOT care for storms with a small "s"! If it was me out there, Storms with a capital "S", I would have politely scratched on your door or something. No thunder and lightening from me!

This leads me to a rather dear question from Lola! It was for Zim, actually, but he's got the day off today - and while I'm on the subject, I'll field this one. Lola wrote, "I have a question for my handsome Zim: Are you afraid of thunder? I have decided I am." Lola, Zim pretty much has no fear of anything. Except perhaps people who move too fast. Or me. Ha roo roo roo! Just kidding on that second one.

The handsome SGT Zim

Maybe your mom could look for the special elixir my mom gives me? It really helps me out.

I hope that clears up the confusion, Marley and China! And Lola ... maybe Tubey will be elected president. If he is, he is going to ban thunder and lightening!

Keep those cards and letters coming, pups!

Tail wags,
Storms (with a capital "S")


  1. Since I just started being scared, Mom hasn't tried RR or Melatonin. We had a big storm last night & Mom played training games with me & I wasn't scared at all. Must have been the liver brownies!

    Thanks for answering my question Stormy! I didn't think big strong Zim would be scared of a little thunder.


  2. Anonymous11:48 AM

    Oh Storm... You are so smart!!! Great answers there! I don't like storms too.. especially the thunder part! Oh, thanks for posting such a handsome photo of Zim and yet another beautiful one of YOU!

  3. We had a storm with a small "s" this weekend and I didn't even wake up. If it had been a Storm with a big "s", I would have woken up to play.


  4. Hi Stormey. My sister Missy is very afraid of storms. She hids under the kitchen table. we had one last night. I sat in the window and watched. My Mom told me to get down b/c the lightening was so bad, so I listened. My Mom would like me to join the Dogs with Blogs so I can be friends with others. There's not many huskies here in Louisiana. Since you are the one to ask, How do we join? Thanks, MayaMarie.

  5. I wish I knew as much as you guys do. You are all so smart.

  6. Stormy...you always have such great answers to things. How did you get so smart?

    I've never seen any kitty's in PJs, but I have seen Butchy n' Snickers in PJs...that could be a new saying, huh?

    Lots of Licks, Ruby

  7. Wowee, Stormy, you are so smart! Thanks for clearing that up for me - I was super confused! You really are the "bees knees"!!!

    I think small "s" storms are my cue to do zoomies all over the house. Every time it thunders, I zoomie away!

    Love and licks,

  8. I don't really like the storms with the small "s" either. And Samuel especially doesn't like them. Storms with a capital "S", which is you, we all love!!!

    More brilliant answers from our brilliant Stormy with the capital "S"!!!


  9. We had thunder and lightening last night, it doesn't bother me at all. Mummy says I'm one laid back doggie.

    Simba xx

  10. Great explanations Storm. You sure do know alot about alot! I don't mind small "s" storms but Shadow doesn't like them. She spent alot of time underneath the dining room table last night. Funny thing is that our Dad said when he was a little tyke he used to hide under that table too!

  11. Yes, all lightning and thunder will be banned!

    My Human thinks that cat in pajamas is a cute picture! Humans! Go figure!

  12. Oh Stormy I'm so glad you weren't out there in the storms with a small "s"! It looked nasty out there! I do wish you could visit us for real though! That would be so much fun!

  13. Hey Stormy, Mati here. Wow! Quite the storm! Glad you and your brothers and sister are ok. I don't like thunder either. I hide in the bedroom and I try to get under the bed. But just my head fits. Oh well. Stay well, and a storm is a good of an excuse to have another treat! - Mati

  14. Oh, and one more thing. Dad says he really loves the Bees Knees ... as he uses it around the house. NOW we understand what the heck he's talking about! Thanks for the inFOOOO - Mati and Rocky

  15. Stormy you sure are smart...
    And Zim is so brave to not be scare of anything

    ~ girl girl

  16. Stormy you are very smart - are you a Sibrarian like our mommy? Oh, wait, she's a Librarian - never mind. Anyroo, Guinness & Misty were sure upset last night in the wikkid small "s" stormy we had here. Misty hid in her crate all night & Guinness kept jumoing into bed with Mommy & Daddy. She pretended it was to keep them from bein scared, but it was really HER. As for me (Shiloh), I'm scared of strangers, but I ain't afraid of no thunder!

  17. Zim, you are incredibly handsome - I think Guinness & Misty are swooning....

  18. oh Stormy I hate storms with little s's too. Soon it will be the monsoon season here and I will be hiding in the bathroom.

  19. Wow Storms you are one smart sibe! I also despise thunderstorms. THe other day my mom came home and it took herabout 5 minutes to find me. I was behind the love seat hiding because we had a big storm!

    -Kelsey Ann

  20. Hi Stormy! I do not like small "s" storms either. I prefer you-Storms with a capital "S"!

    I have another question for you. Lately I find Mums shoes irresistible or the bees knees! I have never chewed her shoes before and now I have done it twice in the last two weeks. What power do you think these shoes hold over me?
    I can't help myself!

  21. Hi Stormy, Eva here. I get scared of the storms (with a small "s"!), too, and I get the Rescue Remedy also! Last night we had thunder and hail,so out came a shirt for me to wear and the Rescue Remedy. I stayed out with the humans and didn't retreat to my kennel like I usually do. That stuff works great! Such very sweet pictures of you and Zimmy. He's sooo dreamy!! Belly Rubs, Eva.

  22. Lola: Liver brownies?!? Do tell!
    And you're quite welcome!

    Sitka: Thank roo - you're such a sweet puppy! I don't care for the thunder either. It shakes our whole house sometimes!

    Steve: I wish it HAD been me, so we could have played!!!

    Hey Maya Marie! I'll leave instructions on your blog as to how to join DWB! You'll love the camaraderie!

    Peanut: You're probably younger than me. Give it time!

    Ruby Bleu: Snickers and Butchy in their PJs! Ha roo roo roo! Amber really liked that one!
    I was on my own for a long, long time, Ruby. So long that I became a Roads Scholar. I learned a lot in that time.

    Marley: You are SUCH a cute little puppy! Me - the bee's knees? :) That made me smile!

    Hi Holly! I'm the only one here who doesn't just sleep right through a storm with a small "s".

    Simba: The boys here are laid back, too. Especially Dave.

    Echo: Thank roo! Hmm... maybe getting under the table during a storm with a little "s" is hereditary. Shadow must get that gene from your dad's side of the family!

    Tubey: That alone secures my vote for you!
    My mom likes that picture, too. I mean ... it's a cat. Wearing pajamas. ??? I don't get it either.

    China: It would be TONS of fun! TONS!

    Mati and Rocky: I don't know WHERE to go during a storm with a little "s". I just don't feel safe anywhere - until the Rescue Remedy kicks in. Even with that, if the storm is REALLY loud... we're back to square one.
    The picture was of a storm that came here a while ago! Scary, isn't it? We all took Dad downstairs for that one. Mom went out on the deck to take pictures. Mom's kinda weird sometimes.
    "Bee's knees"! I really like that one!

    Girl Girl: Thank roo from both of us! :)

    Shiloh: A "Sibrarian"? Ha roo roo roo! Good one! No, I'm a Roads Scholar
    . You can read all about it at that link.
    Guinness & Misty: Zim's a really good puppy! You'd like him even more if you met him in per... uh, in canine.

    Joe Stains: Monsoon? You get those in Arizona? Mom and Dad had monsoon season in Korea and it sounds very unpleasant!

    Kelsey Ann: I usually try to fit behind the toilet. You should give that a try!

    Nugget: Shoes, eh? Hmm. This sounds like a job for Dave. Look for his reply soon!

    Eva: It's nice that the RR helps you, too! Do you think the shirt helps? We haven't tried that. Does it have to be tight, or is loose-fitting OK? Maybe this would help me when the storms get REALLY loud!
    You might like the picture Zim posted today - he's really got a dreamy look on his face!

    Tail wags, all!
    Storms (with a capital "S"!)